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Writing is a fantastic way to express yourself whether it be as a hobby or vocation. It can be fact-based, fictional or creative depending on your goals. You can get lost in writing to take your mind off the pressures of your day.

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2. Christmas Gift: Make a mini-book for someone special and a bonus gift for you
LAST ORDERS ACCEPTED UP TO SUNDAY 19TH DECEMBER FOR GUARANTEED DELIVERY IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS Zines are small DIY books that employ the art of paper folding. Incorporating expressive text and visual art, zines are a powerful way of sharing your thoughts and a perfect idea for a Christmas gift. This learning kit includes 2 ideas for making your own zines. Make a Christmas Zine for someone special! Share the love this Christmas by creating a special gift for an important person. Imagine their delight as your loved one holds a handmade book in their hands; a unique, captivating creation filled with personal memories and stories. This learning kit includes a limited edition, handmade instruction zine explaining how to make these miniature books with lots of ideas to help you fill each page dedicated to your special someone. Tell them what makes them so important, share the things that make you both laugh and reminisce about places you’ve visited together. But why stop at making one? Your kit includes enough paper for up to 4 different zines. Make several for family members and friends! Review the year - Make a New Year Zine for your self! Once you have created your special gift why not create a zine for yourself? As a festive bonus you will also receive a limited edition, handmade Review of the Year zine, including instructions for your own miniature book and inspiration to create art motivated by your memories of this year. Reflect on your achievements this past year and set goals for next year. In addition to your limited edition instruction zines, this home learning kit includes a set of 4 beautiful handmade papers, as well as labels, envelopes, collage materials (for example book pages, magazine pages, origami paper) a folding tool and other treats. Everything you need to get zine-making in the comfort of your own home. So, cosy up, settle down and make zines! Once you start you may never stop!
9. Class: Copperplate Catch Up – Writing Words, Sentences and Paragraphs
This series is not for newbies but more geared at those who are already writing the script but are either finding the letters not working for them or want to get a better grasp on the writing of the letters. That is not to say that newbies wont benefit from these sessions, but a working knowledge of the script is necessary. We will look at the letters systematically and in their groups. Practise sessions will start off in pencil so a complete understanding of the underlying structure of the letters is sound and then we will move to the nib and ink. The aim of this series is to give you a safe but guided space to learn and practise. I want this space to be more of a community building exercise rather than a course per se hence keeping the cost as low as possible. Sessions will be 2 hours long of detailed instruction. Once the teaching part of the Zoom Class is completed, we will have a further 45 minutes Q&A timeslot. The instruction will be posted so that you have access for a month. I look forward to seeing you there and helping you improve your appreciation of this wonderful script. This class is from 7pm – 9pm and 9:15-10pm for Q&A, it is not necessary for you to stay for the Q&A if you can only manage 2 hours. I look forward to welcoming you on this spiritual path to the craft. All classes are recorded and will be available for viewing for 2 months. The Q&A segment of the Live will not be a part of the recording. Most events are available for purchase if you miss the live event. Please double check your time zone to ensure you know what time the event starts in your time zone. I am in GMT or London or UK time. Read carefully and choose you events carefully as refunds are a nightmare to do. Please help us with this for this reason we have made events non-refundable. YOU MUST TRIPLE CHECK YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, it is the only way for us to contact you and this is where we will send the Zoom link to. If it is wrong, we will not be able to contact you to send you the link. Please purchase your tools and materials well in advance of the course so you can at least test them out and familiarise yourself with them. Please do some practise before attending the class at least some exercises to limber up your hand. Coming to class without any practise in the week of the class will only be a disservice to yourself. Most events are for all levels, if it is not suitable for beginners you will be made aware of this. This does not mean beginners will not benefit but they will find it difficult to keep up with what is being taught. Lectures are for all levels as well as for non-calligraphers.
12. Christmas Calligraphy Class
Tis' the season to be Jolly- and what better way to start than with this fun and creative Christmas calligraphy class? Learn how to write Christmas cards in a stunning calligraphic style that will change the way you write forever! In this class This is a beginner's class so no previous experience is required for you to attend. The class will begin with some practice exercises, and will progress to letter forms, and will finish with you writing your own name or favourite quote. This will be the MOST FESTIVE class of all time, as when the class ends, Columbia Road will be open at 5.30pm for it's legendary Christmas Wednesdays. There will be carol singing a-plenty! Your booking fee will include all the materials that will be needed for the class, which you will also be bale to take home with you. The class will embrace the festive spirit, and you will be writing Christmas gist tags so that your presents look better than ever this year! Please note that being able to learn calligraphy does not correlate with your handwriting skills. As long as you have the patience, you will be able to pick up the essential skills! Pick your clothes carefully as the ink is permanent. Complimentary tea and cake will be served through the class. Now you can Write glorious invitations and cards this Christmas Add a new and creative artistic string to your bow Hone in your new skills by practicing the techniques that you learnt during the class
16. Reading and Writing with a Tree
Take a leaf out of Henry David Thoreau's book in this unique and interactive workshop in Merton Abbey Mills. Like the famous nature writer and poet, learn how your reading and writing practices are shaped by your environment, culminating in the production of your very own "tree text". In this class This workshop aims to explore how our reading and writing practices are influenced by the environments in which we practise them. The session will start by looking at 'tree texts' by other writers. You'll use cut-up, collage and adaptation techniques to re-work the texts, moving between indoor and outdoor environments. In the end, you'll produce your own unique 'tree text' influenced by the immersive experience. Object Book is an accessible and inclusive studio, but mobility - be it on foot or wheels - is required for this workshop to move between indoors and outdoors (Morden Hall Park). Under 16's can attend at a reduced rate of £14. Now you can have some leafy inspiration for your next writing or art project get in tune with the natural world and its influences become more conscious of your physical surroundings in an increasingly digital age Keep You'll leave with your own series of 'tree texts', which will culminate in a final tree piece. You'll also have a good excuse to head to Hyde Park or out to Epping Forest for some literary inspiration.

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