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You can be an expert or a complete novice to enjoy a drinks tasting session. If you are there to find a new delicacy for your and your partner you won't be disappointed. Alternatively if you are just there to enjoy the drinks on display and have fun you will get just as much out of the session.

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4. Wine Tasting and Pairings
Welcome to our self-guided wine tasting and pairing experience, showcasing the exceptional wines of South African farms Blaauklippen and Plaisir. This event is designed to let you explore and savor the rich flavors and unique characteristics of these renowned wineries at your own pace. Begin your journey by immersing yourself in the history and heritage of Blaauklippen and Plaisir. These farms, nestled in the heart of South Africa's Stellenbosch region, are celebrated for their commitment to quality and innovation in winemaking. Wine Selection Your tasting experience starts with a glass of MCC and includes a curated selection of at least 3 wines, each representing the finest of Blaauklippen and/or Plaisir's offerings. Pairing Suggestions To elevate your experience, we recommend choosing one of our seasonal pairing options. This can be selected by choosing different ticket types. Pairing options will include wine & doughnuts, wine & chocolate, wine & biltong etc. As you savor each sip, take your time to appreciate the craftsmanship and passion that go into every bottle from Blaauklippen and Plaisir. This self-guided tasting not only introduces you to the exquisite wines of these renowned South African farms but also allows you to discover your personal preferences and deepen your appreciation for fine wine. Enjoy your journey through the flavors of Stellenbosch!
Next available date:26th July 2024
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11. Fire Cider Workshop (sponsored by BABIDA)
Join us for a hands-on Fire Cider workshop where you'll learn to make your own health-boosting fire cider and delicious chili jam. Participants will delve into the powerful ingredients of fire cider, understanding its health benefits while crafting a personalised elixir. Upon arrival, you will be warmly welcomed by our friendly reception team and guided to your designated workshop space. Throughout the session, you'll have ample time for learning, experimenting and connecting with fellow participants. Thanks to our wonderful sponsor Babida, once our creations are complete, we'll celebrate with a glass of Babida's signature Portuguese White Sangria and perfectly paired nibbles made at the Correll Kitchen. As if that wasn't enough, guests are invited to enjoy The Ministry's Bar and Garden during their visit to enjoy the beats of Ministry of Sound's DJs and to connect with fellow guests. For workshops that start at 6:00, the bar will be in full swing when the workshop finishes. And, for workshops that start at 7:30, you are welcome to visit the Bar and Garden from 6:00 and after the workshop finishes. Come solo, bring a friend, or schedule a private group workshop of your choice. Let's craft, chat, and create lasting memories together. If you have any dietary constraints, please let us know in advance of the workshop or contact us with any questions. We can't wait to show you how Correll Kitchen is redefining Urban Homesteading! About Correll Kitchen The Correll Kitchen workshop is nestled in Borough within the vibrant walls of The Ministry, a Ministry of Sound venue. Our workshops strive to create a space that enables creativity, connection and collaboration. We believe that creating and learning new things in the company of others is a really beautiful and powerful combination. About Our Sponsor Babida All Correll Kitchen workshops are hosted in partnership with Babida. Babida is a Pitcher Drinks Kit and Gift Hamper that celebrates coming together. Each participant will be offered BABIDA's signature drink, Portuguese White Sangria.
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16. Apéro: Biodynamic & organic wine tasting
Bored of patronisingly pretentious sommeliers but keen to know more about wine ?! Sarah will host a friendly, interactive wine tasting where you will learn how to taste and navigate the nuances of organic & biodynamic wines. Sarah will be joyfully guiding our palettes and telling us about a special selection of delicious European wines, building our confidence and knowledge as we sip. Because soil health is sexy and environmentally friendly, biodynamic wine drinking is the only way forward! Apéro is a well-known ritual in the Mediterranean, and Sarah's favourite time of day - the perfect way to come together, unwind and socialise before a meal. Please bring a favourite cheese to share with the group and accompany the wine!! Meet your host! Sarah Jones' appreciation of flavours, taste and provenance led her to follow her nose and become one of London’s young female wine specialists focusing on exceptional wines with a sustainable focus. Today Sarah is at the forefront of the best wines that the capital has to offer. Her ability to inform and engage in a friendly and relaxed way makes her the perfect person to teach you about wine in the comfort of your own back yard. Think of a prettier version of Jamie Oliver - the Bish Bash Bosh of wine!
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