Top 10 Best Christmas classes, courses, learnings kits and gifts in the UK

Get into the festive spirit with Christmas cooking classes! Learn how to make a selection of delicious festive treats like mince pies, candy canes and mulled wines. Bring the magic of Christmas to your family by turning your home into a winter wonderland with Christmas craft classes. Don’t be a Grinch! Deck the halls with Christmas lights and make your own Christmas baubles, decorations and ornaments in Christmas workshops.

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3. Christmas Gift: Make a mini-book for someone special and a bonus gift for you
LAST ORDERS ACCEPTED UP TO SUNDAY 19TH DECEMBER FOR GUARANTEED DELIVERY IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS Zines are small DIY books that employ the art of paper folding. Incorporating expressive text and visual art, zines are a powerful way of sharing your thoughts and a perfect idea for a Christmas gift. This learning kit includes 2 ideas for making your own zines. Make a Christmas Zine for someone special! Share the love this Christmas by creating a special gift for an important person. Imagine their delight as your loved one holds a handmade book in their hands; a unique, captivating creation filled with personal memories and stories. This learning kit includes a limited edition, handmade instruction zine explaining how to make these miniature books with lots of ideas to help you fill each page dedicated to your special someone. Tell them what makes them so important, share the things that make you both laugh and reminisce about places you’ve visited together. But why stop at making one? Your kit includes enough paper for up to 4 different zines. Make several for family members and friends! Review the year - Make a New Year Zine for your self! Once you have created your special gift why not create a zine for yourself? As a festive bonus you will also receive a limited edition, handmade Review of the Year zine, including instructions for your own miniature book and inspiration to create art motivated by your memories of this year. Reflect on your achievements this past year and set goals for next year. In addition to your limited edition instruction zines, this home learning kit includes a set of 4 beautiful handmade papers, as well as labels, envelopes, collage materials (for example book pages, magazine pages, origami paper) a folding tool and other treats. Everything you need to get zine-making in the comfort of your own home. So, cosy up, settle down and make zines! Once you start you may never stop!
5. Deluxe Calligraphy Kit for Beginners
Our Deluxe Calligraphy Kit is perfect to learn calligraphy at your pace! All you need for your calligraphy practice is included- Lowercase & Uppercase Practice Pads, Calligraphy Pen, Calligraphy Nib & Calligraphy Ink, Flourishing Workbook, Pottery Pen Rest, Leather Pencil Case. This kit provides all materials you need to get started in pointed pen calligraphy. Suitable both for beginners looking for a complete set to develop an elegant style and intermediates who wish for high quality articles. Our Deluxe Calligraphy Kit includes: Copperplate Calligraphy Practice Pads – Lowercase (connecting and spacing included) + Uppercase ( Numbers & Symbols Included) Flourishing Workbook Blank Grids Calligraphy Practice Pad 3:2:3 ratio 1 Copper Hue Dual Pen Holder 4 nibs 3 inks – 1 Black Ink, 1 Light Blue Ink, 1 Turquoise Ink 1 handmade Pottery Pen Rest 1 leather handmade Pencil Case 1 Metal Box for holding your nibs 1 Linen Bag to hold your pen holder The Practice Pads provide instructions on setting up, position and posture for your calligraphy practice. Instructions on letter construction, together with special grids and traceable letters will help you develop muscle memory and achieve good shapes and proportions for your Copperplate script. You will find a great delight working on the smooth surface of the 120 gsm paper of the Practice Pads. All letters were first done manually in calligraphy, then vectored for a clean and clear outline. One Practice Pad is for lowercase letters, connecting and spacing and the other Practice Pad is for uppercase letters, numbers and symbols, so that you can achieve a complete script. This kit also brings you a blank greed practice pad for your to continue practicing using the right proportions. After achieving the entire alphabet, numbers and symbols, it's time to get your calligraphy to the next level with the Flourishing Workbook, which will help you understand where to place your flourishes, how to trace them and will help you develop your style after working and testing over 180 different flourish models. The inks are made in house and all tools and materials are carefully curated, considering the struggles every beginner goes through at first. Some of the components were made by local artists for a high end touch. Amalia Calligraphy is not responsible for damaged, lost or delayed shipments. Customs/duties/taxes may be charged to customers at the discretion of the border officials, and this is beyond Amalia Calligraphy control.

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