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Binging a product to market is a complicated and detailed process. Production courses can help you fill in the blanks along the way as the product is created from an idea to design right through the many steps before it is approved on on the shelves.

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17. Make your own Natural, Zero Waste Cleaning Products
During the workshop, Jo will talk a little bit about her journey and will walk us through how to use her kit to keep you house sparkling in a safe, non-toxic way. The workshop will last 2 hours, on Saturday 5 October 2019, from 15 pm to 17.00 pm During the first part of the workshop we will talk all green, zero waste cleaning with Jo by leaning: Overview on toxic cleaning products Why it's better to swap to DIY products (eco-friendly, zero-waste, healthier) During the second part of the workshop you will learn: how to make your laundry sequestrant how to make your own fabric softener (and dishwasher rinse aid at the same time!) how to make your own all-purpose degreaser how to make your own limescale remover how to make your own dishwasher powder detergent Not only you will get to bring the products made during the workshop home, but you will also receive the exclusive Green Boutique cleaning booklet, plus 20% off The Green Boutique’s cleaning kit ingredients to make 12 cleaning product to replicate at home! Jo's journey to green cleaning started from her own experience. After a heavy intoxication of bleach many years ago, she decided to quit the commercial cleaning products and got informed about all the alternatives. Jo discovered that your home could be clean without using toxic and aggressive products, that are dangerous for our health and the environment as well. She was then off to creating a kit where you can find all the tools - the ingredients - to make your DIY household products and a small book where there are all the "recipes" for cleaning your home.

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