Photoclub Technical Level 1

    Learn how to work with your DLSR in this photography course by Andrew Newson - thought over 6 months

    Digital course

    Six session course

    Beginners welcome

    Andrew Newson Photography, TN3

    What you'll learn

    No idea what all those buttons mean on your shiny new DSLR? Then this is the course for you. Come out of the darkroom and into the light that is digital photography. Taught over 6 months these easy to follow, informal lessons are all taught in the pub. What's not to love? Just bring your camera and pen and paper to write notes and socialise with other people new to digital photography.

    In this class

    Andrew Newson will expertly guide you through your camera control settings and cut through all the technical jargon over six lessons. A chat about each technical area of photography followed by a slideshow and feedback on images taken by members of the group. An assignment is set each month to make sure you can put in to practice what you have learnt. Each session will cover the following :

    • Month 1: RAW v JPG, Software Options, ISO & Programme Mode
    • Month 2: Shutter Speeds, Movement and Shutter Priority Mode
    • Month 3: Aperture, Depth of Field and Aperture Priority Mode
    • Month 4: White Balance, Histograms and Exposure Compensation
    • Month 5: Manual Exposure & Focus Methods
    • Month 6: Re-cap & certificates

    This six part course will (hopefully) expose your inner photographer.

    Now you can

    • actually make use of that expensive birthday present
    • break away from taking phone snaps and feel like a real photographer
    • be known as the David Bailey of your family and friends


    We'll send you home with a certificate to confirm the skills you have gained. There's access to a private Facebook group to post and get advice and monthly assignments are supported with excellent source material.

    Did you know?

    "You don't take a photograph, you make it" - Ansel Adams. Adams, born in California in 1902 is famous for his large-format landscape photographs of the American West. Fred Archer and Adams developed the Zone System as a way to control exposure and adjust the contrast of the final print, resulting in a clarity and depth in his photographs that became his signature. Adams understood what made a good photo, he thought about why the viewer would be interested and what to include or exclude to make a great image. You don't have to time travel to West America to pick up creative ideas for the techniques you want to make your signature, just sign up to Andrew's course in Tunbridge Wells

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    Class location

    Andrew Newson Photography, Tunbridge Wells

    The Nevill Crest & Gun Pub, Eridge Road

    TN3 9JR

    Tunbridge Wells

    About your host, Andrew Newson Photography

    Andrew Newson's school is very special.. because… Andrew Newson himself will be you teacher on all of the school's classes 😃 !

    This unique photography schools' offering is focused on tours around the city, which means you will be able to see some of London's most amazing sights whilst also improving your photography skills - whats not to love!

    "I started offering photography tuition around 2008 when someone asked me at an exhibition I was having whether I knew anyone who offered it. I explained that perhaps I could help and offered them the first 1-2-1 workshop! After this first training session the client was really happy and I got a tremendous buzz from seeing them enjoy getting to grips with their camera and photography. I was hooked!" Andrew Newson

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