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14. Monthly Beginners Watercolour Class Online
Wet your whistle with this beginners friend watercolour class! Ever wanted to improve your watercolor skills? Come to our online watercolour class and see how you can paint something you’re proud of with ArtistAnd. Over 2 hours, I'll be guiding you through the fascinating process of using watercolours to create stunning and intricate works of art. Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced artist looking to expand your skill set, this class will equip you with the techniques and knowledge you need to make beautiful watercolour paintings. We'll explore the unique properties of watercolours and how to blend to achieve gorgeous shades. We'll also delve into brush techniques and different strokes to create texture and depth in your paintings. By the end of the class, you'll have the confidence to create your own watercolour masterpiece that you'll be proud to display. So, grab your paints, a cup of tea (or your preferred beverage), and let's jump in to the wonderful world of watercolours together! What You’ll Need: Watercolour paints Brushes Watercolour paper (not normal paper) A water cup Masking Tape A palette or mixing tray (usually this is the lid of your paints) Some additional supplies that may be useful include masking tape, a pencil, and an eraser. FAQ’S? 1.How do I choose the right brush for my painting? The right brush depends on the type of painting you are creating. For larger washes, use a larger square brush, and for fine details, use a smaller brush. Round brushes are a good all-purpose choice for watercolour painting. See pictures for examples. Can I use watercolours on any type of paper? It's best to use watercolour paper, which is specially designed to absorb and hold watercolour paint. Regular paper may not hold up well to the wetness, cause abrasive rubbing and warp the paper. Will you provide materials? Materials won’t be provided for this class. Please provide your own materials. Just remember, the cheaper the pallette, the lesser quality iy maybe. Just like buying wine at a resutrant, always go for at least the second cheapest one. What colours will I need before the lesson? We can work with any colour palettes, there's always a way! This class aims to be accessible as much as possible so if you really are worried, send me a picture before of what you've got. What if I need to cancel? It's ok, these things happen. If you can give me 72 hours notice, I'll issue a full refund :)
Next available date:7th December 2023
16. Christmas Everlasting Mistletoe Sprig or Wreath
A Tabletop Workshop taking place at the Purr & Wag It home studio in Camberwell, London. The weekend sessions run in the afternoon from 10am and the evening from 6.30pm. Please note I need a minimum of 3 participants to run this workshop. The fast fix way to make some beautiful felt mistletoe to add to your festive decoration collection. The Everlasting Mistletoe Sprig and Wreath ((20cm Ø ) use a combination of cutting and stitching techniques. The Sprig also uses a simple wire wrapping technique. Made using 100% wool once you've cut and wrapped your branches or wreath you'll attach berries and leaves by hand stitching. A final flourish is the red organza ribbon bow. With the sprig as you will be cutting your leaves during the workshop you may not stitch all of these and the berries to your sprig within the session. However, you'll take away sufficient materials to do so at home. If you have arthritis in your hands or a similar condition you may find binding the wire tautly a little tricky but I can help you with this. Also the stitch work is likely to take a little longer. Very much a case of straight forward once you know how. PS: the last photos are of bunches. Want this much? a) join another workshop b) buy sufficient materials to make more or pop over to products and buy some there.
Next available date:9th December 2023

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