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All the essentials you need to be a successful potter can be gathered up into a handy pottery kit. All your essential tools and clothing can be kept together in one neat place. You can learn about what goes into a pottery kit at one of our pottery workshops.

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16. Make your own Wobbly Pot
The idea behind this kit is that you develop a creative project which you can return to in the evenings or throughout your working week. I make my pots in stages, they are never built in one-go. This way of working allows you to learn about the material qualities of clay and also understand how to work with it in the comfort of your own home. In the video which you will receive alongside the kit, I provide you with the information and techniques you require to make a wobbling, characterful pot. My tips and tricks are there as a guide, feel free to do your research and go off-piste! The beauty of the clay provided in this kit is that it requires no firing in a kiln. The air-drying clay behaves in the same way as regular clays, giving you a true introduction into the world of ceramics and the endless possibilities! If you have any specific questions about the clay which is in the kit, feel free to send me an email. Painting is an important aspect of my practice, which I hope to share with you. I draw inspiration from chosen artists within my work. I recommend that you have a think about who your artist ‘muse’ might be throughout your project. The purpose of this kit is to relax, switch off and enjoy the creative process. You never know, your wobbly pot might mark the beginnings of a future artistic career! Or for now, your pot will make a quirky addition to your mantelpiece...

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