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Team socials are vital for moral and building rapport with your co-workers. Tend to organised by junior members of the team and senior figures usually show their face before slipping off. It is a good way for everyone to relax in a non-work environment and to have some fun.

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12. Paint Abstract Monstera - Paint and Sip
Are you looking for some great ideas for your birthday or hen party? Or maybe you want to plan a family reunion or girls on Moms night out? Paint parties are a brilliant option for team bonding events as well. Plan something fun, make some happy memories while painting ..., sipping some yummy drinks and unleash your creativity. We will be delighted to be part of your celebration. Here there is what your paint party experience will include: Beautiful setup themed with the painting of your choice. All materials like: acrylic paints, premium stretch canvases (which you and your guests will take home after the party), elegant artistic easels, premium brushes, colourful aprons for you and your guests to protect your clothing. As well as palettes, cups to wash the brushes, paper napkins and colourful tablecloths. Eco-friendly bags for each guest to take home your fabulous masterpiece. Some unforgettable happy moments to capture in photos and share with friends on social media You can book a paint party with this gorgeous painting or you can choose another one from our over 100 beautiful paintings. .................... YOUR TEACHER Merriment Atelier is an event company that offers paint and sip workshops, private paint parties, and corporate events. The concept of those events is simple: you paint something beautiful while sipping a lovely drink and have a wonderful time. As the company was founded by a professional wedding & event planner, all Merriment Atelier events have a touch of style and elegance. The painting is not the most basic element of the event. All workshops are created to deliver a complete experience made up of the activity, appropriate drinks, snacks, music, decorations, and so on. The events are led by guests, experienced hosts and professional artists. However, all workshops and events are offered as beginners classes. That means you won’t need any experience to be a guest of any of the Merriment Atelier paint parties. Most of the paintings are created under specific themes that craft the whole experience. For example, if you attend the Caribbean-themed paint party, you will “escape” for a couple of hours to a beautiful white sandy Caribbean beach, while holding in one hand a cold Pina Colada and a paintbrush in the other, listening to hot Latin music and having a wonderful time with friends or family. Merriment Atelier works with local artists who use a variety of interesting painting techniques. You can learn how to paint fur or feather while painting a portrait of your pet, or pop art techniques when painting your own selfie portrait, as well as the latest trend in painting - acrylic paint pouring. There are workshops for brides to be, newlyweds, first baby portrait painting, me and mummy painting, or family paint parties; as well as a special collection of Zen and Meditative painting. Merriment Atelier's mission is to make people fall in love with painting and to turn this activity into part of their lifestyle. Like the human body needs exercises and movement to be healthy and feel good, the soul and mind need moments of peace and emotional relaxation.
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