Top 10 Best Writing classes, courses, learnings kits and gifts in the UK

Writing is a fantastic way to express yourself whether it be as a hobby or vocation. It can be fact-based, fictional or creative depending on your goals. You can get lost in writing to take your mind off the pressures of your day.

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9. Modern Calligraphy Workshop for Beginners (Dip pen; London)
*About the workshop If you have always appreciated beautiful handwritings and would love to learn modern calligraphy, the workshop is perfect for you. Specially created for beginners, this workshop will give you the basics of modern calligraphy and a take-home supply kit. The workshop will cover the essentials of modern calligraphy, practice drills, lowercase and uppercase alphabet, the basics of connecting letters and works, and few tricks to make sure your calligraphy experience goes as smooth as possible. *About The Rushing Water The Rushing Water is a creative studio of calligraphy and design based in London, UK, providing hand lettered design work for brands and products, and custom stationery and calligraphy services for weddings and events worldwide. We have also partnered with over 20 international renowned luxury brands to offer onsite calligraphy service and workshops at PR events. e.g. Fortnum & Mason, Diptyque, Ted Baker, Estée Lauder, and more. Our studio specializes in delivering high quality calligraphy workshops; over 200 calligraphy workshops, size ranging from 4 to 30 participants were delivered worldwide, such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, and more. *About our calligraphy instructor - Dora I am a calligrapher who started this hobby since 2014. I have always loved writing, as in writing articles/stories instead of lettering like what I’m doing now. When I was first introduced to modern calligraphy, I was in love with the coexistence of aesthetic vibe in the letterings. My calligraphy style focuses on modern minimalism with a touch of elegance and chicness. My passion towards cultures enables my work to connect with people on a unique personal level and tell stories through lettering.

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