There are hundreds if not thousands of Couples Pottery Classes in London. We take a look at why they are so popular, and also the best places get into pottery in London with Obby.

The Best Couples Pottery Classes In London Are:

  1. Make a Breakfast Bowl with Odile Cadiot
  2. Wednesday Evening Pottery Course on the Wheel
  3. Hand Building Ceramic Workshops
  4. Introduction to Ceramics - 5-week Evening Course
  5. Wheel-throwing Taster Session for Two
  6. Intensive Wheel Throwing Workshop with Sak Beh
  7. Ceramics Course with Turning Earth
  8. Taster Pottery Class for Beginners
  9. Beginner Pottery Taster With Freya's Clay Club
  10. Intensive Full Day Pottery Workshop for Beginners

1. Make Your Own Breakfast Bowl With Odile Cadiot

This is the perfect couples pottery class where you can make matching bowls for kitchen! In this pottery workshop uses coils of clay to build up a shape in sections.

Your teacher, Odile, will demonstrate each of the stages and you'll spend the workshop making your own breakfast bowl that can be smoothed, textured or decorated with the pattern of the coils themselves.

At the end of the workshop, you'll choose one of the studio glazes for your bowl. The clay and glazes we use here are strong and durable, so your finished pieces can be used just like everything else in your kitchen and are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Book a class with Oldie here

2. Wednesday Evening Pottery Course on the Wheel With Clover Lee

This six-week mixed ability pottery course will take you through the basics of the pottery throwing. No previous experience of working with clay is required!

You will be guided through clay preparation, from throwing on the pottery wheel, to refining and glazing your works.

Beginners will learn clay preparation, throwing and trimming. For experienced learners, we can tailor the workshop to focus on any techniques or shapes you would like to improve on.

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3. Hand Building Ceramic Workshops With Camilla Webb Carter

Taught by Camilla Webb Carter from CWC ceramics, this workshop is suitable for complete beginners or those seeking some attention to work through the difficulties of getting started with clay.

It's great for couples who want to learn pottery skills separately from the wheel. Camilla will teach you the basics of clay preparation and simple techniques to build yourself a pot or mug with added decorative detail.

Book a class with Camilla Webb Carter here

4. Introduction to Ceramics - 5-week Evening Course at Collective Matter

This 5 week adult pottery course will teach the basics of working with clay. Over the 5 sessions, you will learn fundamental hand-building skills including coiling, pinching, press-moulding as well as decorative techniques using coloured slips before learning how to apply glaze to your pieces.

You will finish the course with a range of complete pieces to take home with you. All sessions will be taught by Katie, a clay artist, and educator.

She has been teaching ceramic workshops for adults and children since graduating from Brighton University in 2010. She has an MA in Ceramics & Glass from the Royal College of Art, where she now also teaches.

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5. Wheel-throwing Taster Session for Two with Jo Davies

Looking for the perfect pottery class for a date? If you've always wanted to have a go at throwing then this is a good place to start.

This session is 2 hours long and is designed for two people so is a great shared experience for two friends or a couple. One of our tutors will teach you how to create a simple cylinder shape that you could use as either cups, flower pots or for serving food.

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6. Intensive Wheel Throwing Workshop with Sak Beh

Join Sak Beh at their Hackney studio

Sak Beh Studio Pottery was founded by Tessa Robinson, who lives and works in London. Her idea was to create a comfortable, homey place to work and be creative. Situated in a very busy and central location, just off Stoke Newington High Street, the studio is a drop of calm in a very fast moving world.

A range of classes are available, from short beginners classes, to intensive classes, follow-ons and full on multi-week courses. Book the Intensive Wheel Throwing Workshop for a great introduction to the craft.

Visit Sak Beh Pottery

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7. Ceramics Course with Turning Earth

Turning Earth's classes and courses are available to everyone. Their teachers are all housed from artists in their "In Production" programme, an incubator for professional makers.

All of their classes revolve around wheel throwing techniques, and all the steps you take, from wet to dry, fired to glazed clay. Book multiple classes as part of their weekly courses, and you can take your pieces through every step of the process.

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Booking a Ceramics Course

8. Taster Pottery Class for Beginners

Attending a taster with your significant other at Studio Pottery London is absolute heaven. Their stunning studio houses enough wheels to double or triple date with friends, and learn to create with clay together.

First date goes successfully? Great, you can continue your learning together on intermediate and advanced courses - or go private and keep your class intimate.

Visit Studio Pottery London

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9. Beginner Pottery Taster With Freya's Clay Club

This adult pottery class perfect for couples! You will learn the beginning stages of throwing on the wheel. Starting by kneading the clay and preparing it into balls big and small so you can work your way up in scale.

You will be shown a couple of demonstration every step of the way so that you get to grips with every once of this masterful process.

Book a class at Freya's Clay Club here

10. Intensive Full Day Pottery Workshop for Beginners at Crown Works Pottery

This is a one day introductory pottery class, where you and your partner will learn the very basics of throwing on the potter's wheel.

This will include weighing and preparing balls of clay before you start, then the basics of the wheel - from centring your clay, pulling, shaping and working with your tools, beginning to learn the techniques of throwing bowls and cylinders.

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