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Expand your artistic influence and learn to draw. From stencils to portraits, countryside to beaches. The drawing world is your oyster when you absorb a few handy tips on the masterclass draw specialist course available to any skill level and all aspirations.

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3. Drink & Draw - Victoria
Join us for our amazing Drink & Draw class at The Phoenix in Victoria!! Sip on a complimentary beverage (dry or moist) as you unleash your inner artist and create drawings to be proud of. With step-by-step instructions from your resident artist, China Jordan, you'll learn new techniques and have the opportunity to relax and unwind with like-minded individuals. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a beginner, this class is the perfect opportunity to try something new and have a fun evening out. Each month we'll look at different techniques and topics making every session unique. You'll walk away feeling proud and happy that you took the plunge to try something new What's Included? All materials A brilliant instructor A free drink (for dry or moist Jan) What Will I Learn? We’ll look at some techniques that you can apply to a drawing that looks like a professional drew it! You’ll learn how to shade, measure and create a masterpiece - even if you’ve never drawn before in your life! I've never done an art class before, is it for me? Of course! Everyone is invited to ArtistAnd workshops. They’re always beginner friendly and like any athlete, we go through some warms ups so you can get to grips with things before we commit to the master piece. Meet The Host ArtistAnd is a wellbeing & art company run by China Jordan. Founded in 2019, ArtistAnd helps improve people's wellbeing by giving them the confidence to practise art and improve their creative skills. With an inclusive environment and atmosphere, ArtistAnd now teaches in corporate settings as well as classes online and in person for the public. Age Limit 18+ * Can't make this class? * That’s ok! Sometimes these things happen so we try our best to accommodate you. There is a limited number of tickets per class and we do get fully booked so if you do need to reschedule, please give 72 hours notice so we can rearrange your class. Refunds are not available. Feel free to email me at
Next available date:8th July 2024
17. Introduction to Mindful Mandala Drawing
Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning the circle and reflects the universe and everything in it. Mandalas are beautiful symmetrical creations that can be as intricate as you wish. Many of Ubie's students say they could never draw something as apparently difficult as that. Well, you can !! You just need to know the tips and tricks of how and therefore the course is suitable for all levels of ability! This version of the class is a shortened version perfect for busy people, those seeking a taster, and those wanting to do something fun, relaxing and creative after work. Kick back with a glass of wine and open your imagination! Ubie has taught well over 400 students on our Mandala classes and everyone has produced a super piece of work to display and a sense of accomplishment of I drew that.... & of course once you have learned the techniques and got the bug you can produce many more lovely creations in your own time. : ) This class teaches you how to draw your own beautiful Mandala You will learn the basics of Mandala creation working on good quality paper We use a straight edge, compasses, stencils and freehand drawing to build your creation You will have free reign of the tools to create something beautiful, and exactly what your mind feels like creating People tend to find their creativity is really amplified in this class, and you find the design comes naturally to you as you work The class size is small, so there will be plenty of time for one to one tuition at your level of ability and confidence These classes are intended to be relaxing, mindful and a charming creative escape from modern day life. You will feel a great sense of wellbeing from escaping the smartphone for a couple of hours and focusing your innate creativity What you’ll take away from this class A 20cm x 20cm drawing on good quality paper which will be easy to frame You’ll leave with the skill and knowledge how to create your own personal Mandalas at home These classes are intended to be a mindful, noncompetitive and creative experience, so we expect you’ll leave the classes with a sense of achievement and a bigger smile than you walked in with You’ll receive our lovely guidebook as an aide memoir to help you carry on drawing at home We offer a discount for those who would like to come back and work on a more detailed piece on canvas (our flagship class!)
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18. Oil and Acrylic Painting (Fast Learning Workshop)
Welcome to the exciting world of oil and acrylic painting! ArtistsFloor is offering a Fast Learning Workshop to* explore the essential fundamentals of these mediums, led by your instructor Ava! No matter your style or your level, the techniques that you will learn in these workshops will help you to develop your skills and express your ideas and creativity*. During the workshop, you will learn the basic techniques of painting, including colour mixing, colour values, and structures. This not only an introductory workshop for those who have never painted before, but also for those who want to reinforce their skills in oil or to move onto other mediums. The classes are designed to provide a friendly, relaxed atmosphere while exploring the fast-learning elements and skills of oil and acrylic painting. With Ava's guidance and expertise, you'll gain new skills that you can apply to your own creative endeavors and create astonishing artworks. The workshop will take place at The Questors Theatre, a beautiful and inspiring space that's perfect for exploring your artistic side. After completing the workshop, you'll be given exclusive coupons to access Ava's online course, where you can continue to explore the world of art and improve your skills from the comfort of your own home. A little about your instructor: Ava, is a professional painter with over 10 years of teaching experience, and she will guide you to create beautiful artwork. She'll provide step-by-step instructions and share her experience and guide you step by step, ensuring that you leave the class feeling confident and proud of your artwork. “My art workshops for my students are about having fun, but they are also about learning and acquiring skills.” So what are you waiting for? Come and join ArtistsFloor for a fast-paced and exciting oil and acrylic painting workshop at The Questors Theatre with instructor Ava Moradi, and let's create some beautiful art together!
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