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Experience health and beauty classes, courses and workshops where you can enjoy and learn to make vegan friendly womens skincare, to letting loose while perfecting the skill of making perfume with a glass of Prosecco moreover, creating healthy hair products all with our passionate teachers. Generating new skills to possibly to start your own healthy beauty brand all while having some fun.

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17. Take Charge of Change: get equipped & ready for perimenopause
Suffering from poor sleep? Feeling stressed? Piling on the pounds, even though you are eating well and exercising? Feeling hot and not the sexy kind?! Chances are your hormones are out of balance and you are in perimenopause. Perimenopause is the 4-8 years ahead of menopause which only lasts a day by the way! Many of us walk blindly into perimenopause which ends up making our symptoms more severe and frequent if we are unprepared. Take Charge of Change is a 6 week programme, consisting of 6x 90 minute Zoom group interactive workshops which is also accompanied by a digital self-care platform, to help you feel back in control of your physical and emotional health and know all the options of how to self-care, so you can choose what's right for you. Lesley's relaxed, interactive and informative sessions are based on years of research, scientific evidence and the input of leading UK menopause and women's wellness experts. The course focuses on various symptoms that are common to women at this stage of life, so you can choose what's relevant for you • Managing Sleep • Managing Anxiety & Stress • Managing Hot Flushes, Joint Pain, Headaches, Skin & Hair • Managing Brain Fog & Fatigue • Managing Mood • Managing Weight • Managing Pelvic & Vaginal Health • Managing Relationships There are a range of ways we can self-care that span medicinal and natural, endorsed by NICE guidelines & British Menopause Society, of which Lesley is a member Here's are a couple of testimonials from a recent course: "-"A great opportunity to understand what is going on in your body during menopause and proven real therapies that can help get you through "-"A game-changer. Brilliant to have all the tools and resources to know how I can get to feeling my best again. I'm now ready and actually looking forward to menopause"-" Head on over to to find out how you can be part of our community and read about other programmes and events coming soon. We are also on Insta and run regular Lives with experts and have a FB public page @overthebloodymoon

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