Top 10 Best Landscape Photography classes, courses, learnings kits and gifts in the UK

Time to capture natural beauty with landscape photography. Enjoy taking photos of something vast and unending, experiencing nature or creating utopic photos of cities. With family and friends or alone enjoy the experience of learning about landscape photography investigating new ways to take photos. Whether you vision is taking landscape sunset photos or landscape portrait photos with talented teachers.

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5. In the Heart of Fashion Photography
This inspiring course will teach you all the best industry tips, tricks and secrets of how to take stunning photographs. From setting up studio equipment, to makeup styling, to getting the most out of the models, this class will give you a holistic education in the art of fashion photography. In this class The class will start with 30 minutes of photography theory, in which you will gain an understanding of your teacher, the fashion industry, and will look at some photographers work as a source of inspiration. This part of the class will give the students an insight into the world of fashion photography, before they take on the more practical aspects of the trade. Students will then get some invaluable studio experience. In this section, students will spend an hour learning how to prepare the models hair and make up, set up the studio for a shoot, how to shoot with the model, and a 30 minute quick edit. The class will end with a questions and answers session, and if there is time you will be able to have a look back at some of the photos from the shoot. Now you can Expand your knowledge and understanding of photography techniques, as well as the fashion industry Practice what you have learnt at home as you become an accomplished fashion photographer Pass on all the information and skills you have learn to others with a similar passion for fashion photography Keep / Bring Students will take with them the photos they made in the class plus some smart tips to help with future shoots!
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6. How To Become More Photogenic and Less Camera Shy
Before any of the photoshoot you are planning to book you have to prepare for it to get the best result. Is not everything up to your photographer, is about you. Booking the classes/photoshoot before we will meet we will have a zoom call. I will teach you how to prepare for your first photoshoot. I will help you to choose the right outfit for our session, right shoes, will give you important tips what you have to remember before meeting me in person. After the zoom call we will organise a date, place and hour where we will meet for the photoshoot. During our session, together we will discover how to look more confident and how to achieve the results you want, how to use correct props to make the images more interesting. Together we will practice these poses, I will show you how to do it correctly, for example: Fake walk, Sitting poses, what to do with your hands and legs, how to feel more confident and comfortable, how to stop feel awkward in front of the camera. You will try do it by yourself with my guidance on how to find your perfect angle and I will take photos of you. FOR WHO THIS IS? For clients who are camera shy Never have photoshoot before Had bad experience with photoshoot before Prepare for important day for example wedding and not sure how to prepare See my work on my Instagram or my website
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7. How to Become More Photogenic and Less Camera Shy. Photoshoot in-person Experience
If you are feeling camera shy, you are not sure what is your best side, don’t know how to pose. This class is for you. We will teach you step by step from how to feel less camera shy to what to ask your photographer before you will pay for his/her work. Are you planning to book your first photoshoot and you are not sure from where to start? You are in the perfect place! You can book our online class where we will teach you step by step how to organise photoshoot, how to prepare and what you have to ask your photographer before paying for the service. We will start from you, we will have a short chat what you are looking from the photoshoot, what is your goal from there we will show you the best poses for this kind of images you are looking for. For example there is another needs for having business photoshoot and for lifestyle photoshoot. Is very important to remember and see the difference. We will ask you about your fears, what you don’t like about yourself and how to cover it or don’t show on the photo. If you are camera shy what you should avoid and what you should do. After it, together we will choose the perfect outfit and which kind of props to prepare. Why you have to bring more clothes and comfortable shoes which one you will never use for photoshoot. In the end we will give you the best tips of how to book your photographer. What you have to ask him/her before booking anything. Very important to avoid any miss-understanding and as well disappointment. TWO OPTIONS You have two options to book. The first one is Online Class - where we will teach you all the things we was talking about above. Online Class and Photoshoot - after our online class we will have a photoshoot in London to practice our poses and get lovely images. You can choose the day when, where you want to meet and as well time. FOR WHO THIS IS? For clients who are camera shy Never have photoshoot before Had bad experience with photoshoot before Prepare for important day for example wedding and not sure how to prepare. See my work on my Instagram or my website
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11. Advanced Photography
Do you want to really step up your photography game whilst exploring London? If you want to learn about ISO, shutter speeds and histograms to understand your camera even better - then this course sounds about right for you. In this class You need to be confident with all the areas covered in the level 1 and level 2 courses (but you don't have to have attended them). The course starts at 10am with a meeting at a coffee shop near Waterloo. At this meeting Andrew will provide an introduction to the day and hand out some course notes for you to keep. At 11am you will head out on a creative photowalk with tuition on-the-go. Andrew will spend time with each individual and there will be lots of time to ask questions as you go. You will arrive back at Borough Market around 1.30pm. This is your chance to grab something to eat from one of the many food stalls in the market or, if you prefer, you can head straight to the pub where you will be doing your review session to eat there. After everyone has had a bite to eat and a chance to edit down their images, you will re-group with a de-brief meeting at a pub, most probably The Mud Lark, where you will do an image review session. Andrew will show your photos direct from your camera's memory card, so if your camera uses something other than an SD card please let us know so that Andrew can bring the appropriate card reader. The day will finish around 3.30pm. Don't forget to bring a digital camera and a pen and pad to take notes. Now you can Learn the rules of composition, how to use them and how to break them! Be confident with ISO, shutter speed and aperture; Enjoy the day and get snap happy! Keep After a day out and about getting snappy, you'll head home with a selection of beautiful shots.

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