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Add some movie magic to your life! Build your videography skills and create cinematic films with interactive film classes. Learn how to make the most out of shoots and even develop your own camera film. Feeling a bit spooky? Unleash your inner artist and master special effects makeup to make your own horror movie. Whether you’re bored of Netflix and want to produce your own film or want to navigate your film camera, a film class will help you create perfect seamless content!

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3. In the Heart of Fashion Photography
This inspiring course will teach you all the best industry tips, tricks and secrets of how to take stunning photographs. From setting up studio equipment, to makeup styling, to getting the most out of the models, this class will give you a holistic education in the art of fashion photography. In this class The class will start with 30 minutes of photography theory, in which you will gain an understanding of your teacher, the fashion industry, and will look at some photographers work as a source of inspiration. This part of the class will give the students an insight into the world of fashion photography, before they take on the more practical aspects of the trade. Students will then get some invaluable studio experience. In this section, students will spend an hour learning how to prepare the models hair and make up, set up the studio for a shoot, how to shoot with the model, and a 30 minute quick edit. The class will end with a questions and answers session, and if there is time you will be able to have a look back at some of the photos from the shoot. Now you can Expand your knowledge and understanding of photography techniques, as well as the fashion industry Practice what you have learnt at home as you become an accomplished fashion photographer Pass on all the information and skills you have learn to others with a similar passion for fashion photography Keep / Bring Students will take with them the photos they made in the class plus some smart tips to help with future shoots!
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6. Polaroid Lift Alternative Analogue Photography Workshop
n this 3.5-hour workshop with photographic artist Catriona Gray, you'll learn in a small group how to make creative and surprising images using Polaroid film, water, and paper. Throughout the class, Catriona will guide you and a small group of fellow participants as you delve into the world of manipulating the delicate emulsion in water. Don't worry if you're new to this process—the warm and uplifting teaching style will alleviate any fears and provide you with the support and guidance you need. The workshop will provide a mindful and enjoyable environment where you can explore your creativity and exercise your fine skills and patience! You'll gain hands-on experience in using Polaroid cameras and film, learning all the tricks of this tricky technique, using only scissors, water, and a paintbrush. Along the way, you'll discover the joy of accepting flaws, making mistakes, and enjoying the meditative experience! All materials supplied, you will be able to make up to 6 images. Learn how to dissect and manipulate the print to create beautiful, dream-like, unique prints. A breath of fresh air from digital photography, this is hands on, unpredictable and delicate work creating beautiful and truly unique results. All film, materials and access to Polaroid cameras included in the fee. You will take pictures, cut them apart, soak them in hot water, separate their layers by hand and with a paintbrush until you're able to coax the gelatinous layer that holds the image onto your paper. It's like a flyaway jellyfish but you'd be surprised how robust it actually is so don't be afraid!
7. Analog Darkroom-Film Photography Course
*Please get in touch regarding the dates-they are flexible and class is available as one-to-one so dates can be tailored to your schedule. This Class will be tailored to your timetable-just message me with your chosen dates. This 4 classes course will explore traditional imagine making process, offering the opportunity to investigate into the process of photographic self discovery within the walls of my darkroom.I will tell you a bit about kodak's first roll of film, and show you how to shoot, develop and print from your own ones. Through presentations, projects on and off site you will learn the very basics of film photography. Who is the course for? For all of those excited by the smell of chemistry or by a photograph suddenly appearing out of the dark in a photo tray. Everyone no matter previous experience with photography. I will tailor the course to your abilities/experiences/expectations. Any areas you would like to focus more on?Let me know. You will get one to one tutoring, Materials I will equip you with all necessary materials( films, papers, chemistry) and tools. You will get a chance to try different types of cameras from my collection and I will show you how to search the market for the one that is truly yours. Got your own film camera? Bring it in! Topics covered/Course Plan for 4 classes: Short history introductions to the very beginning of gelatin silver printing using examples from my studio Technical sessions on the use of film cameras for 135mm and 120 film Exposure control & light metering methods, B&W darkroom-film developing & gelatine silver prints making Preservation and storage Troubleshooting-chemistry&cameras
8. Introduction to SFX Makeup Course
Our Introduction to SFX Makeup Course is an intensive training designed to build your Casualty SFX skills for Film and TV. Seventa Makeup Academy delivers the most current and essential skills required to work in the SFX Makeup Industry. || All equipment and products you need are supplied on this course and are yours to keep || Work Experience Placement after your course || Small Class Sizes, so you receive the attention you need || Join our Award-Winning Makeup School based in the heart of London’s West End || Courses taught by Industry and Award-Winning Experts || Personalised Education & Progression Plan || ABOUT THIS COURSE This course is ideal for anyone who would like to explore, discover and understand the world of SFX Makeup specifically learning the key skills for Casualty FX Makeup. Students will learn to create realistic wounds and injuries and recreate them for TV and Film purposes. No previous experience necessary, this course works for students new to the makeup world and current artists alike. After completing an SFX Makeup Course at Seventa Makeup Academy we will invite you to a work experience placement with our partners Exilian Studios. Carving a real reputation for themselves, Exilian Studios provide quality character design and creation for the Film and TV industry. Credits include ITV, BBC, FOX, SKY, C4 and having the pleasure of working with stars like Ian McKellen, Amanda Donohoe and Samantha Bond. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN This course is specifically designed for beginners wanting to learn the Basic SFX Makeup Professional Techniques to Work on TV, Film and Theatre. During the course, you will learn how to create realistic bruises, burns, wounds, skin diseases and scars using industry-approved materials including sculpt gel as well as learning all the most current up to date health and safety and hygiene ways of working. Your progress will be recorded via images/video and together with your Diploma Certificate, you will receive a collection of resources and all the images/video taken throughout the course. Overview: → Introduction to the SFX specialist kit and products → Health, safety and hygiene → Research techniques → Casualty techniques → Swelling → Bruising → Cuts & Scars → Burns INCLUDED IN THIS COURSE Professional SFX Kit & Tools Included: At Seventa Makeup Academy all products and tools you will need for the course are provided in a kit we have developed for you to use during your course. You also get to keep the kit and tools, so you can continue to practice when your course has ended. Only professional brands are used.
12. Photoclub Technical Level 1
No idea what all those buttons mean on your shiny new DSLR? Then this is the course for you. Come out of the darkroom and into the light that is digital photography. Taught over 6 months these easy to follow, informal lessons are all taught in the pub. What's not to love? Just bring your camera and pen and paper to write notes and socialise with other people new to digital photography. In this class Andrew Newson will expertly guide you through your camera control settings and cut through all the technical jargon over six lessons. A chat about each technical area of photography followed by a slideshow and feedback on images taken by members of the group. An assignment is set each month to make sure you can put in to practice what you have learnt. Each session will cover the following : Month 1: RAW v JPG, Software Options, ISO & Programme Mode Month 2: Shutter Speeds, Movement and Shutter Priority Mode Month 3: Aperture, Depth of Field and Aperture Priority Mode Month 4: White Balance, Histograms and Exposure Compensation Month 5: Manual Exposure & Focus Methods Month 6: Re-cap & certificates This six part course will (hopefully) expose your inner photographer. Now you can actually make use of that expensive birthday present break away from taking phone snaps and feel like a real photographer be known as the David Bailey of your family and friends Keep We'll send you home with a certificate to confirm the skills you have gained. There's access to a private Facebook group to post and get advice and monthly assignments are supported with excellent source material.
13. Photoclub Technical Level 2
An ideal course to improve your skills in digital photography. Push yourself to be more creative, get more consistent results and explore photography genres that will allow your inner David Bailey to come out. Stroll down to this great pub - just don't forget to bring your camera along and stuff for note taking. In this class Over six informal relaxed paced lessons, Andrew Newson will help you to really enjoy your DSLR and to stop relying on your camera automatic settings. Each month you will cover a technical area of photography and then discuss images taken by group members for essential feedback. An assignment is set each month to make sure you can put in to practice what you have learnt. The course itinery covers the following topics : Month 1: The truth about ISO! Month 2: All about lenses Month 3: Keeping your photography files well organised Month 4: Intermediate Lightroom and Photoshop Techniques Month 5: Colour Histograms, perfect prints and more Month 6: Re-cap & certificates Andrew is a patient teacher and will answer any particular questions you have about the images you want to produce. Now you can talk about lenses and ISO like a pro become known for your cat portraits - we know this is your secret ambition capture all those special moments Keep You'll get a certificate to confirm the skills you have gained. There's access to a private Facebook group to post and get advice and monthly assignments are supported with excellent source material, which you can use beyond the classes.
14. Photoclub Creative
This creative photography class pushes your ideas and introduces new photography sub genres and it all happens at The Nevill Crest and Gun - a great pub in Eridge on the Kent and Sussex border. Sharing ideas with like-minded people in a social environment and after class, keeping the group connected via a Facebook page. In this class Starting in August 2016 Photoclub Creative runs for 6 months. Andrew Newson sets you five creative assignments and then takes you through your efforts to point out where you are going wrong. Each month you select five of your best images for critique, Andrew then shares his comments via a video screencast that will help improve your technique and creative eye. You'll get 6x4 inch prints of your 5 submitted photos. Although not a competition, one image will be awarded the title of 'commended print'. Andrew regularly writes new material for his pupils, previous assignments include Street Photography, Night Photography, Self Portraits, Stranger Portraits, One Day Journey, Landscape Stories and Still Life. Whatever level of photographer you are, you will be encouraged to be as creative as possible, explore, be inspired and get excited. As one of the first courses that Andrew started, he is still excited to teach how to turn your creative ideas into reality with technical know how. He is happy to answer any questions you have about the images you want to produce. Now you can no more run-of-the-mill holiday snaps get fired up by lighting, lens and angles start your own photography business in your spare time Keep You'll get five creative assignments briefs, constructive critique on your images and 6x4 inch prints of your favourite images.

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