London has a wonderfully diverse culture bring with it cuisines from all over the world. That is why Obby can offer you some of the best cooking classes in London.

Learn anything from the fine art of rolling a slicing sushi to creating a rustic wood oven pizza to using those nimble fingers to create delicate pastries - London has the best cooking classes you can think off!

The Top 20 Best Cooking Classes in London are:

  1. Sourdough Pizza Class
  2. Make Bacon in a Morning
  3. Chocoholics Truffles Making Class
  4. Learn about Spanish Olive Oil
  5. Learn French whilst learning to Cook like the French
  6. Chinese Kung Po Chicken Making Class
  7. Bao Bun Class
  8. Vegan Pastry and Pie Making class
  9. Kombucha and Kefir Making Class
  10. Private Dim Sum Cookery Class for 2 People
  11. Classic French Cuisine Collection: The Roux Way With Expert Tuition
  12. Moroccan Feast Class Taught by a Professional Chef
  13. Italian Journey and Gastronomic Experience
  14. The Ultimate Fish and Shellfish Cooking Class
  15. Authentic Mexican Cooking Class
  16. Festive African Cookery Class
  17. Classic Indian Snack Platter Class
  18. No Sugar Diet Cooking Class
  19. The Essential Italian class
  20. Key Cooking Skills Class

1. Sourdough Pizza Class

Students tucking into their freshly made pizzas

This course is for the pizza lover. Not so unusual? Bear with us. This special pizza class is held at 1n1 fashion, which is a concept store, and café that has been opened in London. This unusual funky little place is home to adorable gifts, clothing and a pizza café all specially curated by this creative duo to create a little slice of perfection in London.

Learn how to make pizza with Andrea, who is on his own personal mission to find the perfect Italian pizza recipe. Join him on his journey and learn how to create a pizza from scratch.

Book Sourdough Dough Pizza Making with 1n1 Fashion n Pizza

Visit 1n1 Fashion n Pizza

2. Make Bacon in a Morning

A student frying bacon during a class

This incredible butchery experience is a complete one of a kind and certainly one of the best cooking classes in London. Take a step inside Ross’ private home smokery in Crystal Palace. The owner of London Smoke & Cure, Ross makes a living by sourcing the best produce, smoking it in his own unique way and selling it on to the public.

This flexible class takes you on a journey from pig to plate. Learn the basics of butchery and some smoking techniques in spectacular, authentic surroundings. Spend a day in the life of one of London's most popular food artisans. Know someone who will love this class? Send it in their direction!

Book Make Bacon in the Morning with Smoke & Cure

Visit Smoke & Cure

3. Chocolate Truffles Making Class

A Chocoholic? Plan on having a chocolate event in London? Imagine making yummy goodies that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Experience the best chocolate making cooking class in London where you will learn how to make truffles like a pro.

This class will begin with your expert teacher Raanan (who can travel down to London for events), learning how to make chocolate and then add flavours to your truffles, which will have two flavour options. You'll come away with loads of interesting facts and knowledge about this sweet confection as well as some sweet treats to enjoy by yourself at the end. Unless your nice and decide to share (I would vote against this).

Book a Chocolate Truffle Making Class

Visit R&M Fine Chocolate

4. Learn about Spanish Olive Oil

Herbs ready to be fused with the Oil

Spanish olive oil is somewhat an art, there are a million things to do with it, other than using it to line your pan with bacon! From the place where olives are made and olive oil is a crucial part of the nation's diet, we bring you this wonderful Spanish olive oil tasting and pairing experience.

As one of London's best cooking classes, this incredible workshop takes you on a journey from the beginning of three award-winning olive oils. The head chef of Arbina Resturant will teach you how to pair the three oils with an exquisite menu of fine dining dishes. For £30 a head, this class is one of our most popular and highest rated culinary experiences.

Book to learn about Spanish Olive Oil

Visit Mar de Olivos

5. Learn French whilst learning to Cook like the French

This incredible 6-week beginners course is one of the best cooking courses in London as it pairs the art of the French language with a culinary journey. You learn twelve new French recipes whilst learning the basics of the French language. It’s a nice experience to get a head start in a new language, whilst meeting other people an enjoying a sociable evening. Not only do you learn the language, but the cuisine that is famous to France, and a culture that has becomes such backbone to French society.

Book Learn to Speak and Cook French

Visit Pencil & Fork

6. Chinese Kung Po Chicken Making Class

Want to learn about Chinese cuisine? This incredible 1.5 hour Chinese cooking class in London by our teacher Oriental Food is both informative and Fun. Learning everything from the history of Chinese cooking to the modern day trends.

During this Kung Po Chicken cooking class in London you will learn the following: Preparation - How to prepare the chicken, vegetables, and other essentials needed to cook Kung Po Chicken. You will also learn how to create the famous Kung Po Sauce. Finally you will be taught, through demonstrations, the skills and techniques required to cook the perfect Kung Po Chicken.

You will not regret going to one of the best Chinese cooking classes in London.

Book Chinese Dish Kung Po Chicken Making Class

Visit Oriental Food

7. Bao Bun Class

Enjoy the best Bao bun cooking class in London it is worth the experience. As you learn how to knead, steam, and fill beautiful Bao Buns, that are light, fluffy, and bursting with flavour with our expert teachers from The Avenue Cooking School.

The cooking class in London will begin with a short demonstration on how to make these dreamlike buns, along with a fresh Asian salad. Then it's over to you to give it a go! Our chefs will be on hand to help, whilst giving you some useful kitchen tips. All this fun will end with you sitting around our dining table and tucking into your creations with new and old friends! and lets not forget about the bottomless wine.

Book a Bao Bun Class

Visit The Avenue Cookery School

8. Vegan Pastry and Pie Making Class

Encounter the best Vegan pastry and pie cooking class in London which will help increase your repertoire and give you essential tools to create a variety of pastry and Pie recipes you can replicate at home with the help from expert teachers Greenwich Pantry. This fun and informative class is perfect for our Vegan foodie friends. As you will create your own delicious sweet or savoury pie with their pastry, with a complimentary glass of wine of course.

Book Vegan Pastry and Pie Making Class

Visit Greenwich Pantry

9. Kombucha and Kefir Making Class

In the Kombucha and Kefir cooking class in London, you will be looking at Kombucha brewing and will also spend time looking at other drinks, such as dairy kefir and water kefir. You'll gain a better understanding of lacto fermentation, as you look at preservation, the natural way!

They are all a delicious dose of goodness for your gut, low in sugar and packed full of beneficial acids, lactic bacteria, enzymes and antioxidants.  This knowledgeable and fun cooking class in London is perfect for learning and saving money in the future if you're buying it from stores at the moment! It also tastes better too.

Book Kombucha and Kefir making Class

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10. Private Dim Sum Cookery Class for 2 People

Love Dim Sum? Impress yourself and your friends by learning how to make Dim Sum in this private lesson for 2 people. Perfect for a date or with a friend and enjoy learning about this traditional Chinese dish. As it's one of London's best cooking classes.

In this class you will be guided under expert tuition from The London Cookery School and shown how to make 3 of the most popular classic steamed dim sum: Har Gow (Crystal Prawn Dumplings), Chiu Chow Fun Gwor (Chiu Chow steamed dumplings), and Sui Mai (Open Top Steamed Pork And Prawn Dumplings)In total you will make about 16-20 delicious dumplings each.

Book Private Dim Sum Cookery Class for 2 People

Visit London Cookery School

11. Classic French Cuisine Collection: The Roux Way With Expert Tuition

The name Roux has grand connotations in kitchens throughout the world and Michel Roux Jr. is of almost culinary blue blood. Michel Roux Jr’s father Albert and Uncle Michel Roux were awarded three Michelin stars for their London restaurant Le Gavroche – the first UK restaurant to achieve this.

Receive personal feedback and guidance from legendary chef Michel Roux Jr to prepare delicious classic French cuisine at home in this trio of courses. Throughout this trio of courses, you will learn the secrets of ‘how’ as well as the ‘what’ to cook to master classic French cuisine. This relaxed and creative collection is for enthusiasts through to professionals wanting to learn from a master chef, and for anyone who wants to learn how to curate a Michelin star dish at home. This is certainly one of London's best online cooking classes.

Book Classic French Cuisine Collection: The Roux Way With Expert Tuition

Visit Learning with Experts on Obby

12. Moroccan Feast Class Taught by a Professional Chef

Come and lose yourself in the Scents of the Souk with the one of best cooking class in London, as we spend a morning cooking up a storm in my beautiful spacious and airy kitchen North West London! Our specially designed Teaching Kitchen is set up in a residential space, so you get all the most up-to-date kit and professional chef instruction, but in a comfortable and friendly environment

By the end of the session you will be familiar with many staple Moroccan ingredients, and you will create your very own Harissa from scratch to take home. Learn the secret to getting pomegranate seeds to surrender easily from their skins, and get to grips with a pestle and mortar and a whole lot of chillies, as we grind fresh spices and fill the air with the aromas of Northern Africa

Book Moroccan Feast Class Taught by a Professional Chef

Visit Heirlooms & Wooden Spoons

13. Italian Journey and Gastronomic Experience

This cooking class in London is great fun and is designed to show you all the different phases of the preparation of each dish. Among the many courses you can choose from, you will learn and make from scratch: Handmade tagliatelle pasta, Basil pesto sauce, and Tiramisu.

At the end you get to eat them all with a good glass of wine! Upon your departure you will be provided with a copy of the recipes and notes from your day in the kitchen.

Book Italian Journey and Gastronomic Experience

Visit Sabrina's Moveable Feast

14. The Ultimate Fish and Shellfish Cooking Class

Enjoy the best fish and shellfish cooking class in London you will learn how to choose, prepare and cook the freshest sustainable seafood. They are dedicated to maintaining sustainable levels of fish in our oceans, so source only seasonal, line-caught and local produce.

You will learn the most appropriate methods of cooking various species, including grilling, frying, baking, poaching and steaming. You will also make a range of beautiful accompanying sauces. This Cooking class is both fun, informative and the best in London and can be enjoyed with a drink of your choice at the end whether that wine or tea and coffee.

Book The Ultimate Fish and Shellfish Cooking Class

Visit Cookery School at Little Portland St

15. Authentic Mexican Cooking Class

Food at 52 pride themselves on authenticity and attention to detail, which is why they start the best Mexican cooking class in London by heading straight to the heart of Mexico’s culinary action, west of the Yucatan peninsula. Merida, the capital, and the mostly undiscovered town of Campeche offer Mexican cuisine that is entirely different from the high-streets, carbed-up Tex-Mex versions.

The Mexican cooking class includes all food, equipment, and unlimited specially selected red and white wine and soft drinks. You will cook around our oak banquet table and enjoy eating all your dishes together in the most sociable way in London. You will be shown how to make a flavoursome red marinade with anchiote paste (made of annatto seeds) and sour orange,  you will become an expert at making your own corn tortillas, pico de gallo salsa and of course the classic guacamole, and from the heart of Mexico City you will create the refried black beans to accompany the Pibil.

Book Authentic Mexican Cooking Class

Visit Food at 52 Cookery School

16. Festive African Cookery Class

Love African food, interested in trying unique and exciting flavours or you need to master a jollof rice recipe? Join Lerato in her kitchen for a culinary adventure as she shares her secrets to cooking vibrant and sumptuous feasts with seasonal produce inspired by cuisine from Africa and beyond that, you can easily recreate at home.

This class is plant-based and supercharged with seasonal greens, nuts, pulses, fruits and more. Vegans, vegetarians and all diets are well catered for. This cookery session in London will start with hibiscus botanical cocktails as you get to know your fellow cooks, followed by an introduction to African cooking, the regional inspirations for recipes on the menu, spices and unique African produce.

Book Festive African Cookery Class - Plant Based Roasts and Canapes

Visit Lerato Foods & Naturals

17. Classic Indian Snack Platter Class

Learn to make a quick, authentic, tempting Indian snack platter with Komal at Surrey Quays, London. Learn to prepare the following during the best cooking class in London; Appetisers: Pakoda's (Potato, Mix onion) Main Course: Chicken Chutney Roll Sides: Allo tikki (Potato Cutlet). This class is for beginners and moderately experienced cooks who wish to learn the tempting Indian snacks that can be prepared in a jiffy.

Book Classic Indian Snack Platter Class

Visit KIT- Komal's Institute of Taste

18. No Sugar Diet Cooking Class

Experience a Sugar-free diet plan with this  amazing cooking class in London. As Quitting sugar is a way of living without processed food. Making your mind and body clean and clear.

In this cooking class in London you will learn to cook a wide range of simple, healthy dishes using fresh and easily available ingredients. You will discover the medicinal benefits of selected herbs and spices with an explanation of the importance of certain nutrient groups, which will give you energy and being healthy with all the benefits of cutting out refined sugars. As well as learning what ingredients can enhance your body, maximise your energy and keep you full and satisfied throughout the day.

Book No Sugar Diet Cooking Class

Visit KitchenJoy

19. The Essential Italian Class

Want to learn to cook great Italian food in a day? Experience the best Essential Italian cooking class in London which will teach you the essentials of the Italian kitchen based on the recipes from Caldesi's well-loved cookbooks.

The expert teacher Stefano Borella, with 20 years experience of cooking Italian food will show you how to make the classics such as rosemary focaccia, Neapolitan pizza, two essential pasta sauces such as arrabbiata and ragu, a seasonal risotto, how to pan-fry fish, cook the perfect steak and prepare a classic Italian dessert. After a morning of hands-on cooking, sit down to enjoy the delicious dishes with wine.

Book The Essential Italian with Caldesi

Visit Caldesi

20. Key Cooking Skills Class

It's never to late to learn. Experience the best key cooking skills class in London, this five day Key Cooking skills course is ideal for those who are new to cooking or have limited experience and want to learn the fundamental skills for cooking success.

In this course they will demystify the kitchen for you, teaching you how to follow a recipe and equipping you with techniques that will instil you with confidence and enthusiasm. Your days will be split between a combination of short in-class demonstrations and hands-on practical cooking. All taking place in a bright and spacious kitchens.

You will be busy throughout the days as you explore new recipes and skills with classmates who are at a similar cooking level. The food that you have cooked is eaten for lunch, and there are often dishes to take home to share with your friends and family.

Book Key Cooking Skills with Leiths Cookery School

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