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Learn all about the world of English cooking and discover amazing recipes that will enable you to get creative in the kitchen. Those unique concoctions and contents are certain to help you learn all about the English culinary delights.

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4. Cake Baking & Decorating
Spend the morning with Cookie Girl in North London where you will learn to bake a cake, make delicious buttercream to fill and ice it in lots of elaborate and beautiful ways. AND, you get to take it home with you so you can share it with your loved ones. In this class No previous baking/decorating/piping skills are needed.just turn up and have a good time! Cookie Girl (also known as Xanthe) will impart her baking wisdom on you with techniques to ensure your cake mixture can't fail. You will learn how to scale up any recipe for endless layering and the best ways to adapt your favourite bakes. Once your cake is cooled the fun really begins, as you let your artistic side run wild while mastering the stunning ruffle effect before creating a beautiful rose centrepiece. All it takes to become a cake decorating pro is to learn how to: fill a piping bag properly (not the improper way - you wouldn't want to do that now would you?) deal with the dreaded curdled cake mixture perfect the icing recipe so it's light and fluffy use a cake cutter to size your layers correctly master the ruffle effect create a crumb coat to contain the crumbs (because no one wants to have to tidy those up)! Everything is provided by Cookie Girl including aprons, tea, coffee and cupcakes, so all you need to bring is yourself and some baking enthusiasm. Baking aside, you're guaranteed to have a ball - bring those cake-loving friends of yours or meet some fellow baking enthusiasts. You can even bring a date - what a great way to break the ice(ing).. (sorry). By the way: The class only has 8 spots - hurry, make sure you get yours! You can also buy a signed copy of Xanthe's best-selling book "Eat Me" for £15

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