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Sculpting with clay can be fast and immediate, suited to large-scale pieces and outdoor works. It can also be small and expressive, conjuring up images of the first figures of ancient times, whose features were squeezed out of wet clay to resemble animals and human forms. Classes, workshops and tuition available.

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2. Pottery, Clay & Leaves - Make A Beautiful Unique Leaf Platter
Create Beautiful Pottery With Clay & Leaves! Have you always wanted to make something you can be really proud of with clay? Maybe you are a complete beginner or have never touched clay, but want to have a go. Or maybe you have good skills in crafting and have completed some pottery classes but want to expand your skills? Would you like to create something in clay that not only looks professional but also gives off the most beautiful healing energies from nature? Not only will YOU benefit from the healing properties of clay and nature, you can harness this in the piece you make, so others who use it can benefit! This course is different to other pottery classes, it combines my 30+ years of experience in ceramics with my knowledge as a holistic therapist. I will give you simple step by step instructions to make a beautiful, professionally crafted pottery leaf plate or platter. I will be your guide and teacher every step of the way, giving you tips which I gained during my ceramics degree many years ago and my experience as a professional potter. My pottery has been on national TV in the UK on the 'Great British Menu' and used by Executive Head Chef Niall Keating (winner of the show). I have exhibited and sold my ceramics at Blenheim Palace Flower Show, The Royal Horticultural Show in Malvern (UK) and with Celebrating Ceramics, Craft in Focus. My ceramics inspired by nature has also been on the ITV show with Alan Titchmarsh 'Love Your Weekend' where I discuss the healing properties of working with clay and nature. I have taught both young children, GCSE students and adults. With this enriched knowledge, I now bring you this course because I want to give YOU the skills to produce beautiful nature inspired pottery. WHO THIS COURES IS FOR: You may have never touched clay before, but want to have a go!You may have had some pottery classes but want to learn a new hand-building skill to add to your portfolio...You may want to create with your children and have fun foraging leaves to use in the process...You may want to make something really beautiful and professional as a gift for a loved one...You may need to start a hobby that will bring you inner calm and reduce anxiety...You may even want to challenge yourself and see if you can copy the pottery on my website 'ceramics inspired by nature' and make it better than me! You are in the right place...I would like to share with you all the knowledge and tips I have collated over 30+ years so you can by-pass some of the pitfalls of ceramics and pottery. I will give you the resources so you can copy not just my making techniques but also so you can use the same glaze finish. WHAT YOU WILL GAIN: The goal is for you to enjoy creating with clay, to feel calmer as you do so and gain in skills and knowledge. I want you to be really proud of what you create alongside me and learn how to infuse healing energy into your pottery! PREPARATION: I will share a list of materials & tools in the preview section of the course so you can purchase them in readiness or to help you decide in advance, if the course is suitable for you. Some of these will be household items saving you money. I will give you an overview of what clay is and it's different states (levels of dryness or chemical transformation), so you can work most effectively. I will explain about the different types of clay and how to match functionality with clay type and glaze finish. I will give an overview about how to use oxides, underglaze, glaze and lustres. I will show you which type of leaves lend themselves best to creating with clay in preparation for your own leaf collection (foraging). MAKING: I will demonstrate how to knead and prepare your clay to remove air bubbles. I will show you how to roll your clay out using a rolling pin and share tips about how to avoid cracks and warping later on. I will show you how to press your leaf into your clay and cut around the shape in a professional neat way. I will demonstrate how to 'pull' a handle of clay and twist it to create a 'vine' like handle for your platter or plate. GLAZING DECORATION: I will show you how to mix oxide and apply it to biscuit ware (fired clay). I will demonstrate how to pour glaze over your leaf plate or platter when using small quantities of glaze. I invite you on a journey of creativity and healing. I do so hope you join me :-) Sonya X Please note: you will need access to an electric kiln which can fire stoneware temperatures (1250-1260 degrees centigrade) in order to complete this project successfully. You may be able to use someone else's kiln for a small charge of money if you don't own your own or approach a local art collage to use their kilns.
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