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Photoclub Creative

Tunbridge Wells
Six session class
This creative photography class pushes your ideas and introduces new photography sub genres. Join Andrew Newson for a photography workshop like no other

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What you will do

Six session class


This creative photography class pushes your ideas and introduces new photography sub genres and it all happens at The Nevill Crest and Gun - a great pub in Eridge on the Kent and Sussex border. Sharing ideas with like-minded people in a social environment and after class, keeping the group connected via a Facebook page.

In this class

Starting in August 2016 Photoclub Creative runs for 6 months. Andrew Newson sets you five creative assignments and then takes you through your efforts to point out where you are going wrong. Each month you select five of your best images for critique, Andrew then shares his comments via a video screencast that will help improve your technique and creative eye. You'll get 6x4 inch prints of your 5 submitted photos. Although not a competition, one image will be awarded the title of 'commended print'. Andrew regularly writes new material for his pupils, previous assignments include Street Photography, Night Photography, Self Portraits, Stranger Portraits, One Day Journey, Landscape Stories and Still Life. Whatever level of photographer you are, you will be encouraged to be as creative as possible, explore, be inspired and get excited.

As one of the first courses that Andrew started, he is still excited to teach how to turn your creative ideas into reality with technical know how. He is happy to answer any questions you have about the images you want to produce.

Now you can

  • no more run-of-the-mill holiday snaps
  • get fired up by lighting, lens and angles
  • start your own photography business in your spare time


You'll get five creative assignments briefs, constructive critique on your images and 6x4 inch prints of your favourite images.

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Did you know?

The first ever surviving photograph taken on a camera was shot by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in 1826 or 1827. He invented a new technique called Heliography while experimenting with light sensitive varnishes using the lithography process. He exposed onto pewter plate using a camera directed at the landscape seen from his upstairs window. Now you only have to sit in a pub in Tunbridge Wells talking with Andrew to get the most up to date photographic techniques
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Class location

Tunbridge Wells
The Nevill Crest & Gun Pub, Eridge Road
Tunbridge Wells

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Photoclub Creative by Andrew Newson Photography - photography in London

About your host, Andrew Newson Photography

Andrew Newson's school is very special.. because… Andrew Newson himself will be you teacher on all of the school's classes 😃 !

This unique photography schools' offering is focused on tours around the city, which means you will be able to see some of London's most amazing sights whilst also improving your photography skills - whats not to love!

"I started offering photography tuition around 2008 when someone asked me at an exhibition I was having whether I knew anyone who offered it. I explained that perhaps I could help and offered them the first 1-2-1 workshop! After this first training session the client was really happy and I got a tremendous buzz from seeing them enjoy getting to grips with their camera and photography. I was hooked!" Andrew Newson

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Six session class


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