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Dig out your pie dish or cake tin! It’s time to mix up your cake making and bread baking skills. With baking classes for beginners or experienced bakers, anyone can explore how to make cookies, muffins, brownies and other tasty treats! Fancy something hearty? Learn how to bake bread or make a perfect pie in an interactive baking workshop.

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12. Cupcake Baking & Decorating
This is the perfect class for you if you’re interested in mastering your cupcakes from scratch. At the end of the class you will take home a dozen beautiful cupcake creations. You will learn everything you need to know to ensure perfectly baked cupcakes time and time again. Xanthe will share all her knowledge gleaned from years of baking and teaching. In this class you will learn to bake either a classic English (vanilla) or American (Red Velvet) cupcake. Xanthe will then demonstrate how to make a delicious cream cheese frosting to top your cakes During this class we will cover step-by-step techniques, which will be fully explained so that you never again need to worry about anything from the mixture curdling oto how to ensure that your cupcakes are equal in size. You will learn when it is necessary to sift, what kind of sugar you should use and how to adapt the recipe to create countless variations. She will even advise you on how to control the shape of your cupcake depending on whether you want a ‘peak’ or a ‘flat’ top. You will learn the following; Fail safe recipe Correct weighing and measuring How to adapt the recipe for a variety of flavours What to do if your mixture curdles How to ensure cupcakes are equal size The perfect technique for light, fluffy icing How to check the cakes are perfectly baked The perfect icing recipe The RiGHT way to fill a piping bag How to pipe a variety of swirls Using sprinkles to accentuate your piping You will leave the class with a box of 12 cupcakes
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