Obby takes the hassle out of online teaching. It’s never been easier to teach others from your home with Obby!
Start teaching and earning money at home
An amazing learning experience for students
Easy to set up and manage classes
Integrated video and messaging system
We do all tech for youSo you can focus on teaching
Start teaching today

Our platform helps teachers create, promote and deliver live, online group classes to kids & adults. With Obby you can:

  • Create beautiful, online listings for your classes
  • Get access to a country-wide community of learners & teachers
  • Take secure online payments
  • Use our integrated video chat platform and messaging system
  • Easily manage and communicate with your customers before and after your class

The best bit - everything around delivering the class is fully-automated, so you can just focus on teaching!

Talk directly to your studentsWith your virtual classroom
An amazing learning experience for students

Create an amazing online learning experience for your students with the Obby virtual classroom:

  • Share information about your class before it begins so students are prepared
  • Inspire your students with images and videos about your subject to get them excited
  • Talk directly with your students, to ease any anxieties
  • Students can message you after the class with any questions they have

How online classes work on obby

Teacher and students meet in a video chat session. Explore new interests and discovering whether a teacher's style works well for you in the comfort of your own home!


At Obby we know everyone learns differently. Thats why we have provided multiple ways for you to learn in a way that suits you!
What topics should I offer?

We encourage you to teach classes on topics you are passionate about and experienced with, and ideally that you have taught before. Apart from that, we are flexible and encourage learning across all walks of life.

What doest it cost

It's free to list classes on Obby. We take a 20% (+VAT) service fee from enrollments, so we only earn when you earn. You have full control over your class pricing and get paid after the class takes place.

Who can teach?

With our workshops you will be taking something home with you on the day.

I have other questions

Obby does not require formal teaching credentials, but there is an application and a verification process before going live.