About Us

With passionate teachers and inspiring environments, Obby is on a mission to get everyone to rethink learning.

From pottery to salsa, piano to Spanish, discover the best classes, courses and workshops The UK has to offer.

These aren’t tedious evening classes or throwaway one-off ‘experiences.’ Each class is properly hands-on. Not only do you learn something, you have a good time while you’re at it.

We are rethinking the way people interact with their personal, life-long learning journey. We inspire students of all walks of life to be curious, bold and explore new things. We work with hand-selected teachers to take teaching out of the classroom, and into your everyday life.

London, December 2015—the idea is born.

After countless frustrations to find the perfect butchery class for Tom’s Dad, he called Max to figure out a way to make it easier and more enjoyable for people to find and book the perfect learning experience in London.

Still in London, August 2016—Obby goes live.

We are building a a learning platform and a genuine community to inspire and support others who are on a learning journey.

Do what you love

Teachers on Obby can spend more time focusing on what they love, teaching, and less time on admin. Obby helps you with customer service, class management, and venue space rental.

More teaching

We help teachers grow their teaching business. Obby helps you figure out what to teach and when.

Meet people

Through sharing learning with each other, we share and develop meaningful relationships and grow local communities.

Keep moving

We believe learning doesn't end when you leave school, or university. It is something you pursue your whole life. We want to help as many people as possible embark on their personal learning journey.

The Obby student guarantee

We go through a lot to find and vet the best teachers around. You can see our full guarantee below.

Hand Selected classes

Curated by Obby - London's leading learning provider

Endless opportunities
With over 1,000 classes, courses, workshops in London to choose from, there is no better place to find your perfect class.
Trusted teachers
We vet all our teachers personally, to ensure the highest quality teaching - so you don't have to worry
Obby guarantee
We ensure quality. If your class doesn't reach your expectations, we'll give your money back.