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Kintsugi Class For Beginner's, Japanese Ceramics

5(32 reviews)
Learn to fix broken ceramics from scratch, and create a beautiful gold weld known as Kintsugi.
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£55 pp
Next available date:24th May 2024
What happens in this class?
  • ) Intro Information and knowledge of Kintsugi, teaching them art of how Japanese philosophy believes that imperfection is beauty.

  • ) Process How to break pottery, what is the safest way to manipulate the ceramics into not overdoing the cracks.

Beginners will be using a hammer and drill when dealing with pottery technique.

  • ) Gold Highlight Using micro metal mix with epoxy resin, making sure beginners can enjoy and expand their knowledge into creative techniques with pottery.

  • ) Ending Students will take home 1 piece of they're own kintsugi pottery by the end of the class

Things to remember

We provide all the adaptive equipment for Kintsugi Class, goggles, gloves, face mask & others.

Guest do not need to bring anything! There is a flat ground accessible parking spot right next to the venue & accessible bathroom on the first floor.

FOODSAFE only as a fruit display not for other foods…

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Latest Reviews
5(32 reviews)
Millie - 23 April 2024
Very well run. Lovely pottery, wonderful results.
Lisa - 14 April 2024
Fabulous class! Really well led, the instructions were very easy to follow and it was really good fun.
Massimo - 17 February 2024
Brandon is very helpful and fun, I also learnt something new
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2hrs class1 class
Private BookingFor groups of 8 to 20 guests

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Your Teacher

Hello! I am currently the top UK seller for kintsugi ceramics, i have been on this journey since 2017 and build a huge following community on social media.

I have many techniques that i would like to share with you and can broad your knowledge of cold welds in general.

My instagram is in this link below:

Feel free if you have any questions

Class Location
This class takes place in multiple different locations. Click on SEE DATES and select your Booking Option to see where each date takes place.
Bermonds Locke
157 Tower Bridge Rd,


Millie - 23 April 2024
Very well run. Lovely pottery, wonderful results.
Lisa - 14 April 2024
Fabulous class! Really well led, the instructions were very easy to follow and it was really good fun.
Massimo - 17 February 2024
Brandon is very helpful and fun, I also learnt something new
Dave & Jan (+ 1) - 10 February 2024
Fabulous teacher! Warm, engaging and amusing. Not only will you come away with a thing of beauty, you will learn something of the philosophy behind the craft ... which could be incredibly helpful in your life ... so much more than a craft lesson! Whether personal fun or for work I would highly recommend it.
Leila - 28 January 2024
Brandon is a great teacher, class was brilliant, educational and entertaining. We loved learning something new and got to take home a little memory. Thanks Brandon!
Sarah - 20 November 2023
This was a great class with a fun feel. We all came away with a beautiful bowl or dish which whilst not expertly made still looked lovely. Brandon was a very helpful and kind teacher and explained things very clearly and well. He was also pretty funny especially when teaching us how to break the bowls. I would recommend this experience - you will get hooked and want to break and mend all your plates!
Makaulie - 2 October 2023
Amazing experience. Very helpful and insightful teacher. Thoroughly recommend
Laura - 2 October 2023
Really fun class, even for a solo attendee. The teacher was excellent and the time flew. A great class to take
Joey - 21 August 2023
Amazing workshop! Brandon was very caring and helpful to everyone
Gurpreet Kaur - 14 August 2023
I took this class while I was in London visiting family and I had so much fun at this workshop. I learned about Kintsugi and where it originated. Afterward, we all were able to create our own masterpieces with the help of the teachers leading the workshop. I really enjoyed it and found it to be a relaxing evening.
Caroline - 18 July 2023
I booked this as a birthday event for myself to do with my friends. We had an amazing time with our lovely teacher Kira! Our session was at Bermonds Locke a lovely space, and we were well instructed and had more than the allotted time (she was patient, sweet and so helpful!) I highly recommend it! A great group crafting activity~
Ali - 12 June 2023
Great fun and very informative. Brandon is a legend. Incredible depth of knowledge, the time absolutely flew by! 10/10 would recommend.
Apoorva - 13 May 2023
Great class with a positive vibe and such a beautiful item to make and treasure. Highly recommend
Sheila - 10 February 2023
We received Obby vouchers as a wedding anniversary gift from our three sons, and chose this class as it looked so unusual and different. Everything about it was excellent. The location was perfect for us, being just around the corner. But it would certainly be worth travelling for. Both teachers, Brandon and Kira, had knowledge, passion and skill for their subject. We received a personal and warm welcome and, from the very start, the class was informative and fun. Though it seemed such a shame to smash those beautiful Japanese bowls, Brandon explained the reasons clearly. He gave us a brief and concise introductory background to Kintsugi, which made so much sense to me. I think it struck a chord with everyone there. We were all engaged, relaxed and engrossed in the subject and technique. All was explained and demonstrated to the group, with lots of personal attention. Even as a mature adult, it was so satisfying to produce something beautiful in such a short space of time - though we were never rushed. Our lucky sons were treated to photos on WhatsApp as soon as we arrived home! Thank you!
Flo - 19 January 2023
What a brilliant taster class in Kintsugi! Brendon is an entertaining instructor with clear instructions, telling stories both personal and about Kintsugi. A great class to do with friends or solo. Came home with a lovely piece of art.
Surinder - 16 January 2023
Absolutely loved my taster class with Brandon and Kira. Both are incredible teachers and their own passion for kintsugi as a craft and as a philosophy made the whole experience such a delight. Including patiently getting me over my apprehension a few times about getting the technique right on my bowl!.To realise that it was okay to embrace the flaws and accept the perfection in imperfection. Brandon's sense of fun and interest in people created such a great vibe in the room - and we all got to take home our own kintsugi ceramic.
Nikolett - 13 January 2023
Really nice and patient teacher. I really enjoyed the class
Sana - 7 November 2022
We had a fantastic class! It was fun and the instructors were very friendly - loved the pieces we created! Highly recommend
C & G - 28 October 2022
Attended the class with a friend for my birthday, a comfortable mix of couples and solo participants. Brandon is a fantastic teacher! He has a very relaxed and supportive energy as he takes you through the process and history of kintsugi - I would've liked to have heard more about the history & his experiences. He kept the banter going throughout the class which made it easy to have a laugh & approach him & the other participants(I adored his chihuahua, what a queen). If you're highly strung/a perfectionist, this is the perfect learning experience as you have to let go & appreciate imperfections. Location was great, a well ventilated room above a lovely pub with good drinks and food. We'd highly recommend the class & the DIY kit you can buy to share the experience with others, especially to do with those U18 who can't join the classes yet. If Brandon offers an intermediate class, we'd sign up!
Sarah - 5 September 2022
What a fantastic course - location fab ( we were able purchase coffee and cake ) - Brandon was amazing - explaining the process and the background to the class - we all left with a piece that we were all really proud of !
Giulia - 22 August 2022
I really enjoyed the time and teachers explained everything clearly! there were such a good vibe and I'm really satisfied about this class :)
Will - 11 July 2022
What an excellent class!! A very Mindful process, great teaching and a stunning piece of pottery at the end. If you want to take a Kintsugi class this is definitely a great one to do!
Mati M - 1 July 2022
It's was an absolutely lovely class! The teacher was engaging and involved with the work- he made us feel comfortable and helped us whenever we made mistakes. It was a lovely time...with bouts of deep meaningful life advice 😂
Jo - 29 June 2022
It was an absolutely brilliant class. I attended with my friend and we both loved it. I was having a bit hard time in my life and the class was literally all about amending cracks so that it can look even more beautiful and shiny than without cracks. It felt rather spiritual in that way! The teacher was so friendly and he was very professional to lead the whole class. It was pretty easy to follow, but the results are all different so very interesting to appreciate each other's outcome as well. Highly recommend! x
Tom - 29 June 2022
The KinBoru class was brilliant - Le and Kira were informative, supportive and engaging, explaining the process in a clear and easy to follow way. While we were making our kintsugi they took us through the steps, made sure everyone was getting on well and gave a good mix of the history and technique as we went along. It was quite different from anything I'd done before but the end result was something to be really proud of and I'd definitely recommend this for something different but really satisfying!
Rose Edgeworth - 29 June 2022
I attended Le's Kintsugi class as part of a work social and had a fantastic time. Le and his assistant Kira were patient, helpful, friendly and professional. I would recommend this class to absolutely anyone and am really proud to have my kintsugi bowl on display! Bonuses: - Le's dog is adorable - The venue (New Cross House) is a lovely pub for a drink after the class
Luke - 28 June 2022
Attended Kintsugi as a work social. Le and Kiera created a brilliant atmosphere - great communication and teaching, and we learnt a lot about the history and meaning of the practice. Relaxed environment and great conversation with the hosts, really fun class that I will highly recommend to others. Thanks to the team!
Mei - 28 June 2022
Took part in a private class for a corporate social. Great teacher, easy to follow and fantastic souvenir to take home. Thoroughly enjoyed and recommend it!
Nermine - 23 June 2022
Very fun class with Brandon, educational, good music, and most importantly I got to get back home with a masterpiece 👌🏼.
Monica - 19 June 2022
My friends got me this class for my Birthday and I had no idea what it was. I arrived and the first thing i did was smash a bowl to bits… 🥺. It was such a fun class. Learnt a lot and Brandons energy was amazing, it really made the class more than just about learning. I cant wait to break bowls at home and fix them 😂 Perfect birthday present! Thank you for everything Brandon!
Leo - 19 June 2022
Was a great, relaxing and fun experience. The kintsugi instructions were clear, the teacher's energy was great and the atmosphere was top notch!
Hannah - 18 June 2022
We had such a fun evening with Le doing this class, he was super friendly and was very patient in showing us all the process of how to break the ceramic safely and then how to put it back together again with the resin and gold. As well as learning about the practical skills of kintsugi Le also explained the philosophy behind it, and we had some great discussions about various elements of Asian culture as we were doing the class. We really enjoyed the whole vibe of the class, we got to know the other people there and had a few drinks as well, the venue was quite cool and had some nice craft beers. Definitely would recommend!! :)