Top 10 Best Italian Cooking classes, courses, learnings kits and gifts in the UK

Learn all about the world of Italian cooking and discover amazing recipes that will enable you to get creative in the kitchen. Those spices and sauces are certain to help you learn all about the Italian culinary delights.

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4. International Cuisine
We transport you into an exciting world of international culinary delights that you can replicate easily at home. Expand your repertoire with new dishes full of amazing flavours and tastes. Choose from Italian, French, Indian or West African cuisine. Our classes are informative and fun. Everyone gets involved and we enjoy a relaxing time together. What’s more, it makes a perfect gift and taster session for curious taste buds too. Learning with our Cook& Eat team is fun, relaxed and enriched by inspiring discussions with other foodies ! Working with our experienced instructors, in a real home economics setting, you will leave with a sense of accomplishment and more importantly, your own cooking to share with family and friends. Here’s what to expect in your cooking class: Complimentary glass of wine Soft drinks throughout to keep you going Approachable and welcoming host team Easy to understand demonstration A true understanding of cooking techniques in the different cultures Food to take home Hands-on cooking Recipes to your inbox Cooking tips, shortcuts, group discussions All facilities, equipment and ingredients are included Skills acquired: Confidence cooking a variety of dishes Ability to cook new recipes on your own Ability to improve your own recipes and be creative Ability to prepare food with good quality, easily accessible ingredients Italian Cuisine: 10th June, 2nd December & 17th March French Cuisine: 10th June, 2nd December & 17th March Indian Cuisine: 30th September & 27th January West African Cuisine: 30th September 27th January
Next available date:30th September 2022
12. Make Handmade Lasagna at Home
Looking for fun things to do at home? Level-up your culinary skills and learn how to master a proper lasagna, the Queen of all Italian dishes, with this online cooking class. Famous all over the world, this dish can be made in many different ways, however, in this virtual cooking class, you will learn the traditional recipe directly from Bologna (the main city of Emilia Romagna region, well-known for parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar and parma ham). Don't worry if you're new to making pasta from scratch, lasagna is a great introductory dish and with a beginner-friendly virtual cooking class, you will benefit from lots of on-hand help and guidance. You will be guided through every single step and will be given lots of expert tips and tricks along the way for making the perfect lasagna at home - it'll taste just like it was made by an Italian grandma or the best Bolognese restaurant! Ingredients/shopping list for 4 people (22cm baking tray): For the pasta dough: 3 x eggs 150g of strong white flour (unfortunately not suitable as a gluten-free option) 150g of fine semolina flour 70g of fresh spinach leaves A few drops of olive oil For the ragu: 1 x onion peeled and finely chopped 1 x big carrot washed and finely chopped 2 x celery stalks washed and finely chopped 250g minced beef 250g minced pork 50ml red wine 100gr of tomato paste 300ml of warm water with stock Salt and black pepper to taste 3 x tbsp extra virgin olive oil 100g of grated Parmesan cheese Fresh basil leaves For the béchamel or white sauce: 50gr all-purpose flour (preferably sifted) 50gr butter 500ml fresh milk 1 x pinch of salt 1/2 tsp grated nutmeg Utensils required: Chopping board 1 x frying pan 1 x big pot 1 x baking tray Knife, fork and spatula Rolling pin or pasta machine
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19. Italian tarts, cakes and biscuits
If you like Italian food and can't wait to bake your own Italian cakes and biscuits, that's the perfect class for you to start! Your authentic Italian pastry chef, Valeria, will give you an overview of the traditions behind every bake, revealing all those little secrets that you'll never find in a recipe and that will turn all your bakes into a success. Worry not if you've just approached baking, as you will be guided step by step until the final result through clear and hands-on demonstrations! Classes are taught in small groups and held in a very familiar environment. You will be able to ask questions, practice and leave the class feeling confident to bake on your own. During this London baking class, you will learn to make: Crostata with ricotta and dark chocolate - a delicious shortcrust pastry tart, filled with a creamy ricotta filling and flavoured with orange zests and chocolate. Hazelnut bundt cake glazed with chocolate ganache. Soft amaretti biscuits, almond based biscotti traditionally from the North of Italy, to serve with tea or coffee. At your Italian baking class, you will learn how to: Make the perfectly shortcrust pastry for tarts, pies and biscuits. Make a tart lattice and get creative using shapes and geometries. Prepare the perfect tart filling and get flavour combination ideas. Prepare a nuts based sponge and lighten it with whipped egg whites. Make meringue based biscuits. Build confidence in baking on your own. Learn to improve your own recipes and be creative. At the end of this fun baking class, you'll walk away with lots of fresh and delicious baked goods to enjoy at home – plus some newfound baking skills to put to the test later on!

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