Top 10 Best Pizza Making classes, courses, learnings kits and gifts in the UK

Whether you’re craving pepperoni, margarita or vegetarian toppings, pizza making workshops will teach you how to create any pizza! Learn the best recipes for Neapolitan or deep dish pizza dough bases. Master making your own silky sauces and become familiar with the right ingredients from flour to yeast to build your perfect pizza! Pizza making workshops will teach you the skills to easily bring the taste of Italy to your home.

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15. Pizza Making Course
Did you ever think about changing your career path for an ever growing sector? Do you already run or work in a pizzeria and want to broaden your skills? Are you a curious home cook that want to learn more? We can certainly help you with that! Here at the Pizza Baking School located inside the prestigious West London University we run an amazing 5 days intensive course where we teach the theory behind a beautiful Pizza dough, how to operate various dough mixers and how to use the pizza oven including a wood fired, gas rotating and deck electric! We will be doing doughs everyday multiple times and we are going to show you common mistakes and how to avoid them. You'll be kneading, rolling dough balls, stretching and baking in the oven across the 5 days until you are confident on your skills! The last day will be shorter and after a small test you will be awarded a certificate of pizzaiolo recognised in Europe! Your teachers will be qualified pizza chef with decades of experience that went through rigorous courses to be able to tech. With over 130 branches worldwide and 30+ years of experience you can trust us as 100s of people do across the planet every year! We also offer included in the price, the opportunity to those students that want to learn more, to work for up to 3 weeks in a restaurant to experience the reality of the job and see how a professional environment works! Some of our main school certifications: UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 UNI ISO 21001 UKAS Management System 015

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