The Joy of Chocolate: Autumn Reflections - chocolate tasting & making

    Experiment with tasty flavour combinations in this reflective chocolate tasting & making class in London

    Cooking class

    3 hour class

    Beginners welcome

    Food at Heart, EC2A

    What you'll learn

    Channel your inner Willy Wonka and join Meredith of Food At Heart for a flavour-filled session of chocolate experimentation!

    The Joy Of Chocolate celebrates eating chocolate in a more connected and delicious way. We’ll focus on the taste of different chocolates and experiment with some surprising, but tasty flavour combinations using beautiful Pump St bean-to-bar chocolate*.

    As well as designing and creating chocolate treats, you’ll learn how to taste chocolate properly (which involves more than just munching) and pay attention to different senses while doing it. We also explore sweet and savoury aspects of cacao to give you a fully rounded appreciation of this wonderful ingredient. There will be chocolate mouthfuls to enjoy on the day, plus treats to take home.

    Your feelgood flavour adventure includes:

    • Guided chocolate tasting, with different percentages and different origins of dark chocolate
    • Flavour combining with chocolate and a range of tasty ingredients (herbs, spices, nuts, dried fruits and more...)
    • Tips for tempering chocolate to give you the perfect snap and shine for your own creations
    • A few minutes of silent tasting to finish the class

    On the chocolate menu in September is: – Chocolate Fruit & Nut Mendiants: create delicious discs of chocolate topped with fruit, nuts and fun flavours from your tasting experiments – No Bake Crunchy Choc Slice: a bespoke ‘no bake’ chocolate filled with a mix of cacao ingredients (chocolate, cacao powder, cocoa butter and cacao nibs), plus your own pinches of flavour – Cacao Balsamic Vinegar: an unusual balsamic chocolate combination that’s delicious drizzled over salad

    Ingredients are organic and seasonal where possible. The chocolate used in the session is dairy free dark chocolate. Please let me know if you have any dietary requirements.

    *Pump St chocolate is one of the very best British chocolates and is much higher quality than what you’ll normally get to use in chocolate making classes.

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    Class location

    Food at Heart, Shoreditch

    6-8 Bonhill Street

    EC2A 4BX


    About your host, Food At Heart

    Meredith Whitely created Food At Heart for people with a real interest in food, but who also want to foster a more conscious way of eating and living. She helps people eat in a more connected, mindful and delicious way.

    Food At Heart offers invaluable lessons in how to get the most out of food and tasting, including how to enjoy cooking and creating delicious meals. Classes involve all the senses and explore how you can use this sensory understanding to taste more and cook better.

    Meredith is passionate about the type of food we eat, whether it’s delicious dark chocolate or nourishing organic salads. She believes that people should enjoy eating well, with a focus on how to make whole and unprocessed foods taste truly wonderful.

    Food At Heart workshops give students the opportunity to explore and experiment with interesting flavour combinations. The sessions bring together a healthy mixture of fun and focus. Students learn to approach food and cooking with creativity, in all its different guises, varieties and combinations, as opposed to exactly following recipes to the word.

    Food At Heart events also place much emphasis on the sustainable elements of cooking, using seasonal and organic ingredients wherever possible, with remarkable outcomes!

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