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3. Kensington Gardens, Kid's nature art sessions
The Happy Hour will begin with foraging for materials to then engage with whilst working en plein air. The course encourages imaginative thinking; story-telling, improvisation, co-creating and innovative games to help children explore their imaginations and develop their creativity in fun and engaging ways together. Over the lessons participants will learn to make their own art materials from nature, practice observational techniques, experiment with mark-making and develop their confidence and ability to communicate about what they're making. They will also learn about other artists' works and techniques. Most importantly they will HAVE FUN, learn to work together and to not to be afraid of experimenting. Meet your host! Sasha Galitzine has ten years experience in bringing new forms of art and experiences to new audiences, including children. She curates and produces group exhibitions and events in unusual sites across London, not previously designated for the experience of art. Her projects include plot-holder collaborations across Highgate allotments, an exhibition across ten hair and beauty salons along the number 63 bus route and a campaign to create the first UK museum in social housing. She is driven by working for and with local communities to identify and develop new opportunities for artists and collaborators. Following lockdown she founded Happy Hour to find new ways of supporting cross-disciplinary performers and visionaries as well as to continue in her mission to empower, excite, and unite people from different backgrounds and interests. Through the creation of joyful, memorable encounters, she aims to bring people closer to the capabilities of their imaginations and creativity.
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5. Mindful Forage & Wild Plant Learning + Homemade tea
Based on the season, you will be gently introduce into the magical world of plants, using our senses to identify around 15 wild edible plants and flowers that provide us with both food and medicine. Packed with vitamins and minerals they are a true superfood, and a magical addition to the stew pot of salad both. We will also be shown any poisonous plants that we encounter, making sure we learn how to recognise and understand them so we can safely avoid them. This is a mindful foraging walk that will ensure everyone feels confident in naming and identifying each of the plants, along with how best to prepare them. This herbal knowledge has long been our heritage, and reconnecting with the landscape in this way is both very simple and often quite profound. It is a lesson that will last a lifetime! We will then have tea and cakes on the Heath with some of the plants we've collected together. Meet our host! Tamara Colchester is a wild food teacher and writer who guides people in the old ways of foraging as a route to a simpler, more connected way of life. Trained by renowned wild food teacher and author Ffyona Campbell, she now travels the UK reintroducing people to our wild heritage. Incorporating her interest in psychotherapy and healing (she trained at Tavistock & Portman), she specialises in using foraging and tracking techniques as a means of helping those suffering from PTSD, Depression and Anxiety, as well as those who are simply interested in deepening their relationship with their environment and the food we eat.
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