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Harmonising the Yin and the Yang

In this workshop Louise will teach students about Yin and Yang, and how to balance the two.
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What happens in this class?

For the majority of us living in London – we’ve become out of balance. We tend to be overworked and therefore we tend to overplay! Before you know it, you’ve got burnout or anxiety. You might have trouble sleeping, focusing or finding motivation. This is all to do with our energy levels and loosing that equilibrium that our bodies and minds need so much.

In this workshop, Louise will teach students about Yin and Yang – about the strong and the soft and the skill of balancing the two. You will learn to listen to your energetic body and to…

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Loup Yoga, run by Louise, aims to support and encourage people to live healthily, happily and humanely. It does this through yoga, which includes the physical practice, breath work, meditation and mindful decision-making.

Many figures have influenced Loup Yoga's ideology and philosophy, cumulating in this venture. It draws on the wisdom of the yoga sutras of Patanjali, the anthropological studies of Yuval Noah Harari and Michael Pollan's insight into where nature and culture intersect. The most important aspect is to translate the wisdom and guidance available to us into practical action for tangible results.

After finishing a…

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Harmonising the Yin and the Yang