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Wish your wardrobe was more personal? Design your own garments in clothes making classes, from dresses and shirts to trousers and jackets. Not only will you create your own patterns and clothing, you will also learn how to sew, upcycle and repair fabrics and your favourite pieces giving them a homemade feel. Bring in your own personal projects whether it’s dog coats or tie dye tops, an expert teacher will help you fulfil your clothes making desires!

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16. Introduction to Hand Sewing Repairs (woolens) with Barley Massey
Fabrications are regularly asked if they undertake repairs and alterations to various items of clothing. With Hackney's moth epidemic on the increase, it should come as no surprise that the most popular requests are for repairs to woolen jumpers. Although they do not undertake garment repairs they usually offer those enquiring two options for repairs. The first option they recommend is that the person try using a dry cleaners to undertake the job. However, they always point out that this can often work out as an expensive option. Along with that option they always try to encourage the person to try to carrying out the repair themselves, offering advice on ways that they might achieve this. Sadly, in recent years, and maybe as a result our growing “throw away” culture, there has been a marked decline in the practice of learning even the most basic of clothing repair skills. As such, many of us now lack a real understanding of the various stitching techniques and tricks, used in basic fabric repairs. This is also the case with traditional weaving and darning techniques used to mend and prolong the life of our cherished woolen garments. In light of this situation, Barley Massey has put together a comprehensive hand repair workshop focusing on common woolen garment repairs. The workshop is not only very informative, but also very enjoyable encouraging a really mindful approach to clothing repairs. On completion of the class participants will confidently be able to: Use 2 types of ‘Darning’ techniques: Traditional Weave & Swiss Darning Apply techniques to different weights of woolens from fine cashmere jumpers to chunky hand knits Explore ‘Visible Mending’ Consider different colour combinations and creative features Never throw away a sock again!
17. Learn to knit socks on 2 Needles with Lola Johnson of Third Vault Yarns
Come on down to Hackney and 'sock' up some Fabrications love in this sock knitting workshop. No need to get cold feet over this sock class, you're guaranteed to have a ball. In this class Be introduced to some new knitting skills or expand your existing knit-knowledge! Put your best foot forward and be guided with Lola Johnson through the process of knitting socks from top to toe! In the class you will create a mini sock to try out all parts of knitting a sock. You will also receive a pattern to make your own full sized versions following the same methodology learnt in the class. The class is taught by Lola Johnson. Lola is the dyer and designer behind Third Vault Yarns. With years of experience from learning to knit at a young age, she has taken that experience into designing patterns using a wide range of techniques – which she delights in sharing and helping others to build their skills with fun and different patterns. Designs for Lola’s classes will draw inspiration from her books “Board Game Knits” To make the most of this session, we recommend that you have some basic knitting skills such as knowing how to cast on, knit & purl stitch and how to cast off. If you have attended our beginners knitting class or equivalent you will be fine! Now you can create ribbing around the ankle understand how to 'turn the heel' by picking up stitches shaping for your own toes for extra comfy socks as well as exploring some wonderful and crazy patterns follow a simple sock pattern from start to finish

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