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Lets be book worms. Discover intriguing and fun ways of reading and writing as the fun doesn't just stop with reading books. Experience workshops dedicating themselves to help with creative writing and reading your stories allowed to you can improve your works with passionate teachers and novelists. Enjoy the creative process of the reading, writing and listening through these classes.

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19. Writing Retreat London
After much thought and consideration, (looking in to the market, assessing what other people are doing and primarily trying to find the best place for a writing retreat), Tony found the space and set the clock for a superb retreat. Tony offers something different and unique. Being inspired to write not only involves making the time, but it also helps to be in an atmospheric setting, both beautiful and inspiring at the same time to work on your writing. You canot fail to feel inspired in the splendour of the clock tower at St Pancras. The beautiful decoration, the stunning panoramic views of London and 10 metre high celings with charm, history culture and architecture do all blend together in a magical way. This retreat has a maximum of 11 places, and will be allocated on a first come first served basis so if you feel like you want to spend a day on this retreat to work on your writing secure a place today. The format will run to the following itinerary on the day: • 10:30 Gather at The Designated Meeting Point • 10:30-13:00 Introductions and Writing • 13:00-14:00 Lunch provided* with an open forum giving writers the chance to read out extracts from their work, chat and get feedback from colleagues. • 14:30-16:30 Two Hours of Writing • 16:30-17:30 Open forum giving writers the chance to read out extracts from their work, chat and get feedback from fellow writing colleagues until We Finish at 17:30. Complimentary refreshments also provided throughout the event. Experience a great setting in St Pancras Clock Tower and have a social element to the day too. It is advisable to book early to confirm your place and avoid disappointment, please note we prefer you to take off outdoor shoes inside, so a pair of slippers or woolly socks is always a good idea and a treat for your feet! Tony looks forward to meeting fellow writers to kick start your writing, enjoy working productively and meeting new people.
20. Reading London in Angel
This five-week literature course will equip you with all the skills leading to a deeper engagement with, and understanding of, the written word. There will not be desks. No strip lighting. No white or black boards. There will be like-minded folk. A circle of higgledy-piggledy chairs. Many pot-plants and independently designed bits and bobs. And there will be wine. In this course Do you love literature, but cannot articulate why? What is it about the craft of a particular passage that struck you as beautiful; made you uncomfortable; left its invisible, indelible mark? To truly understand the art of an author's writing, there is an art to reading. The reading throughout the five weeks will concentrate on literary representations of London. Every week you will receive digital copies of the reading and a digital audio mini-lecture (playable on your phone/ computer/ tablet), so that everyone is on the same page. What will I learn? "What is the 'real' London? Is there even such a thing? Or is the city as much a product of the imagination as it is bricks and mortar?" You will learn to penetrate beneath surface discussions of character and plot. Get to grips with reading a text's aesthetics, and interrogating issues of class, politics, race, gender, and London itself. Here is what you can expect week by week: Grim and dim London Victorians, poverty, smog and grime, crime, anonymity Modernist London Technology, noise, impressionism, abstraction, 'making it new' An 'other's' London Race, immigration, identity, 'otherness', east London Radical London Anarchy, nationalism, punk, apathy, protest Our London Reading a Zadie Smith's N-W, a London novel of today What's included? All course texts and digital copies are included in the price of the course - oh and there will be wine, lots of it!

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