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Creative experience can be attributed to inventors or designers that have seen their thoughts and ideas come to life. Their creative experience enabled them to produce work that was unanimously thought good enough to produce. You too can reach this level with hard work and dedication.

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13. Christmas Gift: Make a mini-book for someone special and a bonus gift for you
LAST ORDERS ACCEPTED UP TO SUNDAY 19TH DECEMBER FOR GUARANTEED DELIVERY IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS Zines are small DIY books that employ the art of paper folding. Incorporating expressive text and visual art, zines are a powerful way of sharing your thoughts and a perfect idea for a Christmas gift. This learning kit includes 2 ideas for making your own zines. Make a Christmas Zine for someone special! Share the love this Christmas by creating a special gift for an important person. Imagine their delight as your loved one holds a handmade book in their hands; a unique, captivating creation filled with personal memories and stories. This learning kit includes a limited edition, handmade instruction zine explaining how to make these miniature books with lots of ideas to help you fill each page dedicated to your special someone. Tell them what makes them so important, share the things that make you both laugh and reminisce about places you’ve visited together. But why stop at making one? Your kit includes enough paper for up to 4 different zines. Make several for family members and friends! Review the year - Make a New Year Zine for your self! Once you have created your special gift why not create a zine for yourself? As a festive bonus you will also receive a limited edition, handmade Review of the Year zine, including instructions for your own miniature book and inspiration to create art motivated by your memories of this year. Reflect on your achievements this past year and set goals for next year. In addition to your limited edition instruction zines, this home learning kit includes a set of 4 beautiful handmade papers, as well as labels, envelopes, collage materials (for example book pages, magazine pages, origami paper) a folding tool and other treats. Everything you need to get zine-making in the comfort of your own home. So, cosy up, settle down and make zines! Once you start you may never stop!
14. Paint Like Van Gogh - At Home Art Kit
If you are the kind of person that loves art but might be a little nervous when it comes to getting your hands dirty, this could be the perfect solution for you. Have you ever seen artists at their easel and wondered what it was like to be in their shoes? Well now, you can do just that with this online video guide. Welcome to ArtistAnd’s painting masterclass where you can learn how to paint like the incredible Vincent Van Gogh. Explore how to recreate his style and technique with your very own Artist led instruction. No matter where you are in your creative journey, this workshop is designed to help get everyone to the same level, from beginners, to regular art dabblers. We will explore the different types of brushstrokes, the use of colour, and the detail in which he painted. Vincent was a true genius when it comes to painting and when you create your own version, you will be able to feel first hand, what it takes to create a master piece. Each artist will receive: Paint 1 x Premium Canvas 2 x Brushes 1 x Mixing Palette 1 x Pencil Online tuition and guidance Throughout this virtual experience you will be guided by the artist and you will see the master at work on the video demonstration. You can pause at any time, and create your work in your own speed. The demo can be viewed at any point and if you are a beginner, you can paint privately so you don't feel nervous about having an audience. Best of luck! You've got this! :)

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