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Many people share a passion for glass art. To learn how to perfect these and other elements into saleable and displayable glass art, sign up to an online glass art course or attend a practical workshop with one of our glass art specialists.

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8. Private Fused Glass workshop for 5 people
Looking for a fun and creative activity? This session is perfect for birthdays, Hen or a Christmas Party. Extra guests can be added at £80 per person. As a private booking you will have the whole studio to yourselves for the workshop. Giving you plenty of space to design and make your own creations in fused glass. No experience needed! During the 3 hour session you can make, glass lantern, coasters, tiles, glass bowls or Christamas decorations. The workshop is ideal for both beginners and those with some glass experience. You will learn the basics of working with sheet glass and be shown step by step, how to translate your designs into one final piece. This is an open style workshop allowing learners to develop this skillset and make something unique. I am on hand to advise you at every step to turn your ideas into a finished piece This session can be run on most days and evenings, get in touch if you have a special date in mind. I can host you in my art studio or run the session at your venue. Workshop runs for 3 hours, and held close to Victoria Park in East London. During the workshop: Learn about the history of fused glass – Learn to safely cut glass – Translate a design into cut glass pattern – Use a range of bullseye colour sheet glass, powders, stringers(skinny glass strips) – Make a unique piece of glass art
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9. 2-Day Master Class With Master glassblower Layne Rowe - Make Your Own Cane Worked Quill n Ink From Layne’s Signature Collection
Learn the secrets of crafting a glass masterpiece from acclaimed Glassblowing artist Layne Rowe! Discover the tricks of the glass-making trade from Layne, an expert glass sculptor, in this mind-blowing weekend course, where you will learn to create Layne's signature feather and inkwell from his Quill n' Ink Series. If you already have a taste for glass blowing and want to expand your knowledge and skills, this workshop is for you! Get hot and fiery, making a vibrant and impressive talking point for you to treasure. This course is for experienced glassblowing enthusiasts who can't get enough of glassblowing! If you're new to glass making, why not check out our beginner classes? These are a perfect introduction to take part in Layne's master class. Across two day-long workshops, you will develop your glass-making skills and get the opportunity to get creative and experimental with different dazzling colours. As an introduction to the course, everyone will learn how to prepare the cane work blank for your black or white feather and the creation of your inkwell in the colours of your choice. Teamwork makes the dream work! You will work as a team to create your unique and personalised version of Layne Rowe's Quill n Ink Series. During this course, you will learn how to make cane, you will learn how to make the Canework blank, which will then be developed into your White feather element, as well as making a solid glass sculpture you will be experience blown work too. You will learn how to blend and incorporate glass colour to create an ink effect to fill your well. After this, you will start selecting the colour for the inkwell element and work as a team to assist others in the glassblowing process. All participants will be guaranteed to leave this course with one complete glass sculpture. Do you learn best through a mixture of teaching approaches? Each workshop in this course will first show you a step-by-step demonstration of every glassblowing technique used to make your Quill 'n' Ink, which you will then try your hand at yourself with the Master Glassblowing artist Layne Rowe.
Next available date:17th August 2024
13. How to Become More Photogenic and Less Camera Shy. Photoshoot in-person Experience
If you feel camera shy, are unsure of your best angles, or don't know how to pose, this class is for you. We will guide you step-by-step, from overcoming camera shyness to knowing what to ask your photographer before paying for their services. Are you planning your first photoshoot and not sure where to start? You're in the right place! Book our online class, where we will teach you how to organize a photoshoot, how to prepare, and what questions to ask your photographer before booking. We begin with a short chat to understand what you're looking to achieve from your photoshoot. Whether it's a business or lifestyle shoot, knowing the difference is crucial. We'll discuss your concerns and how to address them, helping you feel more confident in front of the camera. We'll also help you choose the perfect outfit and props, and explain why bringing extra clothes and comfortable shoes (even ones you won’t use for the shoot) is essential. Finally, we'll provide tips on booking your photographer and what to ask to avoid misunderstandings and disappointment. TWO OPTIONS: Online Class: Learn everything mentioned above in a virtual setting. Online Class and Photoshoot: After our online class, we'll have a photoshoot in London to practice poses and capture beautiful images. You can choose the day, location, and time. FOR WHO IS THIS FOR? Camera-shy clients Those who have never had a photoshoot before Those who have had a bad photoshoot experience Anyone preparing for an important day, like a wedding, and unsure how to get ready See more of our work on
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