Advanced Photography

    Do you want to step up your photography whilst exploring London? From ISO, shutter speeds and histograms to understanding your camera this is the class for you

    Digital class hosted by Andrew Newson Photography

    Beginners welcome

    5.5 hour class

    Andrew Newson Photography, TN3

    What you'll learn

    Do you want to really step up your photography game whilst exploring London? If you want to learn about ISO, shutter speeds and histograms to understand your camera even better - then this course sounds about right for you.

    In this class

    You need to be confident with all the areas covered in the level 1 and level 2 courses (but you don't have to have attended them).

    The course starts at 10am with a meeting at a coffee shop near Waterloo. At this meeting Andrew will provide an introduction to the day and hand out some course notes for you to keep. At 11am you will head out on a creative photowalk with tuition on-the-go. Andrew will spend time with each individual and there will be lots of time to ask questions as you go. You will arrive back at Borough Market around 1.30pm. This is your chance to grab something to eat from one of the many food stalls in the market or, if you prefer, you can head straight to the pub where you will be doing your review session to eat there.

    After everyone has had a bite to eat and a chance to edit down their images, you will re-group with a de-brief meeting at a pub, most probably The Mud Lark, where you will do an image review session. Andrew will show your photos direct from your camera's memory card, so if your camera uses something other than an SD card please let us know so that Andrew can bring the appropriate card reader. The day will finish around 3.30pm.

    Don't forget to bring a digital camera and a pen and pad to take notes.

    Now you can

    • Learn the rules of composition, how to use them and how to break them!
    • Be confident with ISO, shutter speed and aperture;
    • Enjoy the day and get snap happy!


    After a day out and about getting snappy, you'll head home with a selection of beautiful shots.

    Did you know?

    • The word photography comes from the Greek - photos meaning "light" and grapho meaning "I write" - it translates as "drawing with light" or "representation by means of lines" *

    Class location

    Andrew Newson Photography, Tunbridge Wells

    The Nevill Crest & Gun Pub, Eridge Road

    TN3 9JR

    Tunbridge Wells

    About your host, Andrew Newson Photography

    Andrew Newson's school is very special.. because… Andrew Newson himself will be you teacher on all of the school's classes 😃 !

    This unique photography schools' offering is focused on tours around the city, which means you will be able to see some of London's most amazing sights whilst also improving your photography skills - whats not to love!

    "I started offering photography tuition around 2008 when someone asked me at an exhibition I was having whether I knew anyone who offered it. I explained that perhaps I could help and offered them the first 1-2-1 workshop! After this first training session the client was really happy and I got a tremendous buzz from seeing them enjoy getting to grips with their camera and photography. I was hooked!" Andrew Newson

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