Top 10 Best Vegetarian classes, courses, learnings kits and gifts in the UK

Make vibrant veggie dishes in a vegetarian cooking class. Whether you want a low calorie breakfast or a succulent veggie burger for dinner, make every meal mouthwatering. Develop new vegetarian cooking skills and learn about meal planning and how to use new ingredients and proteins. From hot pot and dumplings to vegetarian roasts, learn how to make delicious dishes with interactive vegetarian cooking classes.

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3. The Joy of Summer Salads Class
Bored of your typical choice of soups and salads? Join this hands on class and discover all the wonderful varieties and combinations that are possible to shake up any dull recipes. Open up a world of new possibilities and take your imaginative cooking to the next level! In this class What happens when you press pause on your busy life and take a little time to taste in the moment? This is what you'll discover at a Food At Heart workshop. The Joy Of Salad celebrates delicious seasonal vegetables, and the exciting and tasty ways you can use them to make nourishing dishes. Want to know what happens during The Joy Of Salad? You'll take part in reflective tasting and have the chance to experiment with summer flavours and textures. This includes a creating refreshing chilled soup which we'll design together and enjoy as a starter dish. You'll then join forces with fellow participants to 'invent' delicious meat-free dishes using seasonal ingredients. It's a little like MasterChef's Invention Test - but no judging, just tasting! We'll begin with a set of key ingredients and a starter recipe, with your choice of lots of seasonings and flavourings to add. You'll also have the chance to decorate your salads with edible flowers and seasonal salad leaves. You can let your food and flavour imagination run wild! The Joy Of Salad finishes with a shared meal of the flavour-filled dishes you've created. Now you can Use the techniques learnt during the class to serve up hearty and delicious meals at home Feel comfortable experimenting with different flavours and combinations Pass on your new techniques and skills to friends and family What's included? The class will end with a shared meal between the students as everyone tucks into their flavourful creations. There is always a surprise gift to take away at the end of the class.

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