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The old is the new new! Upcycle your furniture or get your old curtains and clothes and upcycle fabric to help revamp your wardrobe with hands-on and online learning experiences from passionate teachers. Creating your own fashion line or redecorating your house it's a way to have fun, learn a new skill and upcycle into your own vision.

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12. Revamp Your Wardrobe
Revamp your wardrobe with this class where you fix your clothes or alter for a new body shape - out with the old and in with the new (well kinda new...)! In this class This class has been developed for those fairly new to using a sewing machine and hand sewing techniques and is a good foundation class before working directly on your own clothing, which takes place in afternoon class 'Refresh your Wardrobe'. In the morning you will discover how to: take seams in and out use a seam ripper / quick unpick prepare a garment for modifying know how to lift a hem, sort out a lining apply darts, pleats, gathering and elasticating to reduce volume and shape to your body use useful hand stitches such as invisible/slip stitch, back stitch, and button hole stitch replace a broken zip And as if that isn't enough, in the afternoon you'll: learn how to lift a hem sort out a lining understand how to take seams in or out apply darts and gathering to reduce volume and shape to your body (yea thats the good stuff) be able to complete simple repairs such as sewing on a button or patching a hole. This is a great day out and you'lll learn so much! Now you can learn through lots of exercises and practical tips and tricks get to grips with the basic practicalities of how to tackle simple sewing alterations, repairs and 'upcycling'. work alongside other keen sewers Keep Depending on the garment you could go home with 1, 2 or even 3 altered garments - that's almost a whole new wardrobe!
18. Sewing Machine and Upcycling Intro
This class is both an introduction to using a sewing machine (in the morning) and upcycling (in the afternoon), aimed at those who have little or no experience. Go away with new sewing machine skills, a cushion cover or tote-style bag plus you'll be inspired to 'upcycle' old clothes and items into new pieces. You'll be under the watchful eye of the fabrications team, who'll guide you through the whole process. These classes are available separately, but you get extra skills, take-away pieces and a fab discount if you book the whole day! If you would rather just book the morning intro session, click here; if you already know your way around a sewing machine and want to upcycle your very own cushion cover or bag in the afternoon class, click here. In this class Throughout the course of the day you will learn basic skills including how to thread a sewing machine and wind a bobbin, feed fabric through, sew in a straight line and turn corners. You'll come away with a personalised, functional cushion cover or tote-style bag, realised from your creative ideas. You will also have time to explore the range of features and stitches on the machine and practice sewing different types of seams, developing the confidence to progress onto making all sorts of things. You'll be under the watchful eye of the fabrications team, who'll guide you through the whole process. Now you can leave feeling confident with the ins and outs of a sewing machine enhance old clothes with your own design ideas make all those clothes fixes and alterations you have been dreaming of - no more excuses! Take Home After a day of sewing and stitching, you'll be able to take home your handmade upcycled accessories.
19. Christmas 'Wild Wreath' making workshop
Join Damaris Copus for a friendly and relaxed workshop in creating your own beautiful and long lasting 'wild wreath'. Feel inspired by Damaris collection of freshly gathered greenery, beautiful berries, seed heads, dried fruit, feathers, ribbons - make your own selection and create with Damaris guidance. Damaris has 25 years experience in wreath making. She started by making wholesale amounts of basic blue noble wreaths but quickly became more interested in nature inspired 'wild wreaths'. When not wreath making or gathering materials from woods, hedgerows and meadows, she designs and plants up gardens for family, friends and clients. Her work could best be described as naturalistic. She loves bees, wild flowers and trees. You will also pick up the following skills: There will be opportunity to bend and twist pliable lengths of willow, hazel or dogwood to use as your natural frame...or if prefered there are copper wire florists frames How to use florists wire and tape to secure your foliage Understand design, proportion, balance and placing of 'flashes' of colour in your wreathe Gain inspiration to create more wreaths or table decorations at home following the workshop Damaris has been collecting and drying seed heads and flowers over the past months. The allium heads and love in a mist look especially pleasing. There will be a huge selection of natural materials available so that everyone can make a true one off piece to your taste. All materials and tools provided. All you need to bring is a good sized pinny to protect your clothes. We will also be serving some mulled wine and festive snacks and Fabrications shop will be open for late night shopping!
20. Goldwork Embroidery "Mimosa" with Bella Lane
Join Bella Lane and expand your understanding of hand embroidery. Goldwork embroidery is one of the richest techniques of hand embroidery. It has been practised from ancient times, using gold, silver, copper and wire threads, originally in ecclesiastical and ceremonial costumes in Europe. Today goldwork embroidery appears in art forms and in fashion. This beautiful Goldwork hand embroidered “Mimosa” design will take you to the next level of Goldwork. Learning and stitching principal techniques of working with gold & silver threads. Bring your reading or stitching glasses if necessary, as the work is fine! In this class learn how to set up your design, fabric and hoop up Use couching & fine stitches to attach the gold thread Add beads, sequins sequrely and neatly as additional embelishments Learn how to plan and transfer a design onto fabric ready for the Goldwork pick up some 'insider' tips and tricks from a master craftperson. Now you can take your stitching game to the next level with this Mimosa design. feel inspired and ready to embark on your own embroidery designs! learn the history of traditional Goldwork embroidery techniques All levels of stitcher are welcome! Price includes a special embroidery kit pre prepared by Bella containing instruction sheet, good quality embroidery needle, threads, fabric, design. There will also be a complimentary glass of Prosecco to end the class in style!

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