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4.7(129 reviews)
This is a 2 hour throwing workshop. Beginners and intermediate throwers are welcome.
£55 pp
2 hour class
Next available date:2nd October 2021
What happens in this class?

On this throwing workshop, you will learn a little about the properties of clay and the importance of wedging. You will also learn how to centre, open and pull up the walls of your pot. There will be a maximum of seven people on this class and each person will have their own dedicated wheel for the entire length of the workshop. We never run more than one class at a time, so participants have exclusive use of the entire studio. You can keep your best pot to take home, after it has been fired and glazed for you. If…

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Things to remember

Working with clay can be very messy, so it is worth bearing this in mind when choosing what to wear.

Latest Reviews
4.7(129 reviews)
Louise Beale - September 19th
Tessa was very thorough with her instructions and tuition and she remained calm and patient. The morning was extremely enjoyable and satisfying.
Ray Shami - July 5th
I really enjoyed the class. It was fun and informative.
Brie Gobel - July 5th
Nice beginners introduction to wheel throwing. Our tutor was great and made sure everyone came home with at least one piece. Such a fun time!
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Your Teacher

Sak Beh Studio Pottery was founded by Tessa Robinson, who lives and works in London. Her idea was to create a comfortable, homey place to work and be creative. Situated in a very busy and central location, just off Stoke Newington High Street, the studio is a drop of calm in a very fast moving world.

Tessa trained in Fine Art, specialising in sculpture (modelling in clay). On completion of a three year Post Graduate Course at the Royal Academy of Arts, Tessa set up a studio in Hackney. The transition from sculptor to potter came many years later whilst…

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Class Location
Sak Beh Studio Pottery
3 Garnham Street
Stoke Newington
N16 7JA
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Intensive Wheel Throwing Workshop

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Louise Beale - September 19th
Tessa was very thorough with her instructions and tuition and she remained calm and patient. The morning was extremely enjoyable and satisfying.
Ray Shami - July 5th
I really enjoyed the class. It was fun and informative.
Brie Gobel - July 5th
Nice beginners introduction to wheel throwing. Our tutor was great and made sure everyone came home with at least one piece. Such a fun time!
Jocelyn Wellburn - July 3rd
I enjoyed the session very much. I wasn’t expecting to be able to throw a pot in the short time. But I enjoyed the whole experience of handling the fine porcelain(? ) I would have found it easier if there has been easily visible laminated reminder sheets of the sequence of required movements. It was all so new and different , my brain needed to take it in more slowly. The teacher was very helpful and somehow available to all of us! Thank you!
We attended the Intensive Wheel Throwing Workshop on Saturday 19/07 in the afternoon. The experience was good but the course itself was not great: the teacher was clearly very good at pottery, but being an introductory course, we did not received enough insights into how the pieces are finished or what the aftermath process is. Also, I was not happy with having to wash and clean all the tools and wheel myself.
Tavishi Pandya - June 26th
Gorgeous little pottery studio! had a fantastic 2h learning how to throw clay! only down side is that its very difficult for a beginner and more tutoring would have been helpful. but for a beginner workshop can not fault it!
Stephanie Vega - June 22nd
This was a brilliant class. The space itself is beautiful and the teacher was welcoming and helpful. There was a perfect balance of watching to learn and having a go. I can't wait to sign up for more sessions and highly recommend this class to everyone!
Bringing new friends at Sak Beh each time I want to do pottery, is what I like to do. I just did my second 2hour session and I m so pleased and happy with it. The space is cool and welcoming, the sanitary rules are always respected and the tutor is happy to give you the attention you need when you get your hands on the wheel. I m planning to do register for the 5 week intensive course, don't miss it!
Srishti Thapa - June 5th
I had such a lovely time at Sak Beh Pottery! I was given a gift voucher for my birthday and opted to do the intensive wheel throwing workshop - something that was on my bucket list for a long time. Tessa was such a warm and kind teacher, expertly and patiently guiding us through the different hand techniques and educating us about the clay and the process. It was definitely challenging but so satisfying when you end up with what looks like a decent bowl or pot!! The first pot is free to keep and any others you want to keep you could buy. After 3 weeks you can come and collect the finished pots (they trim and glaze it for you) - can't wait to see mine!
Holly Smith - June 5th
A fantastic class, highly recommend! Great fun and great patient teacher, thank you!
Ana - June 5th
I loved this session! It was so much fun and I really enjoyed it. Tessa who was the instructor was lovely and patient and made sure everyone had made something nice to take home by the end of the session. The studio is so cute it's light and airy, we were socially distanced (only 7 of us including Tessa) and had our own space without needing PPE screens which sometimes can ruin the social aspect (although we wore masks which was good). Everything about this experience was a 10/10 and I definitely want to come back again :)
Lucy Fyffe - May 30th
We absolutely loved having a go at the pottery wheel but felt Tessa spent a bit too long instructing at the start. It was a lot of information to retain before we got to have a go. We also felt that 6 people was too many in one class, as we each spent quite a bit of time waiting for help when we got stuck with something.
Vivienne Griffin - May 21st
Fantastic class. Loved the space and the atmosphere also.
Alice Heber - May 18th
Lovely studio and ambiance that s following covid regulations. I felt safe. The teacher explains the throwing process so well and takes time with everyone and patiently to practice. What a great course, thank you
Lucy Hunt - May 11th
We loved it!! So much fun, we would definitely do it again and recommend it
Josh Hunnisett - May 6th
We loved the class,but the time went by so quickly!
Anonymous - May 5th
Loved the class and as you can leave with two bowls it feels like very good value! I would just say that it would be nice to have a bit of an introduction at the very beginning, explaining who the teacher is and what we'll be doing in the class. Cheers!
Elise Brimer - April 29th
Had a great time. Straight to the point and lots of freedom and guidance. A feel for the process was encouraged through physical play rather than verbal explanation which was nice!
Hayley McDonald - April 27th
A brilliant workshop in the most beautiful bright sunny studio. I am looking forward to attending future workshops.
Melin Karabulutoglu - April 27th
It was a lovely class, very informative as well as plenty of time to practise on the wheel. I definitely recommend this class to many who are interested in pottery. I am even thinking of doing a longer course.
Maya McAllister Demangeat - April 24th
Really enjoyed taking this class ! A lovely first introduction to throwing clay. Can’t wait to do a more in depth course here in the future!
Vasso Hadwen - April 20th
Very well organised class. Excellent teacher. I will definitely go back
Cecilia Barclay - April 18th
My sister and I had the most wonderful and interesting afternoon yesterday and left feeling so inspired and creative. Excellent, soothing teaching and so kind despite the fact I was utterly talentless - was completely out-pottered by my little sister. A skill we are both now determined to learn. Huge thanks!
STYLIANOS - December 14th
Tessa is an excellent and very experienced teacher, very warm with a high degree of patience and love for what she is doing. We will definitely book more classes with her!
Kelly - December 12th
Great class! Lots of great tips and advice for beginners - highly recommend!
Clare - December 12th
I really enjoyed the class and was pleased with the things I made. I had never done it before. The teacher was very helpful and explained things well. Can’t wait to do another class
Nina - November 22nd
Great session for beginners - Space and teaching was perfect! I would recomend!
Ekin - November 3rd
Phenomenal course! Loved it :)
Becky - October 31st
I had a great time at this class and looking forward to picking up the bowl that I made! The teacher was really helpful and was a great guide for the class. I learned lots of new techniques and would definitely recommend this class to beginners who want a fun and easy introduction to throwing.
Fong Yee - October 20th
Bev was a patient and hands on teacher. I learned a lot and really enjoyed the session!
Rebecca - October 14th
Great course, and really good teacher. I did the taster class, you won't come out of it an expert but it's deffinitely enough to make you realise how fun pottery is. The teacher will make sure you come out with some kind of pot. Would deffinitely recommend this course.
Sophie - October 8th
Loved the class! Instructions were clear and quick so we could get the most out of the experience, the studio was so lovely and immaculately clean. Could have stayed all day! Highly recommend.
Amy - September 28th
It was great fun, I’m looking forward to going back for another workshop!
Leah - September 23rd
This was a great class. I booked it for my friend's birthday, and we were able to make lots of pots on the wheel and collect one once its been fired (plus an additional charge to take home a 2nd). The teacher was friendly and patient, and the studio was a calm and clean environment.
Ben - September 16th
Great couple of hours. Clear instructions and good fun
Catherine - August 28th
What a lovely class! Our teacher was great making everything really clear, and she was very attentive and helpful to everyone. She also very kindly allowed us to make several things to practise and I appreciated the fact that the making time was not cut off by cleaning time as this would have made the class much shorter. I was really pleased with my pots and I hope to do a longer course there!
Jenny - August 9th
My husband and i had a lovely time. It was our first time at wheel throwing. We had lots of laughs and fun with other couples and the tutor. She was clear with instructions and on hand to help.
Tamara - August 9th
Amazing workshop! Rosie was a really patient teacher, the studio was really relaxing and it was an immersive class where I learnt a lot! Can't wait to pick up our pieces in 2 weeks!
Becca - August 9th
A really lovely introduction class to wheel throwing. The teacher was great, friendly and helpful, and the class was a lot of fun.
Stella - August 3rd
It was an excellent class really well organised and clear information and social distancing with PPE.We got to learn how to wedge and throw two pots and had step by step help on the way I fully recommend it !
Flora - July 29th
A wonderful experience.
Hannah - July 26th
So fun and really informative. Helped refresh my pottery skills and helped me with gaps in my knowledge. Everyone was really friendly, felt safe with everything going on with Covid and the space is so beautiful. Will hopefully go back soon :) Thank you!
Liz - July 25th
I really enjoyed the class, the teacher was very patient and explained everything really well and was very knowledgeable. The class was paced well and good value for money, I would definitely do another workshop to build on what I learnt!
Eleanor - June 6th
A really wonderfully well-run class in a beautiful studio! We had a great time, learnt loads and managed to make a collection of little bowls to take home! Thank you so much, we will be returning!
Emily - March 19th
I absolutely loved the workshop and can’t wait to sign up for another class
Toby - February 9th
It was the first time throwing and I really enjoyed it! The tutor was very friendly and explained everything thoroughly. A great experience and definitely spurred me on to do more!
Gaby - February 8th
Lovely class size and lovely host, relaxing and welcoming and really well taught! Would highly recommend.
Dana - January 20th
It was great fun and an amazing teacher. Definitely feel inspired to keep going :)
Meghan - January 16th
:) very good class
Jess - January 4th
This was a brilliant introduction to the basics of wheel throwing. We had lots of time on the wheel and everything was demonstrated really well. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend.
Gemma - January 3rd
Great workshop, a lot of explaining at the beginning and cleaning at the end, allows for minimal time on the wheel. It would be useful if there was less time allocated to cleaning so more time could be spent on the wheel. Also it would be better if they were able to email us to let us know when the items are ready for collection. All in all a great workshop that I would recommend.
Ada - December 3rd
Great workshop and teacher! It was just a bit difficult to collect the artwork. But we found a solution.
Tyra - November 10th
Great class and the instructor was helpful and very friendly!
Amy Forbes - October 13th
Fantastic class. Eloise was a great teacher - gave really clear instructions, was very patient and made the class really fun. The 3 hours whizzed by and I learned loads. Would thoroughly recommend the class for any beginner or improver, and I'm considering going back for a longer course.
Giloux - August 10th
We had a lovely time. Really clear explanations, we made 2 pieces during the classe
Kaf - July 28th
The workshop was fun but for beginners, having only one instructor was not enough. We also spent nearly an hour being spoken at. I think this is an incredibly long time and took a lot of the workshop. Maybe smaller classes and actually let people know when their items are ready. I've been checking the site and my class date isn't even on there.
Josh - July 24th
The workshop was very enjoyable and informative. We gained a good understanding of how the studio works and the process of making pots on the wheel. The studio is absolutely lovely and the teacher was great. In future, I would suggest that the class has fewer students or that the teacher has some support as the class ran-over a little and sometimes people were sitting waiting for help.
Claire - July 22nd
The workshop was wonderful! Everything was explained clearly and in detail from start to finish and because of the size of the workshop each attendee is given a lot of time to be explained how to do things or why things are going wrong etc. - will definitely be coming back!
Robert - July 21st
This course was just perfect. Very relaxed, super informative and our instructor was brilliant
karen - July 21st
Great environment. Great teacher, very patient and gave us all individual help as well as letting us just get on with it ourselves. Would highly recommend it.
Elisa - July 21st
The studio is really clean and everything is in place :) The teacher was good in explaining all the process step by step by as there are a lot of information and details to take in mind, time goes fast during the theory part. I believe should be added an extra 30 min. to have more time to dedicate to practice, otherwise nothing to say! I look forward collecting my pieces!
Harri - July 20th
Really enjoyable and therapeutic. Tessa is a great teacher!
Harri - July 16th
I really enjoyed the work shop, Tessa is a great teacher, helpful and knowledgable. Will definitely go back!
Diane - July 10th
We had a great time on our 3 hour course. The setting it very relaxing, clean and inviting. The teacher was very informative and helped when we needed it but also let us make mistakes so we could learn how to rectify then. Really enjoyed it.
Alona - July 8th
We had a great teacher; it was extremely interesting to learn about pottery. The workshop was engaging and I'd recommend it to anyone interested in wheel throwing.
Nadia - July 8th
Had a brilliant morning workshop learning to throw pottery. Very friendly and knowledgable teacher, and a beautiful studio to work in. Had time to make 3 pieces x some better than others!! Would 100% recommend the class.
Annie - July 6th
There was a lot of solid time in the wheel. I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Be aware however that there isnt an opportunity to put handles on your cups unless you take the 6 or 12 week course.
Maya - July 6th
Really enjoyed the class and the teacher was very helpful and thorough in explaining the whole process.
Anne - July 3rd
Great course! Very thorough instructions from a very lovely, patient teacher, who helped all of us on the course throw some really quite impressive (for beginners!) mugs. bowls and vases on the wheel. Highly recommend!
Emma - June 30th
Rosie was lovely and very patient with all of us! Happy with what we made and can’t wait to visit again
C - June 24th
I really enjoyed this workshop! It was informative and great fun. The class was nice and small so we all had a chance to learn and get tips from the teacher, who offered clear guidance when needed but didn't interfere. I'd definitely recommend it for a fun afternoon of trying something new!
Kim - June 24th
Good class, with detailed instructions and lots of one-on-one teaching time. Very clean space!
Lisa - June 22nd
Maybe not a great class for beginners.
None - June 19th
Attended with friends. Was a fun two hours we made two pots and picked them up a few weeks later. Great if you have had no experience.
None - June 19th
I can't rate the experience this time as we were not able to participate. I had booked to attend the class with a friend but there was something wrong with the booking system and we were turned away at the door. We received a refund but the class was booked far in advance and it was disappointing not to be able to take part in the class as we had travelled to get there.
Tasha - June 17th
The instructor was intimidating, every time I made a mistake she would say that “well this is not good because you’ve done this wrong again”. It made me feel insecure and useless as it was my first time doing it. Also, the class ended 30minutes earlier that stated. I was surprised that we could only take 1 of our creations home and an additional £3.50 will be charged if u want to take more than that. I have seen many other places that allows us to take 4 of our pieces home for free. Not worth £50 for the service and the fact that it was less than 3 hours.
Philip - June 16th
Lots of fun, great teacher and we’ll definitely be back
Joanne - June 16th
I never expected to be able to actually throw a piece! So happy with what I made. The leader of the class was so nice and helpful and the studio was lovely
VIKTORIA - June 11th
Eloise was a great instructor and the studio is really cool and neat. The theory/practice ratio was good and the effort they put in the pieces after is impressive. Can't wait to pick up my final piece!
Stephanie - June 11th
Amazing experience! Went for my birthday with my friends and the instructor was so friendly and professional! Made it so much more fun. Highly recommend
Richard - June 10th
A brilliant workshop in a lovely environment with a great and encouraging teacher.
Calli - June 6th
Great way to try out throwing. Mallory was super helpful and knowledgable. Would recommend if you want to give pottery a go
Rebecca Wise - June 5th
A fantastic way to get into throwing- my first experience and one I'd love to try again. We learnt the theory and tried out each step, a wonderful way to spend a sunday afternoon!
ula - June 3rd
It was really interesting and relaxing.
Camila - June 3rd
It was so much fun! we learned the basics and were able to keep the piece we loved. Also loved that they taught us about the importance of mindfulness with clay, making sure we don't waste it as we wash our hands in the sink.
marie - June 3rd
It was a very lovely experience. The teacher gave us very clear explanations. I really did appreciate the fact that the place was absolutely spotless. I only wish we could have done more trial by our self at the end (and a little less cleaning- even if i don't mind at all eheh :) ) I do highly recommend it! See you soon!
Dominique - June 2nd
It was a fun afternoon and the instructor was very knowledgeable but I would have liked more time actually playing with the clay as we only got two attempts on the wheel.
Felicity - June 1st
This workshop was honestly one of the most enjoyable things I’ve done in a while! It offered the perfect amount of teaching and hands-on practical experience so that you could get use to throwing in the time provided. I would 100% recommend it to anyone thinking about trying this art form out!
Lena - May 29th
Really enjoyed it. Thank you!
Rollo - May 28th
Really good fun. Great teacher and nice studio 👏
Becky - May 27th
My first time throwing--we learnt all the important stages and I really enjoyed the process! Can't wait to pick up my pot.
Sofie - May 26th
Great teacher who taught us a lot of techniques during a 3hours pottery session. Pretty studio where they respect all materials and are eco-friendly. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested and wants to learn more!
Nico - May 21st
Really great workshop, the studio is warm, clean, and cozy! Would highly recommend to anyone, found throwing really hard and satisfying at the same time.
Alicia - May 18th
It was our first time throwing and we loved it! Rosie is a really amazing teacher, she talks through everything so clearly and gives lots of help if you're not so confident. Highly recommended!
Violet - May 18th
Such a nice instructor ! She went though everything so thoroughly and helped when needed but also allowed you to just have fun with it. Perfect for people who have never done something like it! X
Ernest - May 18th
Great introduction to wheel spinning. Would've liked better timekeeping!
VE - May 11th
Fantastic instructor and beautiful studio. The beginners workshop I attended was really enjoyable with a lovely vibe. The instruction and modelling was perfect for absolute beginners. It’s a bit of a shame that the pots are glazed for you and that you’re only allowed to keep one - I hadn’t realised this beforehand - but do understand given time constraints. I’d love to come back for more sessions!
Sophie - May 8th
What a beautiful studio, the photos do not do it justice. Had a few problems with too many folks showing up for the class which the owner was not able to manage well and instead blamed Obby. Was an incredibly awkward start. The instructions and class were great, although the wheel throwing was more difficult that I thought it would be! The instructor was super hands on and helpful and was able to make some pots. They don't send you any reminders when your pots are done, you have to check their website for this - don't forget!
Elena - May 7th
Had a great time! Rosie was very patient. She talked through all the steps - excellent particularly for beginners!
Olivia - May 6th
The class was very fun and the teachers worked were very knowledge and helpful.
Joyce - May 6th
Great taster experience, and good introduction to the fundamentals/basics. The instructor was very friendly and clear in her instructions, and the small group makes the experience all the more fun and engaging!
Choi-Ha - May 6th
Lovely studio! Very informative on basics and had a great time on the wheel as a beginner. Would definitely recommend!
Mollie - May 5th
Really great class and helpful instructor.
Patricia - May 5th
Really enjoyed my this workshop. Each person had their our own station (no sharing/split time), we learned a little about pottery and clay, as well as the techniques we would be using. We watched the teacher making a pot and then we applied what we learned to our piece. At the end, everyone helped clean the stations so we also learned about the cycle of clay and how you can reclaim it, as well as the care you should have with silica dust. The studio also offers classes if you're keen on that after the workshop. Can't wait to pick up my piece!
Clementine - May 5th
Great workshop, beautiful studio, incredibly useful tuition. Will come back!
Rebecca - May 1st
Such a great class. Delightful studio with wonderful facilities. Our teacher was brilliant- so patient and inspiring and clearly a true love for clay and ceramics.
Hazel - April 30th
Really informative, fun class - can recommend!
Chris Andrew - April 21st
Class was overbooked and I was not given any notice or cancellation. I showed up as booked but was told I could not attend. This is the second time something like this has happened. I can't comment on the teaching.
Sabrina azman - April 21st
Such a lovely and supportive teacher! The number of students are perfect so everyone has equal amount of attention. The studio space is very very clean and comfortable. Go for it!
Emma - April 20th
Gabby is a wonderful teacher! She has an extensive technical knowledge which allows for a very informative and insightful throwing experience. You do not feel rushed within the timeframe and are able to ask questions to get the most out of the workshop. It was a relaxed environment with no judgement and the studio is beautifully set up and organised, uncluttered and bright - a perfect creative atmosphere and I will definitely be coming back! Thank you to Gabby and Tessa for having me.
anna - April 20th
Was back for my 3rd class, and again was so much fun. Tessa is a great teacher!
Cristina - April 17th
Great space and great class!
Laura - April 16th
I took my mum for mothers day and she really enjoyed the experience too! we can't wait to go pick up our creations and see how they turned out.
Laura - April 16th
Such an enjoyable class, our instructor Gabbi was an amazing instructor. I will definitely be back for more lessons in the future.
ilaria - April 15th
The course is was fun and I learned a lot. The teacher was very passionate and helpful. I'll definetely go back!
Emily - April 8th
Such a lovely class with a passionate and talented teacher. The studio space was so inspiring and the class size was perfect. I'm totally addicted and can't wait to go back!
Danny - April 8th
The class was great! For the first 45-60 minutes we were shown the concepts and basics of throwing in a clear and comprehensive manner. We then spent about an hour and a half having a go ourselves. Gabby, the instructor, was friendly, welcoming, helpful, inclusive and gave clear direction while allowing room for creativity and error. It was exactly what I was looking for from a first session and has spurred me on to take up a five week course. Thanks!
Christina - April 8th
Great class, very enjoyable! Malory was a very detailed instructor. It would have been great though if Sak Beh had a few pictures of what you wanted to achieve at each step to keep you on track (also one step - centring - wasn't on the board of steps). Otherwise great session and really appreciated the feedback along the way! Thank you :)
Bushra - April 6th
I really enjoyed the workshop. The teacher was great, really enthusiastic, interested in what we were making and made sure we all ended up with something to take back from the session. I will definitely recommend this class! 5 star from me!
Jyoti - April 6th
Brilliant afternoon spent learning about pottery crafting and main techniques to shape and throw. Quite a challenge but the instructor as fab! Was such a laugh and would totally do it again :)
SAVIOUR - April 3rd
Very good class which I really enjoyed. I will recommend to others.
Arianna - March 31st
Rosie is very friendly and welcoming. She is explained very clearly all the process from start to finish to gives us instructions on what to do. She also made sure everyone got some help when needed. I would have wanted also to paint my piece after the firing, but looking forward for other sessions when that will be possible. Rosie makes pottery throwing achievable for everyone!
Michaela - March 30th
Such a great class and I hope to do more in the future , absolutely brilliant teachers !
Hazel - March 27th
Fantastic value for money. Session started promptly with a health and safety briefing and instructions about throwing the clay. Then we picked up our clay, choose a wheel and got started. It was a great learning environment and we were actively supported and instructed throughout.. I was very happy when I picked up my two pots, which had been fired and glazed. I would highly recommend this taster session.
Emma - March 26th
Had such an amazing class with Malory,she was so thorough and really explained everything so well. A great first experience with Obby in a beautiful studio
Aaysha - March 26th
A really enjoyable session. My husband and I thought that it was well organised. Rosie provides clear instructions and demonstrations - she made sure she gave everyone some individual time to help with their pottery. I was really pleased with the items I made. The venue was lovely: clean, bright and well equipped.
Isabelle - March 23rd
Sak Beh Studio is a beautiful space and Gabby is a lovely and really helpful and encouraging teacher. Great way to spend an evening..will be coming back !
Suzanne - March 22nd
Thoroughly enjoyed this taster session - the studio is beautiful and Mallory was such a brilliant instructor. She was so passionate about ceramics it was impossible not to share her enthusiasm, and she was calm, patient, and supportive throughout. I unreservedly recommend this class!
anna - March 16th
I have now done this taster lesson twice. Loved it! I'm hoping to make this a proper hobby :) Lovely teachers who welcome you with a cuppa. Beautiful new studio and and great tutoring. Highly recommended