Top 10 Best Wine Tasting classes, courses, learnings kits and gifts in the UK

You can be an expert or a complete novice to enjoy a wine tasting session. If you are there to find a new delicacy for your and your partner you won't be disappointed. Alternatively if you are just there to enjoy the alcohol on display and have fun you will get just as much out of the session.

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2. Wine Tasting and Pairings
Welcome to our self-guided wine tasting and pairing experience, showcasing the exceptional wines of South African farms Blaauklippen and Plaisir. This event is designed to let you explore and savor the rich flavors and unique characteristics of these renowned wineries at your own pace. Begin your journey by immersing yourself in the history and heritage of Blaauklippen and Plaisir. These farms, nestled in the heart of South Africa's Stellenbosch region, are celebrated for their commitment to quality and innovation in winemaking. Wine Selection Your tasting experience starts with a glass of MCC and includes a curated selection of at least 3 wines, each representing the finest of Blaauklippen and/or Plaisir's offerings. Pairing Suggestions To elevate your experience, we recommend choosing one of our seasonal pairing options. This can be selected by choosing different ticket types. Pairing options will include wine & doughnuts, wine & chocolate, wine & biltong etc. As you savor each sip, take your time to appreciate the craftsmanship and passion that go into every bottle from Blaauklippen and Plaisir. This self-guided tasting not only introduces you to the exquisite wines of these renowned South African farms but also allows you to discover your personal preferences and deepen your appreciation for fine wine. Enjoy your journey through the flavors of Stellenbosch!
Next available date:27th June 2024
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11. Chocolate.Wine.Sex
Experience Valentine's in a new way through exploring the stage of lovemaking from beginning to end to beginning again. We’ll travel in the company of 5 unique mouth-watering wines, paired perfectly with 5 dangerously delicious chocolate creations. Each flavour experience compliments luscious lessons on love under the covers. Whether you are travelling solo, with friends or with a lover or partner, the experience offers a safe, gentle introduction to new ways of tasting...and of lovemaking. This is NOT for you if you are looking for a hands-on experience. The only hands-on experience that will be had is hands on delectable food and gorgeous drink. You'll be travelling with: Andrea Balboni, Love Relationships and Intimacy Coach, will share how to fuel desire, deepen connection (with yourself and / or with a partner) and experience more nourishing pleasure – body and soul – in each stage of the journey under the covers. Or wherever it is that you are making it happen. Benedict Butterworth, wine expert like no other, has interpreted each of the stages of the amorous experience via vino and brings to your palate a surprising selection of unique, quality wines from small producers around the world. No experience of pleasure this sweet would be complete without some dangerously delicious chocolate. And meditation teacher & chocolatier Meredith Whitely makes just that. Perfectly paired with each exquisite wine are hand-crafted chocolates with unexpected flavour combinations oozing with goodness and created specially for the experience. V-Day never tasted so...mmmm….well, pleasurably sweet if we do say so ourselves.
12. Christmas 3 Course Cookery Class with Wine Pairing Experience
Whilst attending a wine tasting event at Manchester Wine School, hosted by Simon Woods, and enjoying his light hearted, informative style, my head was busy working out ways that we could make our own wine tasting experience - and so the seed for this session was planted. Simon has been co-coordinator of the annual International Wine Challenge, a columnist for The Financial Times ‘The Business’ magazine, editor of the award-winning annual Which? Wine Guide and a contributor to numerous magazines. He's judged at wine competitions on four continents and has written several books. A few meetings later and we have planned a unique event combining cooking with wine tasting to help you plan your Christmas celebrations. We'll kick the evening off by making a selection of impressive Christmas dinner starters. You'll then relax at our table to enjoy them with wines paired by Simon. He will talk you through each wine and guide you in selecting the perfect wine to complement your food and your pallet. You will then make a main course plus side dishes, before returning to the table to sample more carefully selected wines. These will be paired with your main course and a selection of festive meats. Finally we'll prepare a dessert and together with our home-made, matured Christmas pudding, you'll have another opportunity to sample more carefully chosen wines. And, particularly for those who 'don't do Christmas pudding', we'll have a selection of cheese to accompany the wines. The evening will follow a relaxed pace in delightful surroundings allowing plenty of time for questions and to pick up culinary tips. This promises to be the pre-Christmas warm up you'll not want to miss!

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