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Attending a well-being event can be both inspiring and sometimes overwhelming because of the vast knowledge and huge range of products on display. You will likely hear any experts pitch their ideas and findings and come away with a lot of free samples of various things from different associated partners and companies of the event organiser.

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11. Dreamwork, Exploratory Waking Dreams
Dreams present us with many pieces of information that we can learn to understand as you would a new language. By tracing through the elements of the dream, and discovering our associations, we can begin to understand how the dream relates to our life. Working in a group setting, we will draw on collective associations to amplify this process. Allegra Shorto’s approach to Dreamwork involves an amplification of the dream, combined with an experiential exploration using the Waking Dream Process. The latter is a method of revisiting dreams in the waking state by engaging the body and imagination to facilitate psychological integration. This combined approach allows both a cognitive and embodied understanding of the dream. By better understanding our dreams we can come to know ourselves. Allegra Shorto is a Dreamwork practitioner and psychotherapist in training (Oxford, DRI, CCPE). She works with private clients and dream groups, helping people explore and understand their dreams. She also works with the Dream Research Institute, a charity and research centre exploring the relationship of dreams and well-being from the spiritual perspective. In 2018, Allegra founded the platform d.REM, to explore the relationship between art and dreams. Through a series of dream interventions at the Freud Museum and an overnight radio programme, artists attempted to penetrate the dream state by curating sleeping environments. Allegra is interested in dreams as integral to the therapeutic process, but also as a universally accessible, standalone practice for personal transformation. Dreams can help us connect our inner and outer lives, unlock creativity and connect to our bodies.
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14. Beginners Ballet: 8 week Technique Course in Central London - come and join us!
Much awaited and highly requested by the London Ballet Classes Community; this Beginners Ballet Technique course is perfect for those completely new to ballet as well as those wanting to return to the basics and really refine and enhance their technique in a slower paced and mindfully delivered class. What is this course about: Regular dance classes do not always provide the time or tailored support that enable us to fully understand how to execute movements in the most functional and effective way. It is easy as a Beginner to feel lost or unsure of what exactly you are meant to be doing. We are passionate about investing in adult dancers in the same way schools do for children or pre-professionals; and we know this approach takes time, patience and support. Throughout this course, we will provide you with structured and detailed lessons by breaking down the essentials of ballet barre and key centre steps. We will also explore practices to develop safe movement patterns and introduce you to key conditioning exercises. This is a chance for keen adult ballet dancers to learn to engage the right muscles and work towards clean and controlled centre combinations and choreography. The class is a safe space to ask questions and receive feedback and corrections. Our goal is to nurture and support dancers in developing a holistic and sustainable ballet practice. We aim to instil a deep understanding of ballet and your body; helping you to progress quickly and minimise the risk of injury or overuse. In addition to developing a strong technical foundation; these classes aim to help students learn more about this beautiful art form; how dance can be used in storytelling and how we can convey our emotions and narratives through our bodies. We have a clear focus on individual style, artistry, musicality and performance quality and practice these through short routines and combinations. Ballet is something we can enjoy at any age and dancing is something that is natural to each and every one of us; within the right environment, we can all excel at it. It is healing, rejuvenating and invigorating, so come along and give it a go :) When and where: This course is taught over 8 weeks and runs from Wednesday 06th April - Wednesday 25th May. The classes takes place every Wednesday between 8-9pm at WAC Arts (2 minutes from Belsize Park). Further joining instructions will be shared once you have booked. Who can attend: *- Those with no prior experience of ballet whatsoever -Beginner and improver ballet students who would like a detailed breakdown of key foundational steps and movements in ballet Those returning to ballet after a long break or injury Intermediate or Advanced students wanting to return to the basics to refine technique in a slower-paced and mindfully delivered class*

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