Top 10 Best Gluten Free Baking classes, courses, learnings kits and gifts in the UK

Let's get baking! Create your own gluten free baking masterpiece as our passionate teachers provide an experience for you to learn to bake with gluten free flour and create your own gluten free brownies, cookies or even scones. For you to take home and show off your new gluten free baking skills to family and friends.

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6. Baking Classes
We offer a range of different baking classes where participants can chose between Vegan baking, Cupcake baking and decorating or Gluten Free baking. In each class you'll be guided by our expert chefs with a really understanding of baking for different needs. "-"Cupcakes: you'll first learn how to bake the cake itself. Whilst they cool down, our expert chef will teach you how to prepare the tastiest butter cream icing in a variety of flavours and colours. We will then teach you how to decorate all of your creations like a professional! You will be learning how to make your own piping bags and use different types of nozzles to get different designs and effects. Let your imagination run wild and enjoy creating amazing cupcakes. "-"Vegan baking: Vegan baking is an experience for everyone and we’ll answer your baking technique questions and show you some of ours. Working with our experienced instructors, you will leave with a sense of accomplishment and more importantly, your own vegan bakes to share with family and friends. "-"Gluten Free: We are excited that our gluten free friends will finally be able to enjoy gluten free bakes at home. Our team are ready and equipped to share as much information as possible to enhance your gluten free baking session. We will show you how to use good quality flours and other baking ingredients to create gluten free bakes with no nasties. CLASS SNAPSHOT Here’s what to expect in your chosen Baking class: Complimentary glass of wine Soft drinks throughout to keep you going Approachable and welcoming host team Easy to understand demonstration A true understanding of baking techniques be they gluten free or vegan Bakes to take home Hands-on baking and group work Great baking tips, shortcuts and group discussions Recipes handed out in class and emailed to your inbox All facilities, equipment and ingredients are included Skills Acquired Confidence baking a variety of kitchen classics Ability to bake new recipes on your own Ability to improve your own recipes and be creative Ability to bake with good quality, easily accessible ingredients Vegan Baking dates: 15th June, 14th October & 24th February Gluten Free Baking: 24th June, 18th November & 9th February Cupcakes: 29th September, 9th December & 2nd March

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