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Learn all about the art and skill that goes into making jewellery. Express your creative side and begin learning all about the art of jewellery making because there’s a whole world of stunning jewellery waiting to be discovered.

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11. Make a Chakra T-Bar Necklace Workshop Session
Join the lovely Jules for a fun day/night of jewellery making! Together we will be making this beautiful real gemstone T bar Chakra necklace that also fits perfectly as a bracelet, you can make it in silver or gold, and afterwards, we'll package it nicely to gift it or keep it for yourself. Jules will guide you step by step through the wire wrapping techniques and teach you how to use the tools and materials needed to make this beautiful Chakra necklace giving you a mini introduction to jewellery-making in this two-hour workshop. Jules is passionate about her gemstones, if you have ever been into her boutique at Blue House Yard you'll know what a lovely experience it is to handpick your own gems and browse her beautiful collections. Workshop price includes all materials, which you'll be able to turn into a chakra necklace/bracelet each to take home. If you would like to learn how to craft a handmade gift or simply make a piece for yourself? Then this workshop could be perfect for you. These are the crystals and their meanings that you’ll be using to make your piece, you'll assemble them in their chakra sequence from crown to base - 💜Crown - Amethyst - Balances highs and lows, dispels anger & anxiety. Encourages selflessness and intuition. 💙Third eye - Lapis Lazuli - Find your inner peace and dispel negative thoughts with this crystal. Opens the third eye, stimulates enlightenment and personal spiritual growth. 💚Throat - Turquoise - Protective stone, provides solace for the spirit and well-being for the body. 💗Heart - Rose Quartz - Unconditional love and infinite peace. Powerful healing stone associated with the heart chakra, teaching true love. 💛Solar plexus - Citrine - Attracts wealth and prosperity, success and happiness, raises self-esteem. 🧡Sacral - Carnelian - Promotes confidence, stimulates power and coordination. Balancing body energy levels. Crystal of ambition, drive, and determination. 🖤Base - Black Tourmaline - Grounds energy and increases physical vitality, dispersing tension and stress. Provides protection for negative emotions and intentions, clearing the aura.
Next available date:21st May 2022
14. Upcycling Furniture with Expert Tuition
During this one week furniture upcycling course you will learn how to do several projects with step by step video instructions and personal guidance from expert upholsterer and author Juliette Goggin. You will learn how to use decoupage to transform anything from an old jewellery box to a chest of drawers with ordenance survey maps or botanical illustrations. You will learn to recover a drop-in seat chair to transform a piece of second hand furniture. Lastly you will learn how to create designer vintage cushions. Your tutor Juliette is an author and broadcaster and is on hand to answer all your queries and help with your own project throughout the week. If you frequent auctions, second hand shops, car boots fairs and street markets, you'll know how inexpensive good second hand furniture can be. With this in mind you will learn a few projects you can tackle to bring some upcycled furniture into your home. Juliette has a career in product design and development, where she worked with fashion designers such as Cath Kidston and Julien Macdonald, who helped Juliette to understand and appreciate both the creative and the manufacturing process. This in turn led Juliette to create her own fragranced gift and home collection, Juliette at Home, which reflected her love of all things recycled and vintage. It became a great success with independent retailers and department stores who loved the upcycled cake stands and candles in repurposed cups and vintage glassware. It also gave Juliette the excuse to spend a lot of time scouring carboot fairs and second hand shops in search of all manner of things that she could repurpose into my own quirky range. Juliette was thrilled to be asked to take part in Super Scrimpers on Channel 4 where she shared this love of crafting with the show’s participants, whilst also giving lots of money saving tips. At the same time Juliette also co wrote her first book, Junk Genius, with her talented friend Stacy Sirk. The book featured endless ideas for repurposing everyday objects and encouraged anyone with a creative flair to have a go at lots of simple, step by step crafting projects in their home.
16. Create Your Own Upcycled Tribal Neckpiece
Have you ever seen eco-friendly and chic jewellery made out of scrap bicycle inner tubes? Have you ever wondered how to create statement jewellery out of waste? This is a unique workshop where you can learn a skill, that allows you to create your own bespoke jewellery. Waste tyres and inner tubes are becoming a huge problem across the globe. Every year billions of inner tubes are thrown into landfill sites which are having hugely destructive effects on our environment. However, this scrap rubber is a wonderful and free material that we can use for eye-catching accessories. Come along and surprise yourself and others with your eco-friendly creativity. During this workshop you will learn how to craft sustainable jewellery out of waste inner tubes. You will learn the basics of upcycling, and you will create your own tribal necklace and earrings. This workshop is recommended for anyone who wants to stand out, and develop a skill which is great for the mind, body and the environment. This jewellery set will be perfect for parties, glamorous nights out or for the festival season.  100% vegan friendly. If you would like to book a private class, you can choose a location (my workshop on Isle of Dogs or anywhere else in London)
Next available date:25th May 2022

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