Top 10 Best Asian Cooking classes, courses, learnings kits and gifts in the UK

Learn all about the world of Asian cooking and discover amazing recipes that will enable you to get creative in the kitchen. Those flavours and spices are certain to help you learn all about the Asian culinary delights.

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4. Classic French Cuisine Collection: The Roux Way with Expert Tuition
The name Roux has grand connotations in kitchens throughout the world and Michel Roux Jr. is of almost culinary blue blood. Michel Roux Jr’s father Albert and Uncle Michel Roux were awarded three Michelin stars for their London restaurant Le Gavroche – the first UK restaurant to achieve this. There are now only a few restaurants as globally influential as Le Gavroche. The Mayfair establishment has trained more than thirty Michelin starred chefs, including Gordon Ramsay, Marco Pierre White and Monica Galetti. On this trio of courses, you'll join legendary chef Michel Roux Jr in the kitchens of Le Gavroche to learn how to prepare delicious classic French cuisine in your own home. Chef Patron Michel Roux Jr invites you for the first time to join him, for an intimate learning experience, from Le Gavroche kitchen where many of the world's top chefs have been trained. The UK's culinary legend gives you a behind closed doors insight into his world and training techniques, teaching you his chef’s secrets, and his culinary philosophy. Throughout the courses you'll find they're peppered with the influence of his culinary hero, Georges Auguste Escoffier. You'll learn how to prepare delicious classic French home cooked cuisine, alongside your classmates, and have the option to receive feedback on your dishes from team Roux inside Le Gavroche! Throughout this trio of courses, you will learn the secrets of ‘how’ as well as the ‘what’ to cook to master classic French cuisine. This relaxed and creative collection is for enthusiasts through to professionals wanting to learn from a master chef, and for anyone who wants to learn how to curate a Michelin star dish at home.
11. Indian Cuisine Cookery Class
This Indian cooking class is part of our international cuisine series. We transport you into new and exciting world of culinary delights that you can replicate easily at home. Expand your repertoire with new dishes from Indian cuisine full of amazing flavours and tastes. Our classes are informative and fun. Everyone gets involved and we enjoy a relaxing time together. What’s more, it makes a perfect gift and taster session for curious taste buds too. Learning with our Cook&Eat team is fun, relaxed and enriched by inspiring discussions with other foodies! Working with our experienced instructors, in a real home economics environment, you will leave with a sense of accomplishment and more importantly, your own cooking to share with family and friends. Class Snapshot - here’s what to expect in your class: A complimentary glass of wine Soft drinks throughout to keep you going Approachable and welcoming host team Easy to understand demonstration A true understanding of cooking techniques in India Hands-on experience with great tips, shortcuts and group discussions Recipes handed out in class and emailed to your inbox All facilities, equipment and ingredients are included Delicious dishes to take home Skills acquired: Confidence cooking a variety of dishes Ability to cook new recipes on your own Ability to improve your own recipes and be creative Ability to prepare food with good quality, easily accessible ingredients Venue address: Food Tech Room, Prendergast Vale College, Elmira Street, London SE13 7BN Our Indian cuisine cooking class typically includes making: Fenugreek dumplings Pakoras Various traditional lamb, chicken, veggie etc. curries This class is also available for private group booking. Contact for more information.
Next available date:30th September 2022
14. Make ‘Frushi’ - Sweet Sushi Classes
What do you get when you add fruit and sushi? 'Frushi'! If you want to get creative in the kitchen and fancy learning how to make sweet sushi, look no further! Alice Sushi Art in Highgate has just the class for you. In this class During this class you will be learning how to make a variety of beautifully presented sushi, using fresh seasonal fruits which are perfect as a healthy and refreshing sweet option or a visually impressive dessert. No experience is needed as your guide, Alice, will show you all the steps involved in making temari (small ball-shaped sushi), coloured soy paper maki, temaki (hand rolls) and gunkan (battle-shaped pieces). She will also be on hand to answer any questions you might have when it's your turn to have a go. You will be making your frushi with fresh fruits including mango, papaya, raspberries, blueberries and many others. Following this, Alice will show you how to enhance the flavour and decorate your frushi with a mixture of black or white sesame seeds, passion fruit, lime, lemon, cacao nibs and even chilli flakes! This course needs to be arranged on a bespoke basis so get in touch using the Request an Alternate Date. Now you can make four different types of frushi get creative and satisfy those sweet cravings make variations of frushi using different seasonal fruit Keep If you somehow manage not to eat your frushi during the session, you can take it away to enjoy later, but if you do eat it during the session (we wouldn't blame you) do not panic. We will send you away with a free sushi mat, so you can make more once you get home! Save your spot These classes are bespoke so get in touch to find a time and date that suit you!
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16. How to Become More Photogenic and Less Camera Shy. Photoshoot in-person Experience
If you are feeling camera shy, you are not sure what is your best side, don’t know how to pose. This class is for you. We will teach you step by step from how to feel less camera shy to what to ask your photographer before you will pay for his/her work. Are you planning to book your first photoshoot and you are not sure from where to start? You are in the perfect place! You can book our online class where we will teach you step by step how to organise photoshoot, how to prepare and what you have to ask your photographer before paying for the service. We will start from you, we will have a short chat what you are looking from the photoshoot, what is your goal from there we will show you the best poses for this kind of images you are looking for. For example there is another needs for having business photoshoot and for lifestyle photoshoot. Is very important to remember and see the difference. We will ask you about your fears, what you don’t like about yourself and how to cover it or don’t show on the photo. If you are camera shy what you should avoid and what you should do. After it, together we will choose the perfect outfit and which kind of props to prepare. Why you have to bring more clothes and comfortable shoes which one you will never use for photoshoot. In the end we will give you the best tips of how to book your photographer. What you have to ask him/her before booking anything. Very important to avoid any miss-understanding and as well disappointment. TWO OPTIONS You have two options to book. The first one is Online Class - where we will teach you all the things we was talking about above. Online Class and Photoshoot - after our online class we will have a photoshoot in London to practice our poses and get lovely images. You can choose the day when, where you want to meet and as well time. FOR WHO THIS IS? For clients who are camera shy Never have photoshoot before Had bad experience with photoshoot before Prepare for important day for example wedding and not sure how to prepare. See my work on my Instagram or my website
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