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** This All Day Two Part Painting Class is the essential plan to get get you going as a successful oil painter.** Additionally if you wish to paint successfully in any medium other than oil, you will find Allan's clear explanation of the colour wheel an easy to follow, necessary guide for future practice. Please do not mistake the colour wheel as the simple simple school class exercise you practised years ago. There is a lot more to it and most artists will tell you colour theory underlies all successful painting and its value cannot be underestimated. With this in mind Allan has designed his Two Part Plan approach to give you the best possible start in the right direction. Enrol on this Two Part Day Class, It's worth it!...... Get to grips with the Part I basics in the morning and after lunch consolidate and create your own painting in the Sunday PM Painting Club Part II session and experience a rewarding full day's painting. * Part I The Essentials* 11.3Oam -1.00pm. We will cover the basic knowledge of oil paint and colour mixing in this Part I session enabling you to create and match all the wonderful colours necessary to create your future works. * Learn About * Primary, complimentary secondary, tertiary colours Relationships between colour combinations, oppositional energising and harmonious colours. Warm and cool colours. How to mix a custom palette and save money when purchasing your “start up” colour palette tube paints. Prepare to tackle your first painting. Break Part II : Consolidate, Create 2.00 pm-5.00pm OIL PAINTING CLUB This session is a great opportunity to develop and put into practice everything learnt in the morning session. Bring along your own image or choose one provided by Allan and he will lead you on the basics of composition, canvas wash, colour blocking, application, wet on wet, developing your style, impasto and/or thin glazing, colour saturation, blending, painting , volume, perspective and much more to bring your painting to completion. You now have a good basic knowledge to kick start your future in oil painting. Oil Paint Materials and images provided. Please supply your own canvas and we will provide an image or bring your own image if you want to paint a favourite. Please Don't Forget - Having completed the full Oil Painting Sunday you can continue to book further PART II Oil Painting Classes on a monthly "Drop In" basis and continue to develop your skills and painting style in a vibrant 'painting club" atmosphere with continued support from Allan.
Next available date:1st September 2024
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5. Oil and Acrylic Painting (Fast Learning Workshop)
Welcome to the exciting world of oil and acrylic painting! ArtistsFloor is offering a Fast Learning Workshop to* explore the essential fundamentals of these mediums, led by your instructor Ava! No matter your style or your level, the techniques that you will learn in these workshops will help you to develop your skills and express your ideas and creativity*. During the workshop, you will learn the basic techniques of painting, including colour mixing, colour values, and structures. This not only an introductory workshop for those who have never painted before, but also for those who want to reinforce their skills in oil or to move onto other mediums. The classes are designed to provide a friendly, relaxed atmosphere while exploring the fast-learning elements and skills of oil and acrylic painting. With Ava's guidance and expertise, you'll gain new skills that you can apply to your own creative endeavors and create astonishing artworks. The workshop will take place at The Questors Theatre, a beautiful and inspiring space that's perfect for exploring your artistic side. After completing the workshop, you'll be given exclusive coupons to access Ava's online course, where you can continue to explore the world of art and improve your skills from the comfort of your own home. A little about your instructor: Ava, is a professional painter with over 10 years of teaching experience, and she will guide you to create beautiful artwork. She'll provide step-by-step instructions and share her experience and guide you step by step, ensuring that you leave the class feeling confident and proud of your artwork. “My art workshops for my students are about having fun, but they are also about learning and acquiring skills.” So what are you waiting for? Come and join ArtistsFloor for a fast-paced and exciting oil and acrylic painting workshop at The Questors Theatre with instructor Ava Moradi, and let's create some beautiful art together!
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