Top 10 Best Draw classes, courses, learnings kits and gifts in the UK

Expand your artistic influence and learn to draw. From stencils to portraits, countryside to beaches. The drawing world is your oyster when you absorb a few handy tips on the masterclass draw specialist course available to any skill level and all aspirations.

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5. Drawing Kit & Video Demonstration Online
This drawing kit comes with a full video to help you use your tools and understand what they and you can achieve. Using a ruler to create a grid, we will show you step-by-step how to draw your own masterpiece, in the hope to inspire you to fill your sketchbook with more amazing atworks. This drawing kit contains everything you need to start or continue your drawing practise. Included: Professional hardcover, casebound sketchbook - A5 - 46 pages - acidfree - 170gsm (which means it's good quality paper and can take a bit of water without major buckling.) Pencils - HB, 2B, 2H, 6B (Everything you need to create dynamic drawings) Professional putty rubber (so you can fix your drawings in small precise areas, and it's even got its own little case to keep it safe.) Sketchbook The sketchbook is really high quality and made from recycled material, but if you ask me, you can't even notice! The paper is slightly thicker than printing paper which means you can draw on it whilst still keeping a smooth texture. You can also progress onto water-based paints if you so wished. This is perfect if you want to take your sketchbook on your travels with you and create some landscapes. With its hardback case, and thick structure, you'll be sure that your drawings will be protected from any wear and tear. Pencils These have been hand-selected to ensure that you have all the pencils you need to make your drawings dynamic and detailed. We decided to cut out the middle man in the packs of a million pencils because quite frankly, you can do pretty much anything with these four. In our video demonstrations you will find that we only use 2H, 2B, 6/8B so the HB is a little bonus for you. Putty Rubber This putty rubber is not your average eraser. This comes in its own case to keep it clean and safe as it is much softer than any other rubber. Use this like playdough to twist into little points to remove the smallest areas of pencil so you don't remove the whole thing! We LOVE these.

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