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Neon Naked Life Drawing Class

4.8(48 reviews)
Experience life drawing in UV light with glowing neon art materials. Be inspired by bold poses of vibrant body painted models.
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1hr 30min
Next available date:8th August 2022
What happens in this class?

Join us for an evening of vibrant, artistic fun. Like no other, the neon life drawing class uses reactive art materials, drawing radiant, colourful life models.

Regular classes every week in London in multiple locations. Once a month at the Old Queens Head. from 6 PM to 7:30 PM, the class will be NOT Fully Naked and will be open to all ages. Classes at the Aeronaut have themed aerial specials available. For more information please get in touch.

This class explores creativity. Moving away from the perfectionist teachings of traditional life drawing. Trying out several different image-making…

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Things to remember

Art supplies are provided however please feel free to bring your own. With essentials such as pencils, paper and drawing boards. Also, fluorescent glowing neon pastels and highlighters to make your art pop!

Latest Reviews
4.8(48 reviews)
Vicky - 26 July 2022
This class was great! It had a calm environment with nice music. Everything was all set up and ready to go. The model was great - did some amazing poses. We were given prompts for each part of the class which helped so much. Everyone was friendly. And we got to admire everyone’s art at the end. 10/10 would recommend
Alyssa - 26 April 2022
Really fun, quite trippy, beautiful painted models and a fast paced class. Will go again.
Annie - 12 April 2022
Was such a wonderful class! I'll definitely be going back
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Your Teacher

Neon Naked is an immersive UV experience creating a colourful twist on a traditional idea. It has developed over 5 years with over 1000 classes and is now happening continuously every week in multiple locations in London.

The life drawing class was created and taught by the then fashion designer and now artist Jylle Navarro. She graduated from her BA Fashion degree 10 years ago and since then has completed several collections specialising in knitwear and print design.

3 years ago she graduated from Central Saint Martins with an MA in Art and Science where she specialised in light-reactive…

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Class Location
This workshop takes place in multiple different locations. Click on SEE DATES and select your Booking Option to see where each date takes place.
Old Queens Head
Essex Road
N1 8LN


To: Neon Naked Life Drawing

Neon Naked Life Drawing Class


Vicky - 26 July 2022
This class was great! It had a calm environment with nice music. Everything was all set up and ready to go. The model was great - did some amazing poses. We were given prompts for each part of the class which helped so much. Everyone was friendly. And we got to admire everyone’s art at the end. 10/10 would recommend
Alyssa - 26 April 2022
Really fun, quite trippy, beautiful painted models and a fast paced class. Will go again.
Annie - 12 April 2022
Was such a wonderful class! I'll definitely be going back
Johanna Manja - 15 February 2022
perfect evening! i went with a friend and we had so much fun! you dont have to bring any material everything is included. The model did and awesome job , the teacher was amazing and the workshop was really well structured, which helped a lot to direct your creativity and resulted in 8 drawings! I recommend this a lot and will definetly go again!
Di - 23 November 2021
It was great! A very nice venue, amazing organisation, model, music and guidance. Well-timed tasks and perfect atmosphere to relax and let yourself draw freely, have fun, try out different styles, techniques and media. Neon lighting makes paint, pastels and markers pop, and the whole experience is just magical. I'd come back again and I'd bring friends!
Tanya Kumar - 5 October 2021
Really great fun! I have never been to a life drawing class like this before. Good venue, too. The tutor gave us techniques to use with each pose, and the neon element was super cool.
Alex - 3 August 2021
So much fun!
Apurva Jaishankar - 7 June 2021
My friends and I absolutely loved the vibe and the experience!
Lucy - 26 October 2020
Definitely something different, it was fun! :)
Hayley - 2 September 2020
The class was great fun & very original. Deduct 1 star as everyone was asked to wear face coverings in the blurb, but at the event most people did not wear them.
nishma - 7 June 2019
What a great way to spend an evening - highly recommended and a great fast paced way to learn how to draw with neon. Would go again!
Alexandra - 6 June 2019
Really interesting experience and great fun. End products look amazing regardless of previous drawing experience!
Ellen - 29 May 2019
Friendly informal setting with a great variety of short poses and interesting activities.
Kamilla - 11 May 2019
Not what I expected. The venue was the dowstairs of a pub on a quiet night and the drinks were not great. The pens they gave us were all dried up and I couldn't see anything I was putting on paper. The plus side is the staff were friendly.
Dom - 5 May 2019
A really unique life drawing class, with the teaching just right- you can ask if you need help, otherwise just progress on your own. Nein lights and drapes on the model make for exciting and very colourfull pics. The pub venue means there is a drinks break, with some (maybe needs a bit more time?) chance to socialise.
Jose antonio Gonzalez - 5 May 2019
I had modelled for Neon Naked a couple of times and that was one of the most exciting experience I’ve ever had. Jylle is so a natural gifted artist, I would recommend anyone interested in modelling in this class to try it.
Rachel - 19 February 2019
Such a nice way to spend a Monday evening. Really chilled, friendly and fun :) Loved using the neon materials and the Bonobo playlist was lovely too! Thank you!
blanca - 11 December 2018
I enjoyed it very much. A great opportunity to be creative in a very special and dynamic environment. Thanks for that!
Vivian - 29 November 2018
Very nice and relaxed atmosphere.. Great venue + the teacher is fun to work with and gives good drawing advice even for beginners!
Ty Lak - 20 November 2018
Really enjoyed the class! Great venue at the Queen of Hoxton and a great group of people!
Georgina - 19 November 2018
Really good class for beginners and more advanced artists, teacher is friendly and helpful and suggests good exercises for those who want some help to get going.
Jjessica oddy - 19 November 2018
Neon Naked life drawing class is such a great way to spend an evening. I really liked the guided instruction , and the pace of the glass. The venue was great, a nice pub where you could grab a glass of wine and the relaxed atmosphere
Kerry - 18 November 2018
I had a lot of fun! I have done quite a lot of drawing in the past and this was by far one of the more fun and experimental classes I have done! In terms of learning – I can't in all honesty say that much was especially new to me – but the teacher was really great and I could see that a lot of others were getting a lot out of the class. The venue was good – lots of space to see and draw in a separate basement room of the pub (which also seemed very friendly). I wouldn't necessarily recommend this class for people who want to learn to draw but I would certainly recommend it for those who want to step out of their comfort zone and explore colour (or what you can and cannot see in blue light!).
Dena Dabbas - 18 November 2018
I attended a session a few months ago and it was lovely. The teacher was very enthusiastic, constantly engaging all the artists. I've never taken part in a neon drawing class so its great to take part in such unique opportunities around London! Will definitely visit again.
Vivian - 18 November 2018
Learning drawing using at least 3 different methods, really relaxed and chilled atmosphere! The colours under uv light look amazing 😊
Nathan - 6 November 2018
Great venue. Really enjoyed the class was nice and relaxed, good range of supplies , great atmosphere.
Jonathan - 31 October 2018
Such a surreal experience, in a good way, the atmosphere was quite magical and the teacher very insightful.
Daniel Barnard - 25 October 2018
I’ve been going to and teaching life classes for years. Jylles's classes were fun, innovative and chilled. A very unique and enjoyable perspective on a normally traditional subject!. Have returned many many times.
liz - 20 October 2018
A class full of energy, its fast, its different its super creative, all can be done whilst sipping a wine!! The teacher helps you to explore different styles and techniques. Don't worry if your a beginner or on your own its a very easy going environment
Lauren - 20 October 2018
Not what I initially expected but enjoyed it nevertheless. Very fun little tasks that ranged from a quick sketch, to a longer drawing session. The teacher was friendly and encouraging, and have suggested this to a few friends. Venue was nice, and fitted everyone in.
Misha - 20 October 2018
I have always been creative and enjoy drawing in my spare time. This class was amazing it helped me to be creative in a way I haven’t experienced before. All experiences are welcome with the freedom to be creative!
Georgie - 20 October 2018
A great class suited to a range of skill levels; the teacher was good at leading exercises and giving tips to beginners but also happy for more advanced artists to just get on with things. Really fun, could go alone or with friends - will definitely be back!
Kate Fahy - 20 October 2018
I loved this class. It was really unpretentious and creative. I enjoyed the warm up exercises the most, drawing not looking down, Mark making or not taking your pen off the paper. I made some interesting images and felt inspired afterwards. I would 100% recommend.
Charlotte Dutot - 19 October 2018
Such a good time, fun and good material. Thanks for great time!
Ryadal - 2 October 2018
It was so much fun! I would advise getting there early to get the best colours. There was loads of choice tho of papers and colours and pens and chalks etc and the teacher and model were really lovely. Would def recommend. :)
Kathryn - 2 September 2018
What a fun way to spend an evening! I went by myself, but it was easy to chat with others there. Exciting new experience drawing with neon pastels and under blacklight. Great to see everyone's work all together at the end. Everyone should try this at least once!
Geneviève - 1 August 2018
Had the most fun!! Really unique evening filled with colourful neons, red wine and our interesting attempt at drawing! Would recommend.
Anonymous - 5 June 2018
It’s a lovely class idea, I enjoyed it so much o went twice! There are a lot of drawing exercises in a friendly atmosphere, and the visuals are stunning each time!
Ann - 23 May 2018
An enjoyable life drawing evening. The teacher was enthusiastic and encouraging, giving ideas for each session. The evening just went too fast! The venue was a pleasant pub, providing good drinks and food. The staff could have been more helpful and taking orders more accurately.
Anna - 22 May 2018
This class was something else, visually stimulating, fast paced and well organised, it was a treat! The model was really good, and the idea is still unique. I think I may go again!
Liz - 16 May 2018
It’s an awesome explosion of flouro, super creative! Love it!
Anonymous - 14 May 2018
Spectacular props and lighting, the tutor is very skilled and friendly. Able to suggest poses, taking great pictures and tutoring and all at the same time. I've learned that I love to use extravagant props and pose under the lights. Only concern is the low wage for what the class requires in terms of invention and considering that there is also body painting involved.
Anonymous - 14 May 2018
Really fun great experience for all abilities
Charley - 14 May 2018
Really unique and fun class. Model was beautifully dressed up and the neon art materials were really interesting to use. Would definitely go again and have told a bunch of people about it!
Tasmin - 14 May 2018
Absolutely loved the class! I've been to life drawing classes before but this was so different which made it extra engaging and interesting. Probably will invest in some of my own Neon pens and attend more classes :)
Frankie - 14 May 2018
A lovely evening and a great introduction to various artistic styles. The teacher was knowledgeable and informative, and the model was excellent. A great date activity.
Anonymous - 14 May 2018
This was my first time modelling for Neon Naked, and the professionalism and care shown throughout was impeccable. Everyone drawing enjoyed themselves, the set-up was unique, and the experience was one of the most fun evenings of work I've had in a while. Highly recommend this, both for drawing and for modelling.
James - 13 May 2018
Neon Naked is the most original take on life drawing I have ever come across, it really is as visually striking as the photographs suggest. The atmosphere is laid back, with the club style lighting making the space much more intimate than other classes I have attended. The emphasis is put entirely on creative expression and experimentation; I saw beginners and extremely skilled artists having the same amount of fun exploring the use of colour. Would recommend to anyone who wants to rediscover a love of drawing.