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How we look after ourselves is pivotal to our continued existence. Both our physical and mental well being are fundamental elements of how we live. Learn more about healthy and safe living and educate yourself on wellbeing courses and via workshops.

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7. Chat & Coffee - The Healing Power of Expression & Feeling Heard
As a Holistic Therapist I truely appreciate the healing power of feeling heard in a non-judgemental and confidential space. Whether it is voicing your dreams, a challenge you are facing or just needing to get something off your chest. So I have designed these short 30min 1 - 1 sessions for people who: Just need a space to express and feel heard Want an adhoc session rather than weekly sessions Don't want to the high cost of regular therapy sessions Want the in person connection What you can expect: We will meet in a location which will have the option to sit an relax or if the weather is good and we both feel like it we can have the session wandering around the area We will grab a coffee or tea at the start We will have a 30 min talking session but I suggest allocating 45 mins so we have time prior to the session to find a place and grab the coffee/tea. I will release a few of these sessions per week. So please get in early if you would like to book. I will close the bookings 24hrs before the session. T&Cs Please be on time so we can get the most of the session. I have a 48hr cancellation policy so any cancellations prior to 48 hrs I will refund the amount excluding any booking fees. There will be no refunds for cancellations within 48hrs of the session. I honour the confidential nature of the discussion, however given these sessions are in a public space we are limited to what will be happening around us. However we will do our best to find a quiet space These will be just talking sessions and in quite casual settings. I offer other more formal therapeutic sessions/modalities but these will need to be booked separately if of interest
Next available date:26th July 2024

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