In the Heart of Fashion Photography

    Learn all the basics of fashion photography in this fun, creative and hands-on class with expert photographer Nikie Kavouridis.

    Digital class hosted by Nikie Kavouridis

    Beginners welcome

    2 hour class

    Nikie Kavouridis, All

    What you'll learn

    This inspiring course will teach you all the best industry tips, tricks and secrets of how to take stunning photographs. From setting up studio equipment, to makeup styling, to getting the most out of the models, this class will give you a holistic education in the art of fashion photography.

    In this class

    The class will start with 30 minutes of photography theory, in which you will gain an understanding of your teacher, the fashion industry, and will look at some photographers work as a source of inspiration. This part of the class will give the students an insight into the world of fashion photography, before they take on the more practical aspects of the trade.

    Students will then get some invaluable studio experience. In this section, students will spend an hour learning how to prepare the models hair and make up, set up the studio for a shoot, how to shoot with the model, and a 30 minute quick edit. The class will end with a questions and answers session, and if there is time you will be able to have a look back at some of the photos from the shoot.

    Now you can

    • Expand your knowledge and understanding of photography techniques, as well as the fashion industry
    • Practice what you have learnt at home as you become an accomplished fashion photographer
    • Pass on all the information and skills you have learn to others with a similar passion for fashion photography

    Keep / Bring

    Students will take with them the photos they made in the class plus some smart tips to help with future shoots!

    Did you know?

    The first photographs ever taken came from the famous pinhole camera's, in which a pinprick would be used to create a tiny aperture through which light would pass through and project an inverted image on the other side of the box. However, examples of this pinhole effect can be found in nature. For example, during the solar eclipse, tree leaves have been seen to act as pinhole lenses, casting crescent-shaped projections of the sun on the ground

    Class location

    Nikie Kavouridis, Anywhere in London

    Anywhere in London

    All of London


    Choose a day that suits you

    This host can run this class at any time. Just pick a time and date that works for you.

    About your host, Nikie Kavouridis

    Nikie Kavouridis is a 23 year old fashion photographer based in Paris and working in England's capitol, providing personal and inspiring workshops for budding photographers.

    Having lived in Greece up until the age of 18, Nikie left to study photography in Paris, specialising in fashion photography, which she insists was her intention from the very beginning. In Paris, Nikie worked tirelessly honing her skills and developing her talent through collaborating with some of the biggest agencies around such as Elite, New Madison and Marilyn.

    These days, Nikie is a regular visitor to London, which allows her to harness new experiences and to collaborate with new people, as she continues to thrive as a fashion Photographer. Through her workshops, Nikie is able to pass on her wealth of knowledge and skills to passionate students who want a leg up in the world of fashion photography.

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