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Introduction to Wine Tasting!

This is the class for you if you love drinking wine? Do you want to learn how to taste like a pro? Learn a bit more about wine labels?
Canary Wharf
£25 pp
What happens in this class?

Would you like to start at the very beginning?

Wine can sometimes seem a bit mysterious, even pretentious and descriptions aren't always easy to understand. We can help with: How is wine made? How can I tell if a wine is sweet or dry? Does this wine have high or low acidity? What does a 'full bodied' wine mean? What are tannins? We show you "How to Taste Wine Like a Pro" at all our events, but at an introductory evening we explain every detail right from the start, so you can impress friends, family and sommeliers!

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East London Wine School was established in 2009, and has the widest range of wine, beers and spirits courses in the City and East London.

We talk to people and teach about wine by concentrating on the flavours and aromas of the wines. We focus on the taste profile of each wine explaining the characteristics of the grape variety, the climate, and the winemaking, and show you with maps and images where they came from and how they are made. We explain why they taste like they do. We ask and listen to what you think about the wines.


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Class Location
The Merchant
Canary Wharf
Fishermans Wharf
E14 4DH