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    Obby Recipe Projects: Make Sushi with Gemma & Becky from Gills Gills Gills

    Perfect for beginners, this sushi recipe teaches you how to create not only healthy and delicious sushi rolls, but it is also sustainable sushi.

    The Trick to Keep Those New Years Resolutions in Track in February

    Don't give up on those resolutions just because January has been and gone. Keep your new years resolutions this year and really change your life for the better.

    Obby Craft Projects: Valentines Scrap Book

    The perfect gift for a loved one this valentines day. Make this beautiful alternative to a valentines day card and find use for all those unused selfies, saved receipts and tit bits from your time together with your favourite person.

    Jewellery Making Courses: Start Your Own Jewellery Business

    Take the first step to starting your own jewellery business, find the perfect jewellery making courses and read up about other people who made the jewellery business work for them.

    Introducing Our New Obby Exclusive Courses

    We're releasing a new range of courses, which are specially curated by us, for you. They are creative learning courses in central London, at affordable prices and with extraordinary curriculum.

    Meditation for the Apprehensive. The Best Meditation Courses in London for Complete Beginners

    The best meditation courses in London for those who are a little anxious about getting into the skill. What do you wear? Is giggling acceptable? What if you know nothing about buddhism? We dispel all these burning questions and find the best places to get into meditation, the millennial way.

    Why You Should Learn to Sew and Why Now is the Perfect Time

    We explore why the new year is the perfect time to learn to sew. Why sewing? What are the benefits of this dwindling skill? Not only will it saves you a fortune in tailoring bills, but there are many other benefits to learning how to sew! Find out what they are in this article written by Cassie Steele, Stitch and Sew.

    The most unusual cooking classes in London

    Obby's most popular, unusual cooking classes. Try something different, and learn something a little out of the norm. From olive oil pairing to sourdough pizza, there's something for every unusual cooking genius!

    Juta Shoes, Shoe Making Workshops at Spitalfields City Farm

    An interview with Juta Shoes and an insight into the shoemaking workshops that are making a difference in so many women's lives. Exclusive to Obby.

    A new spiritual shop in London, Head & Hands.

    A new spiritual shop has been born in London and the hype around it is huge. We meet Amanda, the fresh-faced driving force behind this absolute gem of a shop.

    Embrace Winter: Winter Workshops on Obby

    Learn to embrace winter in the coming months. Face the hibernation period head, appreciate how to live slower and celebrate, not fear, this time of the year.

    Crochet Workshops in London with a Twist: Hook-a-Monster

    Crochet workshops in London with a monstrous twist. We find out the inspiration behind these adorable amigurumi workshops with Hook-A-Monster in this interview.

    Creative industries facing 'potentially catastrophic' loss following Brexit, report warns

    In their research, The Global talent Report , the Creative Industries Federation has analysed employment across the creative sector post-Brexit and revealed that companies ‘rely on immediate access to European workers’

    Meet London's Terrarium Workshops Duo, Jar and Fern

    We caught up with London's terrarium workshops duo, Jar and Fern, to ask them why terrariums, what's next for the duo and find out the secrets to their success.

    Stop-Motion Animation workshops: when and where?

    We chatted with Jennifer Kidd, who teaches stop-motion animation workshops in London. What is stop motion, where might we have seen it before and how can we learn how to do it?

    Unusual Hen Parties Ideas for Groups in London

    Are you scrolling the internet for unusual hen parties in London? We've put together a selection of ideas, perfect to bond with the girls before the big day

    How To Meditate, Can it be 'Learned'?

    Louise, from Loup yoga, divulges the secrets on how to meditate. Is it a skill that can be 'learned' and how can you get into it if you are a complete novice.

    A Look at Macrame Classes with a Modern Twist in London

    Macrame classes are the latest trend in London and we're having a look at some of the best workshops and classes available on the market, whatever your budget.

    Paper Marbling: what is it and why is it in trouble?

    Paper marbling has recently been marked as an endangered craft. We find out a little more about it and where you can take part in paper marbling workshops

    Terrarium Classes in London: The Winners

    Terrarium classes are taking over London and we've managed to find the pick of the bunch. Compare the popular names against the newbies on the block.

    5 of The Best Places to Practice Meditation in London

    5 of the best meditation classes available to take in London. Whatever level of experience you are looking for we found the best mindfulness courses in the city

    Be Inspired: Interview with Clem from Channel 4's, Craft It Yourself

    Have you guys seen Craft It Yourself yet? Channel 4’s latest venture, all about crafting things for your home, yourself.

    A Minute with the Maker: Real Food by Real People

    Our partners are so great it only takes a minute for each of them to convince you of that!

    Be Inspired: Interview with Turning Earth

    Turning Earth is an incredible company that has started in London after inspiration from across the pond, in America. They have opened two open-access studios in central London, where keen pottery enthusiasts or makers can rent a space for 15 hours a week to create their art.

    Be Inspired: Food at Heart Interview

    Food at Heart’s classes blend the joy of cooking with the calm you would experience in yoga.

    Waste-Free Cooking : How to Reduce your Foodie Footprint with Obby and The Avenue Cookery School

    We caught up with our partners at the Avenue Cookery School, who are an entirely waste-free cookery school.

    Be Inspired: The Chalet Host Classes with Wyld Cookery

    Your route to the mountains – let The Wyld Cookery School help you realise your dream of a chalet job with their incredibly tailored cooking classes.

    Be Inspired: Grace and Thorn Interview

    A sneak peak into the inner workings of the green-fingered mastermind behind Grace & Thorn on Obby

    5 Unusual Classes to do in London this Weekend

    Discover the 5 most unusual classes in London this weekend with Obby

    The 3 photography schools you need to know in London

    Discover London's best photography schools!

    The 5 best cookery schools in London for hobbyists

    There are many cookery schools in London and the choice is not easy, which is why we had a look at our extensive portfolio of partners to bring you the 5 best, most interesting culinary teachers you should be looking to learn from.

    Meet the Pro: Rosa Roberts from Sketchout

    Discover the story behind Sketchout with Obby

    World Pasta Day with Enrica Rocca

    In celebration of World Pasta Day, we asked Enrica Rocca to share one of their favourite pasta recipes with us.

    Meet the Pro: Richmond School of Painting

    Discover the story behind Richmond School of Painting with Obby

    Meet the Pro: György László from ExposureWorks

    Discover the story behind Exposureworks with Obby

    Who will win series 7 of the Great British Bake Off?

    Here at Obby HQ, we LOVE the Great British Bake Off. We also love numbers.

    Meet The Pro: Megan from Artichoke Printmaking

    Discover the Artichoke Printmaking with Obby

    Meet The Pro: Elsie and Dominika from Clean Beauty Co

    Discover the Clean Beauty Co with Obby

    Why did we ever start wine tasting?

    Behind the scenes wine tasting with Winfield Wines on Obby

    Meet The Pro: Ben Willis from Ben Willis Woodcraft

    Discover the Ben Willis Woodcraft with Obby

    Meet The Pro: Barley from Fabrications

    Discover the Fabrications sewing school with Obby

    Meet The Pro: Diana from The Avenue Cookery School

    Discover the Avenue cookery school with Obby

    Want to meat new people? Take a butchery class!

    Discover butchery classes in London with Obby