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Express your creative side and begin learning all about the art of sushi making because there’s a whole world of mouthwatering sushi waiting to be devoured. Learn all about the art and skill that goes into making every type of sushi and throw yourself into the process

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2. Make ‘Frushi’ - Sweet Sushi Classes
What do you get when you add fruit and sushi? 'Frushi'! If you want to get creative in the kitchen and fancy learning how to make sweet sushi, look no further! Alice Sushi Art in Highgate has just the class for you. In this class During this class you will be learning how to make a variety of beautifully presented sushi, using fresh seasonal fruits which are perfect as a healthy and refreshing sweet option or a visually impressive dessert. No experience is needed as your guide, Alice, will show you all the steps involved in making temari (small ball-shaped sushi), coloured soy paper maki, temaki (hand rolls) and gunkan (battle-shaped pieces). She will also be on hand to answer any questions you might have when it's your turn to have a go. You will be making your frushi with fresh fruits including mango, papaya, raspberries, blueberries and many others. Following this, Alice will show you how to enhance the flavour and decorate your frushi with a mixture of black or white sesame seeds, passion fruit, lime, lemon, cacao nibs and even chilli flakes! This course needs to be arranged on a bespoke basis so get in touch using the Request an Alternate Date. Now you can make four different types of frushi get creative and satisfy those sweet cravings make variations of frushi using different seasonal fruit Keep If you somehow manage not to eat your frushi during the session, you can take it away to enjoy later, but if you do eat it during the session (we wouldn't blame you) do not panic. We will send you away with a free sushi mat, so you can make more once you get home! Save your spot These classes are bespoke so get in touch to find a time and date that suit you!
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9. Introduction to Sushi: Rolling Forward
All abilities are welcome to this fun, relaxed sushi class in Highgate. With an expert to show you exactly how it's done, you'll be a pro in no time at all. In this class During this workshop you will learn how to make all sorts of different sushi rolls, using fresh vegetables, fish and meat. Your sushi expert, Alice, will show you exactly how to prepare these for use in all types of sushi rolls using a range of traditional and more modern recipes. You will then learn how to make hosomaki (thin-rolls), futomaki (large-rolls), uramaki (inside-out sushi), temaki (hand-rolls) as well as the world-famous California Roll. Alice will also be on hand to help you get through that tricky rolling stage by showing you all the best techniques and answering any questions you might have. To finish off, you will be learning how to present your sushi as well as how to prepare the rice and sushi seasoning. This class is arranged on a bespoke basis. Please get in touch using Request an Alternate Date so that we can find a time which suits you! Now you can use traditional japanese methods to prepare ingredients for use in your sushi make 5 different types of sushi rolls present your sushi like the pros Keep We'll give you a drink to enjoy while you work away at your sushi and of course you can keep anything you make! Save your spot These classes are bespoke so request an alternative date in order to arrange a time and day that suit you!
10. Sushi Making with Afternoon Tea
Master the art of sushi while enjoying a delicious Japanese afternoon tea at this relaxed, informal class with Alice Sushi Art in Highgate. All abilities are welcome as your guide, Alice shows you how to cook up a Japanese storm! In this class During this class your expert guide Alice will show you how it's done by presenting you with a beautiful Japanese inspired afternoon tea, to enjoy while you create some delicious sushi. Your treats will include a selection of home-made matcha truffles, yuzu dorayaki, cherry blossom cake amongst others. Afternoon tea wouldn't be complete without that all important component - TEA! You'll have plenty to choose from including matcha, genmaicha (popcorn tea), hoji cha, cherry blossom sencha and jasmine, and if you feel like a tipple, for an additional £5 there will be a variety of flavoured sparkling sake available. During the class, Alice will be showing you how to make small ball shaped temari sushi which will be a perfect savoury addition to your afternoon tea using sashimi, cooked fish and vegetables. She will also teach you about the history of temari sushi and how they originated in Kyoto, with their smaller shape being more elegant for geisha to eat. This class is arranged on a bespoke basis so get in touch using Request an Alternative Date and we will find a time that suits you! Now you can make elegant sushi using traditional methods use the perfect excuse to stop working in the afternoon and enjoy some sushi! throw a Japanese afternoon tea party for your friends and family to show off your new skills Eat You will be enjoying a yummy Japanese themed afternoon tea while you make your sushi, which you are welcome to take away with you at the end of the class! Save your spot These classes can be arranged on a bespoke basis so get in touch for a time and day that suit you!
11. Wedding Origami Workshop
Spend an evening in Highgate learning origami for the perfect way to add a personal touch to your special day. All abilities are welcome, and everything you need is included, so just turn up and enjoy! In this class In this workshop, Alice will be sharing her origami wedding creations with you and showing you how you can make them yourself. First you'll learn how to master the basic origami folds and select the perfect paper using only premium types, including Japanese washi origami paper. Once you're happy with the basics Alice will show you some examples of wedding origami and how you can incorporate them into your big day, for example using cranes as name cards and putting kawasaki roses next to table name cards. You will also make origami butterflies, hearts, dahlias, fans and smaller versions of these that you can fix on to your wedding invites, to give them a unique twist! There will be a small break during the class for you to rest your hands and enjoy some Japanese snacks, green tea or Japanese inspired cocktails! Please let us know if you have any particular requests prior to the workshop and Alice will do her best to incorporate these into your class. Now you can use your skills to send out truly unique invitations make amazing origami to decorate your wedding venue blush as your guests tell you just how incredible your origami looks Keep We'll give you all the paper you need to practice and perfect your folding skills during the class, as well as Japanese snacks and cocktails throughout to keep you concentrating!

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