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Even Vincent van Gogh had to start somewhere! Unleash your inner artist in a beginner painting class. Discover new materials from acrylic and oil paints to watercolours and pastels. Whether you want to experiment with abstract art or you’re keen to recreate famous serene landscapes, direction from artistic teachers will help you fill your canvas with your own artwork. Want to practise mindfulness at home? Online painting classes are the perfect opportunity to self-soothe and relax.

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THE ALL DAY FIVE AND HALF HOURS TWO PART OIL PAINTING PLAN ...... Enjoy the companionship of art lovers like yourself in Allan's, Cass Arts, Kingston upon Thames large airy studio...... Two Easy Steps is all it takes on Allan's ONE DAY TWO PART PLAN designed to get you going in the right direction with the basics of oil painting. You have the choice to book TWO PARTS on the same day and also book further PART II Classes on following Sundays on a Drop In Painting/Art Club basis to develop/ refine your skills/technique/style in a vibrant 'painting club" atmosphere with continued support from Allan. ** PART ONE :THE ESSENTIAL CLASS 11.30am -1.00pm **...... The basic knowledge of colour is critical to your development as an oil painter. In this session we will cover the important techniques of colour mixing enabling you to create all the wonderful colours necessary to create your future works. * You will learn all about *...... Primary, complimentary secondary, tertiary colours Relationships between colour combinations, oppositional energising and harmonious colours. Warm and cool colours. How to mix a custom palette and save money when purchasing your “start up” colour palette tube paints. You are now ready to tackle your first painting. IMPORTANT NOTE ......PART TWO : PAINT A PICTURE CLASS follows on at 2.00pm-5.00pm. If you wish to attend PART TWO on the same Sunday please HIGHLIGHT BOTH OPTIONS AND BOOK PART ONE AND TWO in the Booking Options Page. Alternatively you can book PART TWO on another Sunday. Not only but also on completion of Part One you can book a 'Drop In" class and enjoy the "Painting Club" atmosphere whenever you want to come along. * Part 2 : PAINTING CLUB 2.00pm - 5.00pm.* The "Follow On Drop In" open to you on completion of PART ONE and you can now paint your picture/s and attend one or more "Drop in" sessions to develop and refine your confidence/style/technique in our vibrant 'painting club" atmosphere. in this "Drop in" class you will have continued support with - composition, canvas wash, blocking to bring your painting /s to completion. Finding and developing your own style is the key to success with more and more practise re. application techniques, impasto and/or thin glazing, colour saturation, blending, painting wet on wet, volume, perspective and much more
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