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Looking for ideas to entertain yourself on bank holidays can be tricky. The beach, the pub or a theme park all very attractive options. Keep your options open and plan it all out in advance and bare in mind the extra footfall and crowd numbers likely to be wherever you decide to go.

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3. Raise a Happy Child & Enjoy Being a Parent
Just because you have a child, it does not mean you are good at parenting. In fact, most parents are not... Parenting is a SKILL, which needs to be developed, through self-awareness and practice. If you want to cultivate a healthy and fulfilling relationship with your child, you absolutely must understand your and your child’s attachment styles. This course will help you become aware of the impact your attachment style has on your parenting & will equip you with the tools you need in order to cultivate a secure attachment style in your child. During the course, you will ✓ become aware of how your own life path has shaped the type of parent you are today (whether you are conscious of it or not) ✓ gain a fundamental understanding of your attachment style, where it comes from and how it impacts your parenting approach ✓ be able to identify unhealthy patterns in the way you parent your child & feel empowered to release those patterns ✓ learn effective techniques to improve your emotional intelligence (handling your & your child's anger, dealing with conflicting situations) ✓ gain tools and techniques, which will help you make your own attachment style more secure, as well as help your children develop a secure attachment style This will fundamentally transform the quality of your relationships with your children. The course will be truly valuable for you, if you ✓ want to raise an emotionally healthy child ✓ are ready to reconsider your parenting style ✓ want to improve your relationships with your child (whatever age they might be) & ENJOY the experience of being a parent If you put into practice even half of what you will learn during the course, you will inevitably start creating healthy and rewarding relationships with your children, no matter how old they are.
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5. The Joy Of Brunch - Bank Holiday making & tasting
What happens when you press pause on your busy life and take a little time to taste in the moment? This is what you’ll discover during The Joy Of Brunch. Start the August Bank Holiday the right way with a selection of delicious and nourishing brunch dishes – which you’ll help to create! We’ll mix sweet and savoury, soothing and invigorating for this tasty morning treat. The brunch workshop kicks off with a little reflective tasting to set the mood, before leaping into experiments with interesting and unusual flavour and texture combinations. You’ll then join forces with fellow participants to ‘invent’ delicious dishes using seasonal ingredients. It’s a little like MasterChef’s Invention Test – but no judging, just tasting! We’ll begin with a set of key ingredients and a starter recipe, with your choice of lots of seasonings and flavourings to add. You can then create your own bespoke dishes incorporating some of the flavours you explored earlier. You can let your food and flavour imagination run wild! The Joy Of Brunch finishes with a shared meal of the flavour-filled dishes you’ve created (plus a few other surprise treats thrown in). On the brunch menu is: – Super Powered Smoothie: an uplifting mix of seasonal goodness with some surprising ingredients, using vegetables and fruit to create a delicious smoothie shot – Make Your Own Muesli Mix with Creamy Sheep’s Milk Yoghurt: take the basic recipe of organic toasted oats and seeds, and mix it up to suit your style. You can choose from lots of extra toppings to take your muesli styling to the next level (I’ll share some of my own personal favourite combinations to get you on your way!) – Seaweed Scrambled Eggs with Herby/Spicy Butter Rye: creamy, just-cooked scrambled eggs are the perfect Saturday comfort food, especially when paired with your own personal blend of flavoured butter on rye toast Plus a selection of a few other surprise brunch bites and nibbles… Come prepared to crunch, sip & savour!

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