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Traditional crafts are making a comeback! Create your own treasures, keepsakes, accessories and furnishings with this stunning collection of craft courses. Superbly led by artists from the world of fashion and design, while proven to boost mental health and inspire creativity, pick your practice and dive into a new skill today.

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2. Beginner Tufting workshop: Craft Your Own Unique Rug
Tufting workshop: Craft your personalise rug Unlock the world of textile artistry in our immersive Rug Tufting Mastery Workshop. Whether you're a complete novice or a craft enthusiast looking to expand your skills, this hands-on experience is tailored to unleash your creativity and guide you through the journey of crafting a magnificent tufted rug. What to Expect: Essentials of Tufting: Begin with a comprehensive introduction to tufting, where we'll cover the must-have tools, fabric selection, and yarn options. Don't worry if you've never tried tufting before; our step-by-step guidance ensures a smooth start. Mastering Tufting Techniques: Dive into the world of tufting with hands-on exploration of various techniques. You'll learn how to create intricate patterns, rich textures, and unique designs, allowing your creativity to flourish. Craft Your Unique Rug: Apply your newfound skills to craft a tufted rug that truly reflects your artistic vision. Whether you're drawn to abstract patterns, geometric shapes, or have a custom design in mind, your rug will be a unique masterpiece. All-Inclusive Materials: We provide all the necessary materials, including high-quality fabrics, tufting tools, and a vibrant selection of yarns. Just bring your enthusiasm and an open mind. A Relaxing and Creative Environment: Beyond the technical aspects, our workshop offers a serene space for you to relax, express your creativity, and connect with fellow textile art enthusiasts who share your passion. Knowledge Level: No prior experience or specific skills are required; all are welcome! What You'll Take Home: Your very own tufted rug, a stunning addition to your home decor or a heartfelt gift for a loved one. Suitable for: Individuals and couples seeking a creative outlet. Perfect for special occasions like birthdays or unique gatherings. Suitable for both adults and kids (minimum 8 years old). Accompanying adults are welcome to observe the class for free. Join us for an enriching experience in the world of tufting. Learn, create, and take home a one-of-a-kind textile masterpiece. Your artistic journey awaits in our Rug Tufting Mastery Workshop!
Next available date:28th June 2024

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