Food At Heart

About this school

Meredith Whitely created Food At Heart for people with a real interest in food, but who also want to foster a more conscious way of eating and living. Her sessions blend the calm of yoga with the craft of a cooking class. Food At Heart offers invaluable lessons in how to get the most out of food and tasting, as well as how to enjoy cooking and creating delicious meals.

Meredith is passionate about the type of food we eat, whether it’s delicious dark chocolate or nourishing organic salads. She believes that people should understand and enjoy what they are eating, naturally eating food that benefits their body and gives them a spring in their step!

Food At Heart workshops give students the opportunity to explore and experiment with interesting flavour combinations. The sessions bring together a healthy mixture of fun and focus. Students learn to approach food and cooking with creativity, in all its different guises, varieties and combinations, as opposed to exactly following recipes to the word.

Food At Heart events also place much emphasis on the sustainable elements of cooking, using seasonal and organic ingredients wherever possible, with remarkable outcomes!